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    Morning Tissot 'Ballade' Chronometer {Cal: Powermatic 80 (ETA C07.111)}
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    Morning all, old photo but on today .. having great fun trying to work out how to remove the battery lol have a good one
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    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Good morning G shock today I am not buying any more watches. [emoji17]
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    This pair of old Russians for starters... SEKONDA, 19 JEWELS (Poljot Strela, cal. 3017),MADE IN USSR circa mid 1960s & Kirova, 16 jewels, 1st MWF Kirov, ("Made In Homeland" [USSR]) 1950s
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    Have had the SARB017 Alpinist on most of the week.
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    And a jam scone. With clotted cream lol.
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    This afternoon's vintage tat is a 1950s Allaine by Achille Barre of Porrentruy. Sporting an AS 1361N, which I realised I hadn't photographed since Simon2 replaced the missing parts and brought it back from the dead.
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    Limit of Switzerland again for me on this lazy, sunny Sunday. I guess it's time for more coffee...
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    Good morning all I`ve just put these on... ServiceS 17 Jewels FOREIGN (circa mid/late 1950s) & Court,SWISS 17 Jewels, (circa 1957).
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    My last watch purchase was this watch well over a year ago. This 1963 Model 559 has been completely restored. This is one of the simple looking Tuning Fork Accutrons. I tend to collect factory correct Accutrons and some of them may not be over the top flashy but when I find a factory appearing model, I tend to buy and restore. This 14kt Gold case isn't one seen very often. This watch case was in nasty shape so I sent it out for restoration. It turned out very nice as seen below.
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    in the CW stable. C65 TRIDENT Diver (hand wound). Cal: Sellita SW210-1, 19 jewel.. Brushed & polished SS case, Width 41mm, Depth 11.55mm, Lug - Lug 47mm. Domed sapphire crystal... 22mm bracelet with micro-adjustable ratchet clasp... Quick release bracelet system ... Yet to adjust bracelet for a better fit, but a quick wrist shot... So far very pleased with this new addition, usual CW high standard of fit & finish! It would have been churlish to ignore the opportunity of 50% off.
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    Going to chance the boozer for an hour LV and Diadoras today
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    Morning, 1960s Rotary Auto today, with a 21j AS 1700/01. Regards.
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    Cased around 1990 but a 70's Cal UT 6428 driving the hands. HAGD
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    Well I am pleased to say this arrived this morning and it’s a little beauty I’m one happy bunny https://ibb.co/bz1qR5K https://ibb.co/9sPgczQ https://ibb.co/k2CN866
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    ServiceS AERISTs (Plain Dial), FOREIGN (made by Thiel Brothers,Thuringia, Germany, unjeweled pin-pallets) Circa early/mid 1930s.
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    Going in the sale section today if anyone is interested. CasiOak. I know I should love it, but ever you need to adhere to 'try before you buy' this is it. Just not for me this one. Arrived Thursday, decided to sell it by Saturday. That's got to be some kind of record...for me anyway. Have a great Sunday guys! I think that push will release the stem Screw at the top looks like it to me
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    Seiko G757-4010 from 1980. Quite hard to find one of these in this pristine condition these days. In test mode showing that every single LCD segment works. (the reversed 6 is supposed to be like that!)
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    Some fantastic watches on here today, thanks guys!
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    Thanks better not press that one then !! been looking at these I quite like this one
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    It's a good job no one on here has a dirty mind. I gave the Zand a rub not long ago.
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    New hands for my Vostok arrived yesterday so fitted them today and put it on a Marine national strap
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    From the sublime to the ridiculous - But it's a great day for Mickey - back on the original bracelet without any scratches - the curved end links are tricky and sharp - AND I found the 'C' clip from his box in another watch box - a bit like when your cassette tapes used to get messed up after a party, or vinyl back in the wrong sleeves! Time to celebrate with a G & T! Seems appropriate, that's prolly how I lost it in the first place! May the rest of your Sunday be the best of your Sunday! J
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    A grail watch for me, I absolutely love it! I can't see anything beating this one so I can confidently say this is my favourite watch on WRUW today. Thanks so much for sharing.
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    Great minds think alike, and all that.... You probably don't believe me but I had this page on Casio open. same watch, different colour.
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    Spent the day social distancing on the bodyboard, with junior at the East Coast, so the solar gshock all day. Old pic but you get the idea
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    Borg Elites? Another day, another Seiko …
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    Went for a pint today, after nearly four months the first proper one In a boozer After last weekends madness normal service has resumed. And a fine day it was as well @Karrusel this is proper boating
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    Airman Vintage "The Chief" 40mm diameter, plexiglass crystal, transparent grey DLC coating
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