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    I see you and the lads have all got your 'estate' caps on here, but I don't think the guv'nor will approve of you drinking on the job.....
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    In these parts you would immediately be dismissed for depravity for sporting such inappropriate headwear, and taken to a place against your will for therapy.
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    You carrying all your kit with you mate and rough camping or are you walking from town to town and traveling home after your walk? loving the Kelly kettle, but isn't it a bit bulky for carrying?
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    I'd have had to unload this lot first.
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    If only you'd let me know! I could have left it for a week while you trundled down from the highlands in your traction engine to collect it!
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    That brings me great pain. To think, that could have been in my stove.
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    None of them are a "full scone" though. Only those from the secret subculture of arboriculture. These people are more secretive and sinister than herbiculturists. A word until recently, not known.
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    I see that Victor 'I don't believe it' Meldrew must have worked his way up through the gardening ranks....he appears to have sported most of the caps!
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    Can folk volunteer to administer said treatment?
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    I was always led to believe your correct title was 'Lone Ranger' & your side kick was Tonto? Also, you mowed the lawn astride Silver!
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    Fortunately, I am the head gardener, and when mowing, wear the appropriate head gear......
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    I think (I may be wrong) but I read on here somewhere before that the ball from a Biro ball point pen fits .
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    Is that an after cut gauge length?
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    Actually I use my knob lengt.............no....lets's not go there!
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    I knew he was a pro because of the grass length indicator tattooed on his leg.....
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    How real men cut the grass
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    You joke, Steve....but that actually is me!
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    Well I'm sorted for next year. I show you stripes
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    Remember my dad had these as donkey engines on his D8 'dozer and on the feed/bale elevator. Think there's one knocking about somewhere!
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    I need my eyes testing. I read something totally different
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