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    Morning Dreyfuss & Co '1890 Collection' DGB00160/32 (Cal: SW200-1)
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    Saturday's Timex. Bought new in 1979, £21. Not really renowned for their durability, this accompanied me on many solo long distance motorcycle journeys in the 1980's, along with a short wave receiver and maps and compass.
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    Vintage Seiko 66-7100 this morning .
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    Morning, Exhumed from the “dead box” and given a COA, new stem, crown, crystal and strap, this 1950s Roamer Popular with a 17j MST 371 gets an infrequent outing today. Regards.
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    Day of leisure for me so this one.
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    Morning... C900 WORLDTIMER. Cal: JJ03 (modified ETA 2836-2).
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    Seiko SRP043K1. ('Spork')
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    homebuilt with miyota 8125 auto movement today HAGWEE..
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    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Another watch saved from 'Le Flip' by a change of strap. HAGD
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    Morning all, nice and sunny here so on with this have a dry one !!
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    Been on the last three days, The strap is a little uncomfortable which is unusual for low cost Casio's, might be to do with the extra plastic around the quick release spring bars. Lume is pretty rubbish, I thought I was going to love this watch, I would say that I like it, but I think love may be a long way off...and may never happen..sadly.
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    Cleanest watch I own... soooo black its untrue (like pure light absorbing black!) but it sings with a bit of light too
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    My final pair... STOWA MARINE, (Unitas cal.6498,17 jewels) & RLT-17 (Unitas cal.6498,17 jewels)
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    Time to change.... TIMEX MIDGET TW2R5100 & TIMEX MIDGET TW2R5100
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    This is an interesting post to say the least! Some big names and surprising models have made the $hit list. Unfortunately I do have to agree with quite a few of them though, speedy, Daytona, North Flag amongst others. I tried a Submariner on couple of years back and almost stop wearing watches altogether! The shop assistant panicked and said 'maybe today is not the right day to shop watches your not in the right mood'. I was deeply disappointed after putting it on, even though the watch looked stunning and so iconic just wasn't for me.
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    Good morning Ted Baker - TB015CH.F1 Metallic Violet and Gray face Don't know why I think I'm an American guy! It's GREY si'thi ! Not Gray
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    Lots of watches I don't like in the photos or on the wrist. Major disappointments on the wrist which I thought I should like a lot . . . . 1. Bought this after loving my Flieger. It looked great on the screen, but was uncomfortable on my wrist. It was a personal thing. Sold it to @Boots after making sure he had the chance to try it on. I think he was happy, and may still have it. 2. Also a comfort thing: the Breguet Marine. I think it may be the relatively long L2L, but an object which was undeniably gorgeous in the hand did not feel good on the wrist. So, I passed. 3. Perhaps the most surprising . . . I had lusted for a couple of years over this . . . (photo ALS website) . . . . but, once I found an excuse to buy one, I found it austere (and with a slightly disjointed design) when I tried it on -- and, once you have seen that the two digits in the date are not in the same plane (hence the separator bar), you cannot "unsee" it. This experience was a godsend in some ways, as I discovered I liked this . . . . . . so much better -- and the saving funded the beginning of my plunge into WISery.
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    Thanks I’m well chuffed
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    £4k!! Get the missus to dig the path out to 10cm and buy 4.5 tonnes of gravel = £400! Then you will have £3600 to spend on watches
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    Obviously There are a few come up for sale now and then, they only made 666 of each version but I’ve never actually seen another one in a shop or being worn by someone. I like these Corum bubble watches they are a bit unusual.
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    Hi John They are indeed genuine Rolex movements. Rebberg movements were produced by the AEGLER family, principally for Rolex but supplied other quality brands. The two companies have been closely linked since the early 1900’s, in fact owning shares in each other’s companies until the early 2000’s (I think), when Rolex took full control of the movement making facility in Bienne. Rolex, I believe, insisted their brand name should only be visible ?
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    I bet your t shirt , shorts and flip flops were all Armani though , not to mention ray bans and a designer cap
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    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15500.ST.OO.1220ST.03 but at around £23k for a pre-owned watch it will just remain a dream
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    Very often the disappointment has been a learning experience for me. Sometimes what I thought I liked...I didn't; Pretty much every Hamilton I've tried, or indeed owned. Nope. Felt no love at all. Ditto Tissots - even the heritage models - looked good, tried on in shop, bought, then sold. Ahem...all Seikos I've ever owned......very nice, but just...no. Sorry. Also dials that looked clean and crisp that ended up being dull, especially with polished silver hands that you can't see if the reflection hits them in the right (wrong) place. I had a Longines Conquest with a ceramic bezel like that - it had to go; Or what I thought I should like, but just left me cold. eg Seikos . I've owned one Omega and tried a few on for size in ADs, but simply no fizz with any model. Don't know why. The original Tudor BBs felt like metal ingots strapped to me wrist. I want a watch I can love, not a weight training device. Even the BB58s, which are more my kind of thing just don't do it for me. The new blue one is very nice, except I cannot stand the snowflake hands. I keep telling myself that I must be wrong and surely should love it, but no...I can't And Longines Heritage models that for one reason or another just don't quite do it for me, even though I feel I should like them. Perhaps too much like the originals, too un-re-imagined ?
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    Thanks to @spinynorman and @Always"watching" for your useful replies.
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    Off the top of my head Tudor Heritage Chrono. Looks great but too thick Longines Hydroconquest Chrono.....see above Tudor North Flag. I actually like the watch but the strap is just tacky....just feels flimsy Any Breitling with their rubber strap...the Longines rubber is far superior I agree with the above Speedmaster comment...the black dial just doesn’t do it for me...luckily there’s plenty of different ones! Rolex Oyster Perpetual. Tried it at the same time as buying my Speedmaster Racing, don’t get me wrong it’s a nice watch, but it just felt like Rolex had skimped on everything....you knew that you were buying their entry level watch, and it felt like Rolex wanted you to know....at £4500 that’s not good. Oh and the Oris big crown pointer...,love the dial but it just feels a bit too light and flimsy for my taste.....and I cant get over that horrible red movement......it’s one watch that shouldn’t have a display case back!
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    Yes, I believe that Andreas, our long-silent German member, is still adding to his Mikrolisk database (seemingly as recently as 23rd June) which must be something of a rod for his back and presumably why his posts here, and on other forums, are necessarily few and far between. I don't know what external criteria, if any, he accepts before an attribution is added to his archive. Regards.
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    The movement seems quite common in goliath watches, but most of them weren't signed, which is irritating. However, courtesy of Catawiki, one with the case signed Doxa. Which doesn't prove anything, but there it is. And another labeled J Cameron & Son, Kilmarnock. on LoveAntiques. So someone was churning these out somewhere.
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    Your pocket watch seems to lie in the size bracket termed, "Goliath", and may have been used more as a desk timepiece than an actual pocket watch. I have found a similar-sized open-face "pocket" watch with steel case on Antiques Atlas dating to about 1900, though period pocket watches with steel cases are not nearly so common as those with alloy or silver cases. It is a shame that your watch carries no identifying maker's/retailer's mark and it will be very difficult to pin down the full identity of the watch even if the maker of the movement can be tracked down.
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    Another is watchgecko,
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    To be fair it was in Singapore and just about everyone strolls around in shorts and T-shirt. On top of that over the years we have got behaving a bit council in posh places and annoying pretentious kn@bbers down to a tee.
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    sadened again, another of my leeds team deano
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    Evening change for a stroll and a chance to catch the sun. I got very excited at the prospect of buying an expensive shiny shark mesh bracelet for this watch, until I found out that I would have to snip through the unwanted links one by one with a pair of rusty side snips from my Late Great Uncle Arch's toolbox. So I bought a cheap one. Have fun and stay safe. J
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    Morning (just!) watch groovers. This lovely Limit of Switzerland for me today, courtesy of our very own @Tazmo61
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    I`m starting off in the black... SEIKO SNZJ67K1 cal. 7S36C 23 Jewels & BULOVA 98A186 SPECIAL EDITION LUNAR PILOT CHRONOGRAPH
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    For today..... the elusive 50/50. Roy engraved the rotor and box for my wife for my 60th..
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    So many companies are blaming Covid19 for poor service right now, yet keeping their sales departments busy. Lockdown started 3 months ago and if it affected sales they would have adapted quicker, but customer service can wait. It sucks big time, and I feel for you. I am waiting for a bath waste to complete a bathroom, and neither myself or my family can bathe or shower until it arrives. After 6 days it is not even dispatched, and they refuse to answer the phone or reply to email 'due to covid19'. I am quite grateful for social distancing as I would love a hot shower! I have now ordered elsewhere and will let them carry on messing about before returning the item for a refund
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