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    Morning Steinhart to start the week, the Ocean 2 Premium (Cal ETA 2892-A2)
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    I`m currently out of this world... BULOVA 96B258 Special Edition Lunar Pilot Chronograph & OMEGA Speedmaster PROFESSIONAL 3570.50.00, cal.1861 18 Jewels.
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    Morning, This “Rustless Steel” Mido with its Taubert-style decagonal case back doesn’t get the wearing it deserves, so I’ll sort that today. Dates from the 1940s and runs on their own 15j Mido 1200B, derived from the Cal. 394 ebauche produced by either AM or Felsa although exactly by which one seems to be uncertain. Regards.
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    Morning. Tiny Vostok today.
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    Morning Panerai 027 today. Sent from my HRY-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    Something with water resistance is appropriate for today...
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    Not high horology, but...the best value watch in the world from a well known brand???. I had to add the last bit, as you can buy some seriously low cost watches from China. Bought my Dad a watch from China that was 1p plus £2.89 postage, did it just to prove I could buy a watch for next to nothing. Back on subject...the seriously brilliant Casio MRW200H-1BV, I can't think of a better watch for under £10.00
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    Seiko orange monster generation one this morning
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    PRS-29A today for me. Sent from my MAR-LX1A using Tapatalk
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    Back to Earth with the twins... ALMIRANTE Navegante (Crepas/Tactico Group, Spain) Seiko Cal. NH38A, 24 Jewels
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    Notwithstanding earlier responses you have to question the point of the Rolex outlet is if they don't have any men's watches at all. The inference being they just have women's watches? Everyone knows the only thing that sells at airports are these
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    A quick change over to these.... PARNIS Militare 51 & 60 Chronographs (Japanese [Miyota] quartz movements)
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    After seeing @Roger the Dodger paracord bracelets I decided to have a go at making one myself , a few pm's later from Roger with advice sourcing paracord I ordered myself some ( many thanks Roger for the help ) Helpful tutorials from you tube and I made these I plan on making some more bracelets and also a Dog collar for our dog Alfie .
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    Not worn this one for a while, it's the extraordinary iTime Phantom Carbonio for me today:
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    Yes, it's weird. I don't like any other Swiss chocolate.
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    You need to toughen up a bit I frequently use the local buses and trains, they are clean and in the case of the buses mostly new. They are reasonably priced and usually on time so even just to go into Middlesbrough by the time you add in parking cheaper and less hassle than taking the car. The train station is ten minutes walk from my flat and buses go from the top of the road. I've never been mugged, assaulted or felt threatened even on the late buses, and for work I get on and off where one of those benefit street programs was filmed. Sure every now and again an inspector jumps on and checks ticket but that's no big deal. Most of the trains especially at the weekend have security on them. I could easily live without a car and maybe just hire one now and then if I needed to.
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    https://pod-point.com/guides/driver/charging-electric-car-at-home If public transport was brought to acceptable standard things will improve, and the change of lifestyle will be easier. Wonder how many charging points there'll be on the Boris bridge to Ireland ?
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    Sorry to ask but is this in code?
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    I thought this would have done it, "J.S.Bloor donated £400,000 to the Conservative & Unionist Party in the 2017 General Election."
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    Maybe he isn't a "donor".
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    I would surmise a casual "side swipe" would be more like the correct assumption.
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    https://www.scotsman.com/news/environment/electric-boost-to-north-coast-500-s-green-credentials-1-4741890 there is a large expansion of charging points in rural areas in my locality. Buses are fine, I regularly use them to assist people (including a member of my own family) who have lost limbs, and require support to get about there daily life. Nothing like the pictures painted by the red tops and the "circle ****". I seem to remember some headline news a few years ago where a notorious criminal stabbed another road user to death in a road rage incident, I think he was possibly at the wheel of a BMW, or was it Range Rover ? Quite a lot of disabled people ( blind, army vets etc) depend on buses to get around, and it is shameful to discriminate against bus users, but I suppose they're an easy target for those who like to rattle the keyboard from the anonymity of their own safe surroundings.
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    1. Try CTRL+SHIFT+V when you paste in the text ... this pastes without any formatting (unformatted text, some programs call it). Then you can format in the forum editor as you like. Be warned: things like numbered or bulleted lists may not paste in formatted as a list. 2. Log into www.google.com in Chrome on the new system. When asked to "remember this computer," check YES. It will then associate that machine+browser combination. You will still get the warning message; it's a good thing. If you're daring, enabling two-factor authentication, where Google will text your phone with a confirmation code, will ensure that you and only you are logging into the account. A VERY good idea if you are reusing passwords on multiple accounts (generally a bad idea).
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    sorry to hear that mate hope you get it sorted its been terrible.
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    As @Always"watching" has already said, mid to late 70s. Here's the Slava version (Sekonda was an export name for a variety of Soviet watch brands) of your watch in the 1979 Slava catalogue: The button on the side is for changing the date - to change the day you have to cycle the hour hand. £18 seems like a very fair price in that condition.
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    A quick switch on to the Braun.
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    Well, I own around 160 watches. I swore blind NO MORE WATCHES THIS YEAR!!! I have bought 3 so far, and have around 10 on my Ebay watch list. I didn't last one month.
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    It seems to be received wisdom, reinforced by reviews of the recent reincarnation of Eza watches, that the history of the original Eza watch brand is part of the Hermann Becker story - a company started in 1921 by Hermann Becker in Pforzheim, Germany. The twist is that one important reference indicates that this information might be incorrect; that the Eza watch brand belonged to another Pforzheim watch company, Ziemer & Co, which was founded just six years after the Becker concern. If we are to believe the general run of opinion then we can summarise the story of Eza watches as follows: In 1921, Hermann Becker, a German watchmaker, established a small case manufacturing facility in Pforzheim, and over the years the firm diversified into the production of dials (by the late 1950s) and watch movements (made from 1955). At first, the movements were hand-wind, but automatic movements were produced from 1958. The last automatic Hermann Becker caliber was the 25J HB313 - with an old and new version produced over its production run. A gold plated Eza wristwatch from about 1960 with 34 mm case (excl. crown) and powered by a hand-wind 17J movement (pics from assets.catawiki.nl): The first Eza watch collection was introduced by the Becker company in the 1960s, and in the 1960s and 70s, the brand apparently produced a line of “funky” dress watches. Unfortunately, Hermann Becker KG was hit by the Quartz Crisis and filed for bankruptcy; thus, the Eza name disappeared until it was revived almost half a century later. The recent revival of the Eza name in 2016 does not have any concrete linkage to the original brand, but because the new Eza company produces respectable watches in vintage style - so far majoring on dive watches including a take on an Eza dive watch design from1972 - it is worth mentioning here. The firm is based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands and was founded by two friends, Diederick van Golen and Adriaan Trampe, with Adriaan having studied watchmaking at Vakschool Schoonhaven, the same school distinguished contemporary Dutch watchmaker Bart Grönefeld attended. Apparently, the duo assemble their watches from parts sourced abroad. A 1970s Eza wristwatch with a stainless steel 35mm (excl. crown) case and screw-on caseback; water resistant to 4 ATM and powered by a 25J HB313 automatic movement: Having now provided the version of the Eza story propounded in the review literature pertaining to the new Eza watch company, we need to further introduce the “elephant in the room” that links Eza with Ziemer & Co. We find this reference in the Mikrolisk directory under “Eza” and it comprises the script trademark, “Eza,” and links it to Uhrenfabrik Ziemer & Co., wristwatches, Pforzheim, Germany. Unfortunately, there is no (registration) date given for this mark. The Ziemer watch company was founded by Wilhelm Ziemer in Pforzheim, Germany, in September 1927, and was apparently manufacturing wristwatches from the beginning. In 1963, the leadership of the firm passed to Robert Ziemer, son of Wilhelm, and the firm remained in family hands until, in 1985, it was taken over by long-time employee Günther Schäfer. In 1987, the company was legally changed to Ziemer GmbH, and two years later the brand name, Claude Pascal, was launched and registered. Indeed, the Claude Pascal name has been the sole brand of the Ziemer company since 1989. 2002 saw the management of Ziemer GmbH pass to Schäfer’s son-in-law, Peter Gießler after many years of co-operation between the two men. Finally, in 2011, the firm relocated from Pforzheim to larger premises in Niefern. According to the current Claude pascal website, Peter Gießler is still the executive director of the company. Eza stainless steel dive/dive-style watch with cushion-shaped case, rotating bezel, and heavily lumed hands, probably later 1960s and powered by a 25J automatic HB312 movement (pics from uhrforum.de): I have been unable to find supporting evidential material concerning Ziemer watch brands in the period prior to 1989 including “Eza” other than the isolated Mikrolisk reference, and we can’t assume that Mikrolisk is infallible. The assumed link between Eza and Hermann Becker is the current favourite theory but the evidence supporting this link in available literature is also scant. Given that the Eza brand name has been resurrected, and applied to watches worthy of consideration, it surely behoves us to examine the question of brand name attribution. Was the original Eza watch brand related to Hermann Becker, Ziemer & Co, or perhaps both or another company altogether? Hopefully, someone out there will have a definitive answer - it just isn’t me… for the time being at least. Stop Press: It has come to my attention that some Eza branded watches were powered by Voumard movements; sometimes these are labelled as, "Voumard by Eza" watches. The first watch pictured in this topic where the movement isn't specified, it transpires that at least some of this Eza model of wristwatch were powered by the Voumard caliber 1050 movement.
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    Never. Got over 80 with 1 in already this year.
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    Ronald did mine about 6 months ago, couldn't be more pleased with it. I initially contacted CWC site who directed me to Silvermans who sent me to Ronald. I had to have a replacement movement due to lack of knowledge on my behalf four years ago. Always worth repairing if its achievable when its of sentimental value.
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