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    This fine pair to start with... Rotary, A.Schild cal.2063 21 Jewels, circa 1970s & OMEGA Seamaster cal.562 24 Jewels 1961
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    Pierce mono-pusher chronograph, in-house Cal. 130 by Leon Levy. Telemeter scale graduated in Great British Miles! I believe his dual-pusher chronos were used by the RAF. HAGD
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    Simply GORGEOUS Graham - I already liked Rado and that liking has instantly increased. Oh,and I agree that the watch looks especially lovely on that leather strap.
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    Been looking at numerous sales, mainly through boredom and I am tempted. Mondaine Stop 2 Go down to a price where I would just about consider it https://www.watchshop.com/mens-mondaine-stop2go-watch-mst-4101b-lc-p100021584.html
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    Looks bloody beautiful on the strap mate. Gorgeous!!!
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    I got one in the Jura sale, was £664, bargain price, as is Ernest Jones IMO. On the wrist with the bracelet. And with strap,
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