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    This is my most long standing watch and still my favourite. Have a good Friday.
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    Good morning, Oris big crown date pointer.. have a great Friday.
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    Day off today as I never work on my birthday. Currently have my Speedbird on my wrist and Chip on my lap. Meow.
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    I’ll be giving this an outing later on.
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    Enjoy you Saturday watch fans, a vintage Zenith Defy automatic for me and a song from the came year
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    Three very different watches posted so far! I've had this one on all week, which surprises me as I didn't think it would be a regular.
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    A vintage Zenith Quartz circa 1970's for Quartz Wednesday!
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    Have a great Friday folks! I am wearing my vintage Zenith Pilot on new rally type strap and i quite like it so far!
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    Postman's just dropped this 1979 Seiko Snowflake dialed King Quartz off. It looks much better in the flesh than the pictures. [emoji16] Sent from my HRY-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    ww2 era leonidas today..
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    Morning all... Railmaster Cal: Co-axial 8806, 35 jewel. (now on bracelet)
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    Morning Rotary Les Originales LE9001405 (Cal: R.1000.21)
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    Beautiful sunny morning tempted to have another wobble out on the bike. Mind you I froze me goolies off on it yesterday. [emoji848] Anyway GS for the morning. Sent from my HRY-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    Morning all... circa 1960 MIDO MULTIFORT. Cal: 917R, 17 jewel. Miscreant case back with my new best friend...
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    Have a great Friday watch fans! I am wearing my vintage Omega Dynamic automatic mk1. More info here
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    Morning Strela Officer Chronograph OF38CYGS (Cal: P3133)
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    Speedbird for me today! Et vu?
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    Lovely sunny morning so wearing something that pops in the sunlight. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Quartz Wednesday,this one later on.
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    Today is a simple day, head down working so Smiths Everest it is, The epitome of a tool watch, inexpensive, rugged, functional and good looking.
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    Casio Edifice until my newbie this evening! Have a great weekend TWF!
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    Wearing the Ploprof and SevenFriday bracelet for #seamastersaturday Show us your Seamasters today: Apparently the bracelet is shark proof. I wonder if it’s puppy proof. Ghost cries every time people argue on the forum so please be nice:
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    Morning all... 1965 GIRARD PERREGAUX GYROMATIC. Cal: 22-09, 39 jewel.
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    This one's been on for three day now. So comfortable; hardly know it's on.
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    That is a stunning watch @scottswatches!! A vintage Tissot T12 automatic from back in their Halcyon days IMHO
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    Bought this as part of a his and hers set, gifted to a couple when they worked for Shell in Kenya. The ladies one needs work, but this is running sweetly
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    Morning Tissot Heritage Visodate (Cal: ETA 2836-2) for today.
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    Morning Smiths 'Everest' PRS-25 36mm (Cal Miyota 9039) to start the week.
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    Vintage no-date hand winding Thursday.
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    Morning all... . Late 1960's-70 MILUS Cal: Peseux 320, 17 jewel.
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    This one for me today, sunny but cold here! Will change for another watch when I go to work this afternoon though!
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    1948 Jaeger Lecoultre - 'bumper' automatic. Hope I'm in this good condition when I'm 72... Sent from my BKL-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Happy Valentine's day. xxx
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    This Certina DS Winner chronograph. If you think the bezel is challenging, the bracelet is designed to look like a chain on a motorcycle
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    Speedbird today. Shooting down to London - road trip!
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    Twirling emergency mission today have a good day everybody
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    Blancpain Bathyscape today; loving the modern twist this model brings with its ceramic case and fly back movement:
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    Afternoon changeover to this early 1970's Omega Cosmic 2000 and a song from 1972
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    Another day, another vintage Seiko. Have a good Friday people. "black lume" - wha..?
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    My (latest) grail arrived yesterday. 36mm, auto, steel and gold, just what I wanted since I sold the 35mm quartz one I used to have I know this watch divides opinion but not in this house
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    New in this morning . A Junghans Attache automatic watch .
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    Aquaracer on this nice sunny but cold day
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