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    Good morning all, giving this silver cushion cased watch from 1929 a turn today.
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    Having wanted a Seiko 'Dancing Hands' watch for a long while, I eventually got lucky and found the exact model I was after a week or so ago. The watch had been fairly extensively worn, then put away in a drawer (with the battery removed) about 8 years ago. The module fired up and works perfectly after I fitted a new battery, but cosmetically, the watch was in pretty poor shape. The two tone bracelet, while still showing a good amount of the plating on the intermediate links was fairly scratched up, as was the clasp. While the crystal was relatively unscathed, the cyclops was almost opaque, and of course there was the usual build up of wrist crud and DNA all over. So I set to, and had a go at bringing it back from the brink. These watches which date originally from 1988 were unusual in that they contain 4 stepper motors, and all adjustments to the hands and date are done via the two pushers on the left hand side. The crown does nothing apart from move the selector at 6 o'clock round to the various functions. The watch features normal time, chronograph, alarm, countdown timer and month indication, where all three hands point to the relevant month printed on the rehaut. Another unusual feature is that when the timer is selected and set, the hands move counterclockwise as they count down, until an alarm sounds at the given time. In demo mode it shows the famous 'dancing hands' which identify that all the motors are working. This is model 6M25-6000, the sports version of the watch with a two tone bracelet and bezel markers. There were several other versions produced. This one dates from March 1993. This is the watch as recieved. Here, I have removed the bracelet, ready for the ultrasonic m/c. Here's the bracelet in the ultrasonic, before switching on...nice clean water! ...and after a 3 minute cycle...eueeeeew! The black patches on the bottom are the dirt that's come out! First to come off is the bezel...look at the crud under there! Here, the circular bezel click spring has been removed, and there's still more crud under that! Over to the back, and here's the serial number showing a date of March 1993. Back off, and a little press on this lever with the forceps and the stem slides out... Followed by the spacer ring... ...and finally, the dial and module. Next to remove are the pushers which will have loads of muck under them. Two tiny 'C' clips secure them in the case...they just need pushing off. And here they are removed...I've stripped one of them down here, ready for the ultrasonic...the Q tip is for size comparison. Note the fluff and crud on the spring. This is the cyclops before attempting to polish out the scratches. I could have bought a new one from Cousins for a couple of quid, but the UV glue and a UV light to set it would have been over £50. These scratches are fairly deep, and I know I won't get them all out, but I'll try coarse and fine polishing compounds on a felt mop in the Dremel and see what happens. This is the final result after about 15 minutes gentle polishing. I had to keep stopping and let it cool down as I didn't want the glue to melt and lose the cyclops. It's way better, but there's one really deep pit that won't come out and a slight distortion of the numbers, but I can live with that. Reassembly time! Here're the parts after going through the ultrasonic. First, the pushers are reassembled, a tiny bit of silicone grease applied and inserted into the case.The most difficult part is getting the 'C' clips back on! The inside of the crystal is cleaned, the module replaced, followed by the spacer ring and crown. Here, I'm using a bit of Rodico (very similar to Blu Tack) to remove finger marks from the module plates, before greasing the gasket and screwing the caseback on. Over to the front, and the now pristine click spring is replaced, before pressing on the bezel. Here you can see that while now clear, there is a slight distortion on the cyclops. (2nd pic) Finally, the bracelet was carefully rubbed on some 1200, then 1500 grit wet and dry paper, followed by a scotchbrite pad to remove the worst of the scratches...I was particularly pleased with the way the clasp cleaned up with hardly any scratches noticable. ...and on the wrist! Hope some of you found that useful. I was going to make a video of the dancing hands and various other functions, but there's already a good video on Youtube...slightly different model, but mine does exactly the same.
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    Morning all Circa1980 BUCHERER. Cal: 6050, 21 jewel.
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    Have a great Friday watch fans, I am wearing my vintage Seiko Sea horse automatic, circa 1966 this morning
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    Morning guys hope its a good one for you all!
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    Fascinating simplicity. Dresses "up" superbly (one of my two options for black tie), and "down" without effort. Senator "Excellence". 40mm s/s. GO Kaliber 36-01 automatic. Today's pic: And, older pics: .
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    The Tudor Black Bay 41. The photos do not do the watch justice. The watch is a great example of understated elegance. Happy Christmas.
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    Cushty! For me, and in deference to 'dress-down Friday', off with the soft leather, and on with the canvas one-piece watchband. Hope your Fridays are super, happy watching!
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    Morning Dreyfuss & Co 1890 Collection DGS00162-02 (Sellita SW200) today.
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    Put my 1966 Omega Seamaster on this morning expecting a new arrival. Now the gold Seamaster has been in the family from new but thanks to being on TWF for a year I thought I’d like to get a watch to keep it company. So here’s my new Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Cal. 8500, 39 jewels. To say I’m pleased is an understatement
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    Joining in with the other Omegas today:
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    Morning folks, off on a trip today. Have a grand day all
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    The older I get, the more I find myself drawn to elegance . . . Glashütte Original Senator Excellence Reference: 1-36-01-01-02-01 40mm x 10mm s/s. GO calibre 36-01 automatic. 100 hour power reserve from single barrel.
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    Sunny day of to the beach with my 2 staffies
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    Steinhart ocean master GMT 39mm 'Pepsi' on a bright sunny morning in Devon.
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    Morning all... 1965 GIRARD PERREGAUX GYROMATIC. Cal: 22-09, 39 jewel.
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    Morning Seiko 5 Sports (Cal-4R36 ) today.
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    Starting the day with this Omega Constellation, calibre 551, from circa 1963.
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    Morning Seiko SARY055 (Cal-4R36) today.
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    This until I get back later , sold four so need to pull one back .We shall see as I'm going under the supervision of an adult ( as long as she gets a bag blackmailer). Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Meeting some mates for lunch today.
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    Morning all MARC & SONS MARINE. Cal: Miyota 9015, 24 jewel.
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    Morning Yesterday it was Almaz Titanium Chrono today it's the Almaz Titanium Auto with Seiko NH35.
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    Greeting watch lovers, I am wearing my Zenith Respirator automatic 2562 PC circa 1968-70 this morning after the full spar treatment! I have had this watch quite some time despite the dial damage I am very fond of it!
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    Good morning , Seiko SKX 033 for me today
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    Starting with the Hamilton . Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    This today as far as i can tell 1946 and still looking good
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    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Something very special has come my way. It's a long time since I had an RLT watch (RLT 36 Nautilus, No. 15) but when I saw this one I just had to have it. To be honest, I was lucky, as I dismissed it at first, thinking it would be out of my price range, but when I saw it again in the RLT shop, I snapped it up. I don't have a 'dress' watch in my collection (I do now!) and I've wanted a rectangular or 'tank' watch for ages and this fits the bill perfectly. This is RLT 25, a very unusual looking piece with numbers that are inspired by the Franck Muller offerings, but at nowhere near the ridiculous prices they charge. I asked Roy how many of these he originally made, and he seems to recall making 10 white and 10 black, so they are very rare...I've never seen another one on the forum in the 10 years I've been here, so feel very privileged to own one of the ten white pieces. The case is polished stainless steel and measures 31 x 51 x 9mm. It boasts a curved mineral crystal and also a mineral crystal display back. It's powered by the reliable Swiss made 25 jewel ETA 2824-2 automatic movement with quickset date and hacking seconds. The rotor is engraved with Roy's initials. The white dial has a textured finish, round date window at 6 and the numbers are a pale green colour. They do glow subtly after exposure to light, but as a dress watch, not as 'in your face' as a diver. It came on a brand new Darlena water resistant strap. Enough waffle.....here are the pics. I like the onion crown... The textured dial... The display back with engraved rotor... Lume shot... Obligatory wrist shot...due to the curved case, it sits beautifully on my wrist. Thanks for looking.
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    A bit off a rare one this Seiko skx339 on a orange rubber
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    Morning Another Parnis today, the PA767 (Sea-Gull 2542).
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    Good morning all, giving this Omega, calibre 30T2SC, from the 1940s a turn today.
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    Sea-Dweller again - problem with wearing this watch on rotation is I am always reluctant to change it
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    Aqua Terra today:
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    Well time yo go to work
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    Happy Birthday to my boy ... 5 today I remember those days LOL Have a good one all
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    Oris for this fine day. [emoji24] Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L31 using Tapatalk
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    Afternoon change, a vintage Tissot T12 automatic
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    Morning all C900 WORLDTIMER. Cal: JJ03 (modified eta 2836-2).
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    99.1 today. 42mm s/s hand wound. Dornblüth 99.1 movement -- an in house manufactured adaptation of the Unitas 6498 design.
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    Going with this 9ct Tudor Prince, calibre 7909, from 1956 today.
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    This one of Roy's today.....
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