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  1. Phew, here I am again, on the last part and section of this marathon topic. If you have managed to follow me on this journey so far then you have my admiration for your endurance and I hope you will find the time and energy to accompany me to the end. In Part 1 of this topic, taking the subject from 1930 up to the mid-1970s, I mentioned that there were two watch groups in existence in Switzerland from before the start of the Quartz crisis. The first of these organisations, Allgemeine Schweizerische Uhrenindustrie AG (ASUAG) was a partnership between the Swiss government, Swiss banks and t
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  2. I am coming to this complicated and vexed historical subject with relatively fresh eyes because, although I have had a passing interest in the quartz crisis as a watch collector and researcher, I have never actually tackled it in depth - until now. I wonder if I should have started on this topic at all because it almost seems that daily, I find a new fact to incorporate within the text, and it is difficult to know when to stop drafting and get down to posting the article. Although the use of the term, "Quartz Crisis" is still bandied about in some quarters, sometimes with a sort of fear that i
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  3. When I bought a Cartier Tank back in February I was aware to some extent of the history and heritage of the line. What I hadn't fully realised at the time was that the basic design is 100 years old this year. The last few days have seen us concentrating once more on the events of World War I as we remember the Battle of the Somme, which took place between July and November 1916. This is one of the best known battles and, along with Gallipoli and Passchendaele, epitomises the horror of that conflict. Louis Cartier would have been famous if he had never designed the Tank. In fact, his main
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  4. I mentioned before Christmas that I had been given a couple of hundred pounds or so to spend on a watch and I have now chosen and received my special Christmas piece. I am obviously a bit worried that I will receive brickbats from knowledgeable members, saying that Accurist is not a "true" watchmaking concern and that I should have bought something more "worthy". However, as I am sure some of you will know, I am a bit of a maverick and tend to plough my own furrow a bit when it comes to collecting and writing about watches, so please don't judge me too harshly. So it was that I forked out jus
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  5. This topic is about a group of watches, almost all quartz and dating from perhaps the later 1980s until today, linked by a particular design idiom that seems to stem from the surfing community. A small group of watch companies or brands are particularly associated with this style, but it has carried over into the product line up of other firms. Although most of the watches in Surfer Style tend to be towards the lower end of the market, some quality manufacturers have not ignored it altogether, including Citizen. For this latter snippet, I must thank Roger the Dodger who illustrated a rather ni
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