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    Good morning This for today. I am not buying any more watches. [emoji17]
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    Haven't worn this for ages. Was thinking it might be for the chop but ... hmmm ... not sure now.
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    Vintage 66-7100 Seiko this morning .
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    Navitimer today Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    30th anniversary Frogman: Trying to keep my watches away from this little thing:
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    Morning Rotary 'Les Originales' (Cal: R.1000.21)
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    Morning... C65 TRIDENT Diver. Cal: Sellita SW210-1, 19 jewel.
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    Puppymaster 300 professional today.
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    My first watch.. Xmas 1957....still running fine. 2years back I took it too a watchmaker for sevice...he laughed and said "its a throwaway toy and not worth my time"
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    I'll be doing a proper thread for this when I can take not aweful pictures of it but todays watch is my freshly home made skx0058 no prizes for spotting the inspiration behind this one. Its actually my first build and i am super happy with how it turned out, unfortunately due to my woeful photography you cant really make out the beautiful meteorite dial.
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    Timex Marlin reissue today. The dial is dark blue when the sun hits it.
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    A bit of twelve noon on the pip action today
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    Citizen blue 'Orca' BN0016-55L.
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    As luck would have it, my "cooking" 17000 (my only quartz) ran out of puff soon after the start of lockdown. So, since then the Stowa Flieger has stood in as beater -- does it quite well really . . . .
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    Doxa Sub300 Sharkhunter 50 Years Anniversary - U.S. Divers Limited Edition
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    Good afternoon Ben Sherman CNL & matching shirt
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    Morning, Decidedly not everyone’s cup of tea, but I just love this thing, patina and all. Made by the Fleurier Watch Company with connections going back to the birth of FEF (Fabrique d’ébauches de Fleurier) movements. However, this one runs on a 17j AS 1130, one of the the so-called Wehrmachtswerk movements and dates from the 1950s. Regards.
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    New in today, Accurist Dual Time ,BIgDate, fly back Retrograde .independently settable dual time.quartz. super happy.
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    Old Fossil getting an outing. Forgotten how good it looks.
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    NEXT!!... ALMIRANTE Navegante (CrepasTactico Group, Spain) SEIKO Cal. NH38A, 24 Jewels & Eichmüller 7930-03, Miyota cal.8215 21 Jewels
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    Good morning all, here`re my first pair Pure Mecanique MARINE, Seagull Cal.3600 17 Jewels & Pure Mecanique MARINE, SEIKO Cal.NH35 24 Jewels
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    Been enjoying wearing the mighty G-Shock Carbon Core for the past few days. Only worn it in the evenings though. During the day I've been painting, so I've worn a 10 Euro Lidl digital "G-Shock lookylikey" for that
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    I have 20+ watches and no watch winder, I wind manually when I need to and if a watch hasn't been worn for a few weeks I give it a wind or shake and let it run for a while. Some argue that a winder allows them to grab and go, it takes me about 30 to 90 seconds to wind and set a watch, I am never in that much of a hurry I can't afford that time. Does a watch winder wear a watch movement, I suppose it must do, the movement is running after all, but I suspect the effects are negligible so as to not be of any consequence. So my view is if you are happy to have your Seamaster tumbling away on a winder carry on!
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    change of strap for a more vintage feel this evening: I'm glad it looks good after all the hassel i had to go through to get spring bars for it... For those that are interested the strap is a strapcode tapered mesh in polished finish and the spring bars are 1.78mm with 1.1mm chunky ends and had to be imported from the US from the only seller on ebay that makes them, fortunatley despite basiclly cornering the market they are not taking the mick with the prices.
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    Congratulations I didn't like them when they were first announced but they are growing on me. I still think you can't beat a 300
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    Please delete this thread immediately ! Having said no more dive watches am now looking at a sub 300 T - you should be ashamed of yourselves folks
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    in the CW stable. C65 TRIDENT Diver (hand wound). Cal: Sellita SW210-1, 19 jewel.. Brushed & polished SS case, Width 41mm, Depth 11.55mm, Lug - Lug 47mm. Domed sapphire crystal... 22mm bracelet with micro-adjustable ratchet clasp... Quick release bracelet system ... Yet to adjust bracelet for a better fit, but a quick wrist shot... So far very pleased with this new addition, usual CW high standard of fit & finish! It would have been churlish to ignore the opportunity of 50% off.
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    Well I am pleased to say this arrived this morning and it’s a little beauty I’m one happy bunny https://ibb.co/bz1qR5K https://ibb.co/9sPgczQ https://ibb.co/k2CN866
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    From the many reviews that I've read and YouTube reviews I have seen the lume does appear to be a little lack lustre. Fortunately in my case I'm not going to be doing any real diving and as a general rule I don't tend to wear watches to bed so I can forgive the poor lume. The main positives for me (my mind may change when I receive the watch) are the brand heritage, the unique bracelet and fingers crossed the quality. I wanted something that is a little different and not quite so common and I think the sub 200 fits the bill. I'm hoping that this doesn't unleash a fascination with Doxa and a subsequent bankrupt scenario but I've got a feeling it might
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    Don't get me wrong ... they are fabulous watches. To hold, look at, and on the wrist. Quality is extremely good for the ticket price.... It's just whenever I see one, I think "Playmobil" ,,,, not sure why.
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    Hamilton did a cracking wee triangle shaped watch, haven't seen one in a while now. I do have this fella, which I scored in a Pawn shop in Bury, for not much money. Feels very light and the original carbon fibre effect leather strap was rubbish. I do like it though.
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    Thanks for all the replies, I’ve bitten the bullet and ordered the Caribbean dial version. As much as I like the other versions I think they are possibly a little too vibrant for me. Now I have to play the waiting game until it arrives!
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    Looks class that, think I may be in the market for a watch that shape soon.
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    Don't get one, terrible watches OK mine is a Sub 300 not a 300T but you get the drift!
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    Doxa - was good enough for Jacques Cousteau, so what's not to like? The Sub 200 upset some Doxa purists for being too accessible but has had a very good reception from the wider WIS (Worn & Wound, Hodinkee, A Blog to Watch, etc). Nice wide choice of colours I think too - something for everyone. 42mm wide but only slightly more lug-to-lug because of the semi-cushion case design, so should be comfortable and according to those who've had it, they say it is. The beads of rice bracelet seems to be good quality too. ETA 2824-2 movement, so should be sound. If I had the spare £££, I'd be very tempted by the Divingstar (yellow) version because it seems to be good VFM. Not much in that price bracket of that style these days.
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    WOWSER!! Sherlock Holmes would be proud of you mate John
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    Some pics I took just now.. I set the watch by my r/c G shock last night but It was only rough, It seems to have lost a bit and the regulator won't allow for speeding up the beat so I reckon it's a service it needs!! I'll have to time the watch against a Qtz chrono for 6 or 12 hours and see how bad it actually is! John
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    Sorry, I don't know who Mikrolist is but I do have a Sackville watch!! It's a small trench type watch from no idea when!!, It actually runs and keeps time but the silvered dial has tarnished quite a lot! John
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    I made the same assumption you did, Honour. The site says the database was last updated 23 June 2020. It's a good starting point, but I wish it was more clear on sources for the information. It can be misleading.
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    I would also plump for the RLT 24-hour watch if I could, but Roy ran out of them some time ago and I was pipped to the post. I am not sure what your budget is, but may I suggest that you look at 24-hour watches by "Botta." Botta watches are rather stylish and definitely worth looking at in my opinion if you are after more unusual depictions of time on your watch face. Here are a couple of Botta 24-hour watches for your delectation: (Pic from yankodesign.com)
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