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    Omega Seamaster Türler cal. 552 from 1962, just like me
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    This is one of the few Vintage Digital watches I own. I have 4 of these early to Mid 70's LED vintage Pulsars and a couple late 70's Seiko LCD's. When I was actively collecting the Pulsar LED's I had about 10 or so but after learning about them in more detail and the persons involved with the repair side of things, I sold off most of them and quit following them. Having said that, I still have 4 very nice ones, including this 1972 Pulsar LED P2 in 14kt Solid Gold Model 2975. The info on these oddball model is they only made between 300 & 500 units. I restored it as best I could and its a nice Retro LED piece.
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    No pub for me. Oris Big Crown 36mm. o
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    Morning... 1938-40 RECORD THE ELIN. Cal: 106, 15 jewel, enamel dial, screw on bezel. Rowe & Co Ltd was the premier department store in Rangoon, Burma.
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    Morning... OMEGA De VillE prestige. Cal: Co-axial 2500, 29 jewel.
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    Morning Tissot Heritage Visodate (Cal: ETA 2836-2) I know what you mean, have that one and it's one of those that it's really hard to get a good picture on the wrist of just how great looking the dial is.
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    Morning Dreyfuss & Co '1925 Collection' DGB00148/01 (Cal: Sellita SW 200-1)
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    Afternoon Change over for a new one in from the EJ sale, couple of quick pics, strap a bit stiff being new, think may change it. Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic10518 (Cal: Baumatic BM13-1975A COSC)
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    Morning Dry at moment, but forecast for showers on and off all day, so an appropriate watch for today. Steinhart 'Ocean 2 Premium' (Cal: ETA 2892-A2)
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    Morning... 1950's SILVANA triple date. Cal: AS1290, 17 jewel.
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    Another presumably forgotten brand for today, this steel-cased Accolade. Swiss-made, unrecorded maker and running on a bridge variant of the 17j FHF/ST 96 featuring some rather nifty engine turning. Regards.
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    Cloakroom 'finished' on Sunday so treated myself to some Navygraf time, same again today. Just a couple of days then back into the box. Start on the kitchen this weekend! On a cheapestnatostraps Marine Nationale modified to have the clasps all work as they do on some others and about 25mm removed from the length Yema Navygraf by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
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    Morning Dreyfuss & Co 1925 Series (Cal: Sellita SW 200)
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    Going Ultra-chron on this fine Tuesday.
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    Good morning chap's Up late again. [emoji849] and I'm off exploring. I am not buying any more watches. [emoji17]
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    Happy Monday everyone, this watch always puts a smile on my face.
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    Good morning all [emoji41] Decorating and plastering duties for my grandson's bedroom now done, normal service can be resumed. [emoji16] And no pub for me. I am not buying any more watches. [emoji17]
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    1968 JLC Memovox GT No pub for me. We're only 7 miles from the diseased in Leicester, so we don't want the lestah lepers in our parish
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    I feel in a reflective mood today, so it is my Grandfather's old watch I am wearing. I recently worked out that he and I each owned the watch for exactly half of its 54 years.
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    Morning... 1929 9k ROTHERHAM & Sons.
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    This was my evening change earlier ready for Monday. Good job it's waterproof. Ish. Gallet Clam-shell case, Fortis hand-winding bumper auto, blued hands and the dial patination is ok I think. Raindrop 'cyclops' courtesy of god.
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    Superb!!! Case is perfect, the dial is superb, excellent choice for the Handsets too. Perfect work, congrats
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    Wearing my vintage Vitessa this morning .
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    DSSD for the morning and changing to the Speedie for the rest of the day. No clients for a few days so taking a break from the G Shocks:
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    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    This is one of the more unique Bulova Accutron Tuning fork watches. Bulova introduced the Accutron in Oct 1960 and mostly sold a very small variety of Solid Gold watches. So all the Accutron watches dated 1960 are very limited in production. This one I am wearing is the first Stainless Steel Accutron and this Model was only produced and dated in 1960 so it had a 3 month run and that was it. It has two 14kt Solid Gold Inlays in two corners and had no case number. The inside of the caseback was very unique also as it had a Stamping of 'Star Watch Case Company'. I am not aware of any other 1960-1977 Accutron with that stamping. This model came in both a Cream Colored Dial and a rarer Black Dial. The Cream Dial Version was a Model 203 and the Black Dial version was a Model 204. Below is the Rare Black Dial Model 204 and I do own 2 of them. For those that are not familiar with the tuning fork Accutrons, there is a short history lesson for Sunday!! Enjoy!
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    Morning Geckota G-02 Diver BoR Edition (Cal: ETA2824-2)
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    Good afternoon Omikron cal.Unitas 6376 21J
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    Ollech Wajs ID3066 automatic chronograph today.
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    Took the bracelet off this and I am trying it on this nato strap. Had the same bracelet on another watch being the reason for the change.
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    dunhill auto today,
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    Morning, Today it’ll be this steel-cased Relide auto with its 25j AS 1673, a movement which features an off-centre rotor. The Relide brand is attributed to Walter Triebold of Rheinfelden (Est. 1937) and this one dates from the late 1950s. Regards.
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    For today..... the elusive 50/50. Roy engraved the rotor and box for my wife for my 60th..
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    Seiko Arctura this morning . HAGWE
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    Afternoon gents. This has been on the wrist for a good few days now. I've decided to look for another strap, still linked to motoring / rallying, but with smaller and more holes.
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    Morning Early morning shopping trip to Asda, and sun is out. Tissot 'Seastar 1000' {Cal: Powermatic 80.111 11 1-2''' [Base ETA C07.111 (ETA 2842-2)]} I'm liking the blue a lot cracking looking strap, but yellow may go really well with that watch and you do seem to have a knack for getting a really good looking watch where the colour yellow is involved.
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    It's the sixth again; time to break out the Bulova...
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    It`s Sunday, so time to celebrate the seniors.... ROAMER STINGRAY `JT` (Jet Time), Model No.734-9120.901, Valjoux 7734, 17 Jewels circa 1970 & ROTARY, A.Schild cal.2063 21 Jewels, circa 1970s
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    Seiko Levante today since I found an original box and have somewhere safe to keep the tags ... Polygonal signed crown, sorry it's a bit shaky, I had to do my rubber man impression to take this. The box is fun. Have a good day and stay out of trouble. J
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    Not much of a pub goer at the best of times,so Ill stay home.
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