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    Morning Orient Bambino 2nd Gen.Ver 1 (Cal: F6724) 'Padi' ?
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    Dug this out of the bottom of the pile this morning. Not worn it for a very long time as my wrists were too large for the bracelet (boxes were left in UK when I came here): Omega and Rolex missed a trick when Zenith decided to sponsor the Red Bull jump when Felix Baumgartner decided to jump from the edge of space. He was wearing this model during the experiment. Omega could have milked the space theme even further but perhaps they were scared of the experiment going wrong.
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    ...for me anyway! Like most of us viewing, purchasing timepieces has certainly been problematic under current restrictions. For one who likes seeing, handling watches in the flesh, conversing with dealers/sellers, I had pretty much put my foraging on hold. Even discussions regarding new (modern) pieces are currently suspended until viewing access is permitted. However, a particular timepiece piqued my interest. It was being offered by a charming young man who was doing some dealing to fund his way through watchmaking school. After some pleasant exchanges, along with an assurance that I could return the item if not fully satisfied, a deal was struck! 1929 9k Rotherham & Son (Coventry). Swiss 15 jewel lever movement (ebauche), finished, regulated, & cased by Rotherhams. Dedication to inner dust cover... Settled the itch for a bit Thanks for looking.
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    This old thing Like @Karrusel s watch this has an officer case, which is a feature I love I love my job!
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    This one today. Stay safe people.
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    Morning... 1961 9k JB DeVille. Cal: R540, 17 jewel.
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    Good morning all [emoji41] Up early today exploring. Sent from my HRY-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    Morning... 1966 OMEGA De Ville automatic. Cal: 711, 24 jewel.
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    New in 1975 Grand Seiko
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    GSoM for #speedytuesday Can’t remember the last time I wore this. The platinum sparkles like crazy in the sunlight:
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    Morning Seiko 'RECRAFT ' SNKP23 (Cal: 7S26) today.
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    Good morning chap's [emoji41] This 1983 Tudor date day for today's adventures. [emoji16] Sent from my HRY-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    Morning Seiko Presage SRPB03J1 (Cal: 4R35B)
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    Morning everyone, this one today, Known as the new Panda, the Seiko SNDF87P1 or 7T92-0RT0
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    Frederique Constant big date dual time automatic
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    Morning Mathey-Tissot (Cal: Ronda 1009)
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    Good morning morning. 1926 for today. [emoji16] Sent from my HRY-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    Morning Seiko Saturday for me, SARB035 (Cal: 6R15D)
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    Have a great weekend everyone as much as you can!
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    Morning Orient Star 'Classic Power Reserve' SAF02001S0 (Cal: 40N52) for a wet morning.
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    Well, the full moon is behind us (but the coven did dance rather well), so back to normal. Bank holiday today, though in these odd times it will be little different from other days (except, of course, for the tea with scones and jam on the lawn). And, with no sense of irony with regard to the occasion, I'm back with my favourite source of timepieces . . . .
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    Casio Edifice for me.
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    It will be this 1978 Grand Seiko, but I have to put it on a leather strap first as this bracelet is too small
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    Morning... 1964 CITIZEN AutoDater 7. Cal: 4101 'Jet Ring Rotor' 25 jewel, 40mm without crown.
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    This morning i'm wearing a vintage Vitessa with a very nice linen dial (Parrenin Cal Z170 17 jewels )
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    Morning Taking to the skies for hump day, Aviator 'AIRACOBRA P42' (Cal: Ronda 519).
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    Sunny Saturday Spinnaker.
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    Giving a Strapcode bracelet a try on this one.
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    Longines fora change....
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    Omega SMP 2231.80 titanium.
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    cheers Roger the dodger MANY THANKS again Rog .. posted this out super fast and wanted nothing topman i hope you like the results all/Roger I certainly do again hero Rog
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    Speedmaster Automatic
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    A bit of a departure for me this morning, as I present a watch given to me by serial watch forum philanthropist, @Davey P. Davey kindly gave me this watch just after Christmas, and at the time I posted a thread showing the battery being changed. However, I put it away, and never got round to researching it in great detail, something I hope to remedy now as I've had a bit of time on my hands. The watch in question is a Casio 1922-A220 Illuminator. These were produced around 1990, and were labelled 'Futurist'. Firstly, the watch is in great condition seeing as it's 30 years old.There were a couple of swirls on the acrylic crystal, but I removed these with Polywatch. The bracelet, case and clasp are more or less unmarked. The watch is 34.5mm across, 46.5mm from top to bottom and 11mm deep. It has all the usual functions of an earlier LCD watch, including a countdown timer, chronograph, dual time and alarm. The alarm function not only gives an audible signal but also vibrates on your wrist. This is the reverse display model, but there was also a normal LCD version. On my reverse display model, just the numbers illuminate when the light button is pressed, while on the normal display, the whole screen lights up. Due to the vibrating alarm and rather bright light, this watch uses a 3v lithium cell rather than the usual 1.5v one. Casio 1922-A220 Illuminator. Clean bracelet and clasp. Unusually large amount of adjustment on the clasp...nearly an inch. Wears very nicely and doesn't look out of place even today. Reverse display illuminated. Just for comparison, here's a couple of stock pics (not mine) of the regular LCD display version, including the backlight. Replacing the 3v CR2025 cell. Thanks, Davey!
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    Morning Orient 'Bambino' 2nd Gen. Ver 3 (Cal: F6724)
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    JLC Reverso Duo - black dial.
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    so should have posted in WYWTD but indulge me please , today i retire form working the last 45 odd years as of 10 am i hand over all my work equipment that has sat in my home for the past 14 years so i join the esteemed members here already enjoying life in the slow lane ? its feeling surreal , i am both happy & sad but i am sure i will quickly get over the sad bit . so i am wearing one of my favorite watches( they all are but i cant wear 12 at once ) to rmember the day deano which means i get to play in here full time
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    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Morning... De Ville PRESTIGE automatic. Cal: 2500 Co-Axial, 29 jewel.
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