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    Zenith el primero triple date moon phase chronograph ref 03.2091.410 today.
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    Lovely sunny day in Jersey and dress down day
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    Daytona on the wrist today: Haters are gonna hate but this is one heck of a watch. Such a slim case despite the chronograph movement and a very legible dial too.
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    I recently bought a job lot of Timex electric watches from the US, to get going/use as spares. Amongst the haul was this very early M67 back crown watch. I was very keen to get this one up and running as my previous back crown Timex watches were either M84 or M87 ones, so this one is one of the first Timex electrics, with the West German made DuRoWe 861 movement, which is much more refined in its construction than the cheaper, mass produced, M84 ones . M84 movement as a comparison.... Anyway, stripped, cleaned and regulated it and with the crystal refinished, quite an improvement. At this point I decided to try to research and find what sort of strap was fitted to it when it left the factory in 1963/4. This is where the story gets interesting..... I found out that this identical watch was owned by one of the NASA Astronauts in the early 1960's...... Sadly the story becomes somewhat tragic here as the astronaut in question was Roger Chaffee, who along with Gus Grissom and Ed White, died in the Apollo 1 tragedy in 1967. It appears that he was actually wearing the watch on the day, as it was returned, along with his wedding ring, to his family before his burial in Arlington Cemetery. The watch was auctioned by his family in 2009, some details here.... I finally did find a contemporary advert for the watch in question, though dated '1965' it may well have the later M84 movement....... which confirmed the fact that it would have been supplied with a Spiedel expanding bracelet, as seen on Roger Chaffee's watch. While I'm not keen on these, for authenticities sake, I will try to get a vintage one for my watch....
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    Morning Rotary 'Les Originales Legacy' (Cal: Sellita SW200-1) today. t
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    Morning Roamer “Swissmatic” (Cal: STP1-11)
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    Seiko for me today. Have a great weekend TWF!
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    +30 Celsius this morning, so => beach, beach, beach Blue Kalmar into the blue of the Persian sea ;)
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    I am wearing this vintage Zenith Defy sat in thr departure longe at the airport...
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    A NOS vintage 1970's Fairchild LCD A wrist shot Thanks @scottswatches i love it!
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    Vintage Certina, cal 25-36, mid-1960s
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    Scurfa today Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Going away for a few days; took a few decent watches with me. Starting with the PO9300 today:
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    Morning Roamer 'Rockshell III' (Cal: STP1-11)
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    I like my Fridays simple so I'm wearing what i consider to be my simplest watch. No subdials, no lume, no screwdown crown. Just a grey dial and lovely blue hands. We'll gloss over the white date window...
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    Good morning, SKX for me, have a great day!
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    Wearing this one this morning , HAGWE
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    Festina today till er indoors gets me gardening later
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    Back from the Far East now with this pair... HEUER 200 meters professional, (Model 844-2). (`TH` branded ETA 2824.2 25 jewels, circa early 1980s) & CWC Royal Navy Divers Watch (ETA 955.121, 7 jewels, issued 1997)
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    Morning, groovers. Avia for me today (many thanks to @mcb2007).
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    Morning chap's [emoji12] King Seiko today. Sent from my HRY-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    Morning Steinhart to start the week, the Ocean 2 Premium (Cal ETA 2892-A2)
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    Morning all... Have been accused of being square 1966 De Ville. Cal: 711, 24 jewel.
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    I like this pairing... OMEGA Speedmaster PROFESSIONAL 3570.50.00, cal.1861 18 Jewels. & RLT-20 (1of 5), FE cal.5611 17 Jewels
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    Morning all... circa 1960 Clipper alarm. Cal: Venus 230, 17 jewel, SS case, 35mm excluding crown. The movement was the first alarm complication by Venus, used by companies such as Fortis, Leonidas, Gruen & Benrus. The word mark on mine has been attributed to several companies in Switzerland including Bulova. Very pleased with this recent acquisition, along with securing a very healthy retirees discount!
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    Back to some class today, after yesterday's disappointing Camy. Bucherer ETA 2824 on new Hirsch strap, recommended by @Nigelp. Thanks Nigel, impeccable taste.
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    Morning Roamer 'Searock Pro' (Cal: ETA 2824) to brighten this dull wet morning.
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    Day two...and why not. Hasn't missed a beat in two days, my new favourite...for a couple of days anyway. yes...yesterdays pic, and I still have hairy arms.
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    Morning Victorinox 'Alliance' (Cal: ETA 2824-2)
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    I have a spreadsheet to keep track of the watches I own, and this is in a subheading of 'OLD SEIKO', scan along and at the end of the row it says 'SELL WHEN FIXED' 'SELL WHEN FIXED' in this case is to fit a new crystal, and give it a new strap, that's it. I have another subheading called 'KEEPERS' and this watch is going to be promoted to the keepers list for the following reasons... 1. Gains 1-2 seconds a day even though it hasn't been serviced, and it is 51 years old. 2. Made in January 1969, like most old Seiko watches of this period it has a 'classy' timeless look. 3. It's a watch that gives me a 'hug' when I put it on. Anybody out there that collects old Seiko watches should put one of these on their wish list as they are a fantastic watch that you can pick up for next to nothing. Seiko 7625-1994, Jan. 1969 p.s. not cracks in the crystal...I have very hairy arms
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    Could have been any one of a hundred other watches, but it's got to be done, just for a laugh
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