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  1. Whilst I can see the hypocrisy in my reasoning as to what constitutes good or bad / right or wrong in terms of the reasoning behind a person's desire for a watch, the line I'm trying (probably poorly) is the difference between: A) Wanting a watch because you like it (whether the reason for that is the design appeals to you, or someone famous once wore it) And B) Wanting a watch you don't really like, purely because either the marketing or the esteem it is held in by others makes it "desirable". It feels to me in this thread, and I have been known to be spectacularly wrong at times, that @JayDeep doesn't really like the Cartier but somehow feels that he should have, or at least experience, one being in his collection. For me that reasoning is only ever likely to end with a watch he doesn't really want sat taking up a cushion in a box until he decides how he wants to get rid of it. (Editor's comments: I might start to like them a lot more if he does the above and then decides the "way to get rid of it" is via a raffle on here!)
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