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    Hello Martin. I would like to give you the Seiko Sea Horse......it deserves a good home. I don't collect old watches so if you send me an address I will pack it and send it to you. No money required just a promise to keep it and cherish it! Yours Roger
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    the M1 A made an improvement on the m1 by adding a 30 round magazine and the ability to go full automatic ("no m1 thumb"). i looked much the same. vin
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    New Site layout looking great Scott, pictures really jump out of the screen, easy enough to negotiate way round, liking the drop down menus for each decade/year. Super Job mate
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    Hi rhaythorne, just had a look at your old page listing rlt watches. The entry for rlt 4 mentions a legend about rlt 50/50, just wanted to know if you'd like to put the record straight or leave it as is, since watch rlt 4 50/50 is numbered just like the others in the series. My suspicion is there might be a 51/50, owned by Roy himself, and maybe being at the root of said legend/myth. picture availsble upon request! ;) best regards, in or out :P
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    Hi Tim, Do you still happen to have the gorgeous Provita chrono that I bought from you and then sold back you a while back!? Hope you'll well Merlin
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    Big thank you to Nigelp for selling awesome Orient watch and that too at a bargain price.
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    Can you keep a record of whom buys which watch because everything you are listing is on my new years shopping list
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