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    I love this one!!!!!!!! K2 6000m with blue suede strap today
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    Morning Alpina 'Alpiner' (Cal: AL-525)
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    Has to be this new seagul1963
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    Still this, keeping great time, Citizen 8110A flyback column wheel chronograph. Around 1970. Just a touch of patina! The day will change too shortly. It's a bit scruffy but I like it - all the way from Giza! HAGD
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    First watch purchase in over a year! Silver Trench Watch circa. 1915
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    Morning, Accurist today, probably from around 1950 and running on a 15j AS 1190 in a BWC steel case. Regards.
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    This one today..... HAGWA
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    Mido GMT today . HAGWE
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    Lots to do and sort out over the next two weeks!! Today another kitchen to look at so will keep with the 007 have a good one all
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    A lovely Casio Edifice for me today: I was unsure about the strap on this one when it first arrived, it wasn't as soft as I'd expected, but actually after wearing it a few times it's turned out to be really nice.
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    Lots of Friday projects. Going with simple, rugged and useful.
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    Accurist for me this morning.
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    My first (socially distanced) cafe visit followed by a wander in the park sporting the Alpinist SBCJ021.
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    Seiko 7T32-6L40, Made Jan. 1999 Have a great weekend guys!
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    Expedition for me today. HAGWE Sent from my MAR-LX1A using Tapatalk Thinking I may need a coating of Immac or something .
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    G Shock 35th anniversary metal square:
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    Good morning. [emoji849] I am not buying any more watches. [emoji17]
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    Seems to be Accurist Friday ... trying to convince myself I don't dislike this, as a start. Peseux 7046
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    The latest arrival back on my wrist.
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    A couple of Fives... SEIKO 5 SPORTS SZH60K1N, cal. 7S36C 23 Jewels SEIKO 5 SPORTS SNZH57, cal. 7S36C 23 Jewels.
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    Invicta 8926ob with aftermarket dial from India I fitted yesterday
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    These now..... Shenzhen 9684, 21 Jewels (Qinghai Huzhu Watch Factory) Shenhua 9581,21 Jewels (Qinghai Huzhu Watch Factory)
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    I love the look of that Expedition, and all the reviews are glowing. I wish they were in stock as I'd jump on one immediately. My recent purchase arrived shortly after my earlier post - the Orient Mako II. This is my first Orient, and as far as I can remember my first diver-style watch. It feels solid and I like the blue dial. The strap feels a lot more substantial than I expected too.
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    That is a great design, what size is the case? Guessing 33mm?
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    A Lange Söhne 1815 Up Down ref 234.032. Have seriously considered it but doubt I ever will unless I sell several that I expect I'll end up regretting! Pic from Lange site...
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    I've just come across quite an interesting albeit geeky article on bezels so thought I'd share https://monochrome-watches.com/understanding-bezels-and-all-the-different-scales/
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    A quick change, over to these... Geckota K3 V04 Miyota cal. 8215 21 Jewels Navitron Sundial (solar powered)
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    It’s fascinating to see differing tastes on here....you don’t get THAT on the Rolex forums!
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    Oh Jesus, that is so lame, why don't you do your sums on a Casio calculator watch like a normal person
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    nothing says 'made to measure' like a three-hole watch strap
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    A bench drill press. Several hundred sovereigns ( my friend has around 300 which are are now worth more that 3x what he paid, gold being at an all time high. His plan is to sell as soon as gold peaks, bank the cash and then start again when gold falls, as it will) A carefree life anymore since this bloody Covid nonsense.
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    I have been had the everest 36mm in my sights for a while. Is there a certain time they go back on sale? Out of stock every time I check. Really nice watch would love to own one. Seiko solar for the night shift. Getting some rays while I can.!
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    Thanks. It really wants to be 33mm, but has to make do with 32mm. Cheers.
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    This 70s(?) ‘SuperSwiss’ for me this afternoon. And as much as it pains me, I haven’t changed the date, as it doesn’t have a quickset, and would rather not speed wind it through 20odd days.
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    Morning all, finally getting a step closer to getting the house sorted after the floods in Feb lol .. so sorting out the ground floor came across the box for my 007 !! Bracket and a solid end link bracelet as wel back on the watch where it belongs
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    Morning, Today this Gigandet, a brand first registered by Charles Gigandet in 1963. This one wears much slimmer than its 7mm would suggest and runs on a 17j Peseux 330. I’m trying to un-remember reading of an alleged connection with Breitling and Wakmann and am not remotely tempted to peek into any rabbit holes so labelled, no matter how enticing they may seem. Regards.
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    Morning dull morning here, which needs brightening up. Rotary 'Les Originales Legacy' (Cal: SW200-1) I keep saying that too, but somebody always posts a link to another sale and another bargain, I wish they would stop it.
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