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    I feel in a reflective mood today, so it is my Grandfather's old watch I am wearing. I recently worked out that he and I each owned the watch for exactly half of its 54 years.
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    Morning... 1929 9k ROTHERHAM & Sons.
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    Afternoon gents. This has been on the wrist for a good few days now. I've decided to look for another strap, still linked to motoring / rallying, but with smaller and more holes.
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    Morning Early morning shopping trip to Asda, and sun is out. Tissot 'Seastar 1000' {Cal: Powermatic 80.111 11 1-2''' [Base ETA C07.111 (ETA 2842-2)]} I'm liking the blue a lot cracking looking strap, but yellow may go really well with that watch and you do seem to have a knack for getting a really good looking watch where the colour yellow is involved.
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    Today it's the somewhat less common CWC G10 that was issued to the Royal Marines in 1995 ... Still going strong and looking great !
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    Vintage Seiko 66-7100 this morning
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    I would say good morning but it's peeing down yet again. [emoji21] More water resistance needed so on with the Panerai. [emoji16] I am not buying any more watches. [emoji17]
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    Priorities ... HAGD
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    Hump day (Aussie speak for the middle of the week), so going with my fun Mickey Mouse watch today. (Still a tiny bit of yellow...) This rather rare Lorus Auto has gone through a few strap changes over the years...here it's on black... ...and here on a blue Shark skin. I'm thinking to change the strap again...blue lizard or maybe even yellow...several have been ordered...watch this space!....
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    My favourite go-to chronograph recently back from Sinn after major (expensive!) overhaul
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    Bit of atomic time for me today
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    Good morning all,I`m starting off the day cheap & cheerful plus something a wee bit more upmarket... LIMIT 5631 (quartz) & STOWA Marine, Unitas cal.6498 17 jewels The Limit aint anything special but I rather like it especially as 1912 was the year my father was born
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    Still with the French Zand with Lorsa P62. One day I might get a good picture of its crepuscular dial.
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    Another day of meetings via VC. Incongruously wearing the Alpinist whilst trapped inside.
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    To complete my set for the day... RLT-8, Valjoux cal.7750 25 Jewels & HAMILTON KHAKI PIONEER, Model H60419533, Eta cal. 2801-2 17 Jewels
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    TW Steel Maverick for me today:
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    Fresard for me - and if anyone can shed light on the make, age etc - feel free to enlighten me.
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    & now... STEINHART MARINE TIMER SWISS MADE (Unitas cal.6498,17 Jewels) & Reproduction Seikosha WWII Navy Aviator Chronometer (Seiko cal.7S26, 21 Jewels).
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    And FFS; please don't ask for... "lume shot" "how many +/- seconds it is a day" …. And yes, it wears a little smaller than you'd expect
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    I have the mi band 4 and think it is great for the money , the 5 was released in china last month and should be arriving at uk soon but I will stick with my 4
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    Cheap as chips off Amazon, 10 mins to put up and makes quite a feature, quite pleased...
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    You know all what I'm wearing..... Working my way through the user manual. This is a neat feature.... Although my wife is beginning to ask why I'm spending so much time in the glory hole. Now before you say anything, the glory hole in my Nana's house, in the little village of Brora, Sutherland back in the late 60's, was the cupboard under the stairs........ not the version, I'm lead to believe, that you'll find on Xhamster ...
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    Mi band 2. It’s 20 quid, has ZERO connectivity to your phone. Measures your heart rate and speed when running. Cheep, loads of different dials. gives you exactly what I you need and nothing more. Oh and a 28 day battery life
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    Beautifully put, couldn't agree more.
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    I need a new camera as my mobile phone takes rubbish photographs (bad craftsman blames his tools and all that) After a number of attempts with different settings etc I decided to ditch trying to take photographs of a watch on my wrist. I posted this picture as my mouth will be wearing this later. Homemade Cheese & Onion Pasty time! I could try balancing it on my wrist but that would be silly...a bit like posting a picture of pasties on a watch forum
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    Be interesting to see on the wrist?
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    Seiko Skyliner early 60’s
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    Smart watches They are all works of the devil !!! Tick tock tick tock
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    Cash is not all that desirable to a business. They have to check the notes for forgeries and send someone to the bank to pay it in so added risk to staff and the bank charges for taking in the cash. Card on the counter ready to pay is better
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    Casio GB 800 does me just fine. I've got three, choice of colours less than £50 off Amazon.
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    I had a smart watch, and a Fitbit, but I didn't want to wear two watches (one on each wrist) so I bought one of these... Measures steps and sleep, water proof, and the battery life is around 6 months. 'Proper' watch on left wrist, and step monitor on the right. I bought mine for £6.99, it's called a Misfit Ray, connects to phone, and only does what I wanted it to do...just steps, and just sleep. I don't really find the sleep monitor super useful as I find that it doesn't really how much sleep I have had that matters, what matters is how well I feel after a sleep not how long I have slept for. Sorry this reply doesn't really fit in with your thread question, but it is how I balanced out having a step monitor, and wear the watches I love.
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    I have bought myself a new mobile phone , I did not need one but have had my previous one for almost 2 years so felt an update was due Redmi Note 8T with great specs The price was £179 reduced to £129 but as I was spending over £100 they knocked off another £10 and with buying through their app a further £5 was removed from the price so the total I paid was £114 and I reckon I will get about £60 for my old phone as I still have the box and unused headphones
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    I’ll add my Doxa Ultraspeed to the Club [emoji846] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Oscar Fresard, company registered 03/12/1910 Lucerne, Switzerland. I am sure some clever person on here will find out more than that, but it's a starting point.
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    Not a bird but almost as big as a bird...and this is my topic, so my rules Golden-ringed dragonfly in my garden this morning. Not sure I've ever seen this species of dragonfly before.
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    This is a swiss movement, but in most cases - impossible to determine the manufacturer. Everything is in place, only the hairspring seems to be bent. And, of course, balance staff can be broken.
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    I note your points, Nick...the higher end Casio models, although being solar powered, still use quartz movements, the difference is in the power supply. Older models use (usually) a 1.5v button cell which needs changing periodically...the newer solar powered models use a rechargeable capacitor that charges via light. However, even these are only good for so many charges, and eventually need changing after a few years. The Rolex thing is, I'm sure, an anomaly...those that have bought previously are on to a winner...who knows if it will continue. My GMT is a pretty good example of a sought after genre...the 'Y' series that has drilled lugs, making bracelet changing very easy, as the lugs don't get scratched. A case of being in the right place at the right time....
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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with quartz. Nobody can knock any watch that tells the time as accurately as possible. Any person that turns their nose up at quartz is ignoring one of the most important events in horology. I would argue the point with any collector of watches that quartz was not a crisis, but a positive dichotomy in watch making history. Makers of manual, and automatic watches have created better watches because of the 'quartz crisis' and I would compare it to the change from horse to the automobile. Cars get you from A to B quicker, and arguably in more comfort than riding a horse, but there is something special about getting from A to B on a horse, it's more of an event than a journey. This will probably be the same for electric cars, and petrol cars, petrol cars will be something that people just use to go for a spin at the weekend, and the electric car gets used all week. Quartz watches are, and always will be the catalyst that made manual/automatic watches become more than just something that tells the time.
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    That Navygraf's looking cracking on the Marine Nationale. Hope you're enjoying it.
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    Seiko Alpinist SBCJ021 on Geckota red leather rally strap.
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    First pair on my wrists.... J.Springs NPEA003, Cal. Y675C 21 Jewels. MADE IN JAPAN & TISSOT Le Locle POWERMATIC 80, Cal. C07.111 23 Jewels ( ETA 2824-2 based) SWISS MADE
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    Just this again today ;
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    Another presumably forgotten brand for today, this steel-cased Accolade. Swiss-made, unrecorded maker and running on a bridge variant of the 17j FHF/ST 96 featuring some rather nifty engine turning. Regards.
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