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    Available on SS mesh, canvas and rubber by the looks of it... I just like leather! I don't quite get that either... A compressor but yet around 500 quid cheaper!
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    It's not supposed to be 'nice' it's supposed to be heavy in a fight lol Second watch is a bullhead by Kickstarter Stuckx Funnily enough I don't wear it!
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    I've bought plenty of quartz watches in the past advertised as needing a new battery, and I'm happy to take a punt based on the fact that almost every watch I've tried will start up and run perfectly with a simple battery change. The law of averages says there will be the odd one that doesn't work, but in my experience that rarely happens. I'm happy to spend around £30-ish on a watch needing a new battery, but I've also bought whole joblots for much less than that, and they usually all work fine.
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