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    Morning... OMEGA De VillE prestige. Cal: Co-axial 2500, 29 jewel.
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    Morning Dreyfuss & Co '1925 Collection' DGB00148/01 (Cal: Sellita SW 200-1)
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    hummer today..
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    Good afternoon Omikron cal.Unitas 6376 21J
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    For today..... the elusive 50/50. Roy engraved the rotor and box for my wife for my 60th..
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    SARY055 today:
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    Morning, This one today, running on the 13j ESA 9154 transistorised movement. Regards.
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    Seiko Arctura this morning . HAGWE
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    Timex Camper today. Always used to buy one of these for my friends children as their first watch.
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    Morning (just!) watch groovers. This lovely Limit of Switzerland for me today, courtesy of our very own @Tazmo61
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    Good morning I am not buying any more watches. [emoji17]
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    Today will feature a watch generously donated to me by one of our stalwart members, Dave @Davey P, a respected forum friend and favourite. Dave kindly gave me this watch when he offered it up as a find in a random box of several others that came his way around Christmas time last year. A true gentleman, and, I hope, what this forum is all about. All it needed was a new battery, and a bit of TLC to remove some very insignificant swirlies to the acrylic crystal and SS bracelet. This watch is now one of my favourites. Thanks, Dave! It's the Casio 1922-A220 'Futurist' Illuminator. This one has a negative display, but is still easy to read in daylight. The backlight at night is green. The main feature of this watch is that it has a vibrating alarm, which alerts you via....well....vibrating on your wrist. Just make sure you keep it on when you go to bed... Night vision... Multiple adjustments on the clasp...about an inch (25mm). Reminds me of this...the watch that James Coburn wore in the film 'Our Man Flint'....not sure about the 'Apple' tag, though.....'Apple' hadn't even been thought of when this film was made...
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    First ever Hammy and it's a lovely little thing, hand winder...
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    I`m starting off in the black... SEIKO SNZJ67K1 cal. 7S36C 23 Jewels & BULOVA 98A186 SPECIAL EDITION LUNAR PILOT CHRONOGRAPH
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    Seagull 1963 for a dog walk and reflex in the woods. Stay safe folks.
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    An old watch. HAGD
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    The big boy today: 2020-07-10_08-30-43 by mcridland, on Flickr Mark
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    One of my enduring absolute favourites today . ., .
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    Mate, you are easily pleased! But I'm really glad you like it, and thanks for the kind words, that means a lot to me I fancied a change from my usual TW Steel / Casio Edifice regulars today, so I'm giving this lovely Fossil a bit of wrist time: Bought from the Fossil Outlet in Austria while I was out there "working". Just a simple no-date 3 hander, but sometimes less is more, and I really like this one
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    My longest serving watch – 6 years and counting Have a good, hopefully sunny, weekend TWF I love the cracking fire wood in this
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    Some of my favourite things... Coffee, my Speakers, Ulysse Nardin and Friday
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    Nice one and fair play Dave Friday at last .. still with this g shock .. on a Nato !! What will they think of next keep safe all Look at that colour that is awesome Really miss my hummer.. not as wonderful as yours but still a hummer beautiful
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    My first resin G- Shock (I have a steel) I'm liking it enough to start to start buying more... plus my wife has also taken a fancy to it! Light and comfy, it disappears on the wrist. All I have to do now is watch a few videos to set the thing.
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    I started the day with a Lunar Pilot plus one & I`m finishing it off with another.... BULOVA 96B258 Special Edition Lunar Pilot Chronograph & OMEGA Speedmaster PROFESSIONAL 3570.50.00, cal.1861 18 Jewels
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    I just found out after a year that one of mine has a "find your phone" function.
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    Evening change for a stroll and a chance to catch the sun. I got very excited at the prospect of buying an expensive shiny shark mesh bracelet for this watch, until I found out that I would have to snip through the unwanted links one by one with a pair of rusty side snips from my Late Great Uncle Arch's toolbox. So I bought a cheap one. Have fun and stay safe. J
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    Paul Newman Daytona, all versions. Their dials are a jarring mix of design styles, cursive and angular, with inconsistent fonts.... whatever the market demand, aesthetically I find them a failure. Owned this for a short while, never loved it and sold it after a couple of years. Interesting to see that Rolex UK themselves refer to it on the paperwork here as "Paul Newman dial" rather than "exotic," which was their traditional name. H
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    Over to these now... PARNIS Militare 51 Chronographs (Japanese [Miyota] quartz movements)
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    People are going to start sharpening the pitchforks when I mention this one... but here goes The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. I went into the AD to buy this watch as I have admired the look, and the history of this watch for ages. Look at it what's not to love??? but I put it on and....nothing, no fizz, no tingle, no nothing. There will be people that can't understand why my wrist didn't like this watch, and I am one of those people that doesn't understand why my wrist doesn't like this watch. Do I need to start running?
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    Two notable ones for me, and unusually, both Seikos. The first was the limited edition 'Blue Lagoon' Samurai...I didn't like the hands, and the whole thing was very underwhelming. I might have kept this one if it'd had the original Samurai style hands. The second was a stainless steel baby tuna, which I had wanted for ages, but when it arrived, once again I didn't like the handset, and it looked too much like all the other tunas. Not sure why Seiko insist on using that awful large arrow hour hand on their ProSpex models. Both were flipped within hours of arriving.
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    The new Airman arrived, it is a long time since I have gone new! The model is an Airman Vintage "Chief" GL0252, the dial is a faithful recreation of the mid to late 1950's Felsa movement version of the Airman, under the Glycine signature they have added "The Chief" which at first I thought was a bit odd until I remembered they made a version in the 1950's for Turler, a Swiss jeweller, which had a black coated case and "The Chief" on the dial. The case has been increased by about 11% from the original 36 mm diameter to 40 mm diameter and the thickness increased by about 4.3% from 11.5 mm to 12.0 mm. The case is well made with no sharp edges and is a faithfully reproduced albeit at a larger diameter. Glycine have kept the same style screw-in back as the late 50's Airman and the small undecorated crown and bezel lock "crown" (later Airman had a slightly larger crown with a cross hatched engraving). Given that the thickness of the watch hasn't materially increased the crowns are slightly smaller in proportion to the original 36mm Airman. The finish is both polished and satin with a transparent gunmetal grey coating which looks very smart (a nod to the black coated case on the Turler model), don't know what they used to coat the case, DLC perhaps, or how wear resistant it is, only time will tell, but it does look very smart. Crystal is a domed plexiglass, which gives the watch an authentic look. My only criticism of the design is the case should have been slightly thicker at 12.6 mm which would allowed a slightly larger crown, but it is not a big issue. There is no water resistance to speak of (1 atmosphere), the crown is not screw-down. The movement calibre is given as GL293 which is either an ETA 2893-2 or Sellita SW 330-1 I don't know which, I read somewhere that ETA would be making 2893-2 available again for Glycine from 2020, can't take the back off as I haven't got the right tools for this back but I am happy with either movement. The watch is set up as a true 24 hour and not a GMT so only two times zones and in keeping with the original Felsa models the date wheel has red numbering. New out of the box and not worn, the watch has lost 2 seconds in 24 hours which seems OK, let's see what it settles down at. The strap is reasonable quality padded stitched leather with a signed gunmetal grey buckle, the strap will be taken off and stored and replaced with an unpadded camel grain leather strap which unfortunately doesn't have a gunmetal grey buckle so I will probably swap them over. The box is well appointed and came with instructions etc. So what about the quality? After all Invicta etc etc .... In my opinion the quality is as good as anything the modern Glycine company has produced pre-Invicta The concept of a 40 mm vintage? I asked Glycine several times about making a 38 mm or 40 mm version, I always felt the 42mm version was too big and while still a very nice watch the 36 mm version is a bit small, glad they got around to it eventually! Glycine do other watches in the vintage Airman range including a 40 mm limited edition with the 1960's dial and an uncoated stainless steel case and an Airman 36 mm "No. 1" which is the spitting image of the 60's Airman. Invicta seem to have dictated the strategy of focusing on Airman and Combat lines and Glycine have done a good job at creating a good range of contemporary and vintage inspired models. If you have an iconic watch with the heritage of the Airman it makes sense. Some pictures, light wasn't great so tweaked a bit with software
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    I remember trying on the old Omega Planet Ocean with the orange bezel in an AD and thinking it felt like a cheap fake from the looky looky man.
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    Many, including the moonwalk (i prefer the reduced) Rolex day date and Daytona Longines 1967 Chronograph - too shiny and too bulky Tudor heritage chronograph- too bulky Longines legend diver - looks great but the lugs are too long Almost all new Bulova watches Seiko Presage enamel limited edition - no fizz in the trousers here. But others have positively surprised me. Ebel watches, VC Overseas and the AP Royal Oak. Piaget are outstanding and in the more reserved designs excellent VFM. Seiko SARB, Seagull 1963 chronographs, older Certina, rolex polar explorer, American pocket watches from Waltham and Elgin
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    I am glad I'm not the only one, at least I'll have a running partner when the Omega fan club members start chasing with pitchforks
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    No, I feel exactly the same, and prefer my Poljot chrono, and it has absolutely nothing to do with price. Another I lusted after was a Panerai Radiomir, which sat on my wrist like a carbuncle.
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    Rolex Daytona and it was my grail for a long time. 3ish years ago I was in the very fortunate position of being able to afford (pre-ceramic) one but once I picked it up and put it on the wrist I was completely underwhelmed Couldn’t put my finger on it but apart from feeling small it just didn’t wow me and it didn’t feel special. I was a bit gutted to be honest but hey ho I picked up a polar explorer for half the price.
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    I wasn't bowled over when I tried the Bremont Martin Baker on, looks amazing in the photos but just felt a bit plain on the wrist.
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    I like the strap you have put on it , Lou , the watch looks fantastic .
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    I fancied one of those but a swift slap around the head told me, she didn't.
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    Move along folks , nothing to see here , Rolex intend to launch more unavailable watches ( unless you visit your AD, buy somethings else they show you and then bend over, relax and exhale )
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    Return of the polar explorer? Or the oyster quartz? Or will it be a slight tweak, such as a different colour dial? Brown dial sub anyone?
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    I dropped on a Gold plated Bambino on the sales corner in here! It was everything I wanted in a dress watch! (Thanks Rob!) John
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    Only have Russian hand winding. The first two unfortunately have solid steel case backs so no pick of the movements, but they are the same movement as the Strela. Sturmanskie 'Ocean' Chronograph Special Edition 3133-1981599 (Cal: Poljot 3133) Poljot 'Aviator I' Chronograph (Cal: Poljot 3133) Strela 'Officer' Chronograph OF38CYGS (Cal: Poljot P3133) Poljot 'Journey' Chronograph 2801 (Cal: Poljot 31681)
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    The garden flowers continue to bloom... Candytuft, Iberis sp. Yellow Delosperma. More ornamental toadflax, Linaria sp. Angelica flowerheads. Wild viola. Hibiscus 'Blue Bird'. 'Blue Chiffon' 'Woodbridge' 'Hamabo'
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