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    Tudor today Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    this today,home built although an obvious homage,i fitted a a miyota 8215 movement.had some good results with those HAGWEE..
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    Green Mudmaster (top right):
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    Have a great weekend all!
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    Vintage Omega Seamaster f300 today .
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    Vintage Seiko Skyliner Cal 402 .
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    G Shock GSG-100 Mudmaster: I love the dual backlight on this:
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    a new arrival today, a Diastar with Diamonds
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    Citizen 'Ecozilla'...
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    Creation CREATRONIC Certina's first ever in-house automatic Certina DS 2 Candino Diver Citizen Promaster Citizen Ana Digi Temp Casio Moonphase
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    Morning, This Avia today. Runs on a 15j FHF 28. Regards.
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    I doubt my Great Uncle George ever owned a watch. He wasn't 19 either. The tombstone inscription from his parents simply reads 'A Young Hero'. So many. I'll be wearing this today, doesn't really matter who made it or when, does it? Not today.
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    ELOGA. EDOX. ELGIN. EBAUCHE: Raw, unfinished movement. ENGINE TURNING... ELINVAR. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elinvar Equation of Time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equation_of_time
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    I seem to have 32 of the buggers, so to avoid boring you rigid, here's one of 'em. Runs on a 15j FEF 190. Regards.
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    1998 or possibly 1988 8J41 thermocompensated seiko dolce. I could wear this until my 65th birthday in 2037 and only loose less than 200 seconds and i still managed to hard boil the egg.
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    This one after some tuning done - new hands,new date and day wheels. Sent from my SM-G970F using Tapatalk
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    A small knock on the crown of a 1,000M diver might make it not waterproof. It is best to assume that no pre owned watch is waterproof. The watches are also tested for pressure, not water resistance. The difference is for example that a watch might pass a pressure test to 10BAR, (approx 100m deep), but a hot shower where things expand and are not pressed together under ever more pressure may let in moisture. The test Goldsmiths do is the equivalent of a car's MOT. It might pass, but the exhaust could blow a hole the next day
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    A pair of Citizen Promaster Lefties And a Seiko Chronograph Ooh, perhaps a Seamaster or a Seatime... I'll get my coat!
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    For today's letter, I give you: Dagaz Thunderbolt Dan Hodge 1018 (co-incidentally my watch of the day - must put more effort into planning!)
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    I've just got this in today for £75 Meanwhile, another new one in but a Q&D pic
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    Should read ‘CORTEBERT’.....obviously. Have my cyclops on now.
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    You brought this on yourself
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    Afternoon all.. mad it to lunch time ... snowy in parts but just wet where I am ... here's to a sunny weekend !! <a href="https://imgur.com/84OgYt8"><img src="" title="source: imgur.com" /></a>
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    This GA-2100 starts from around £100: They’re not all expensive but the more tech or limited the model is then the more you will pay.
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    A bit late took the picture this morning but a tornado turned up in the shape of my 4 year old grandson. [emoji3] Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L31 using Tapatalk
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    Well, by popular request this is the great Davey P "Name my Porsche" competition... First prize is this fine timepiece: Weirdly, although it's a cheapo quartz watch with non working pushers and faux subdials (), the seconds hand is smooth sweeping Can be worn as it is, or even better this would make an excellent project, if the movement and hands set were transplanted into a different case and dial. The strap has been changed from the hideous one in the photo to a slightly less offensive genuine leather strap nicked from my Moscow Time auto The rules are simple, just come up with a name for my Porsche Boxster, and this awesome prize could be yours - woohoo! Competition closes when I return from my hard working visit to Austria at 10:00pm on Friday. The organiser's decision is final, and any attempts at bribery or corruption are actively encouraged One more thing, I've just noticed my post count has hit 12,000, so there will be a separate "proper" prize draw shortly to celebrate that milestone as well - Am I good to you lot, or what?
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    Last swaps before jumping into my armchair for an evening in front of the box... ALPHA VINTAGE 1926s, SEAGULL Cal.2706, 21 JEWELS
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    Crows foot (I know, it's not the correct technical term)
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    Case backs and all the Cobblers that gets written on them. More fun to read than Cereal packets.
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    Not a big fan of Seikos generally, but that does look really good. It has a kind of comfortable presence on your wrist, like it belongs there.
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    I can safely say there are no clear front runners yet, but I will keep an eye on this thread while I'm slaving away all week in Austria, working hard to earn a crust, scraping together enough pennies to treat the new love of my life to a full tank of super unleaded (no cheapo 95 RON petrol for this bad boy, obviously...) and maybe a magic tree smelly if I'm lucky......... If I was a teacher, I'd probably say to you lot "must try harder..." and give you all detention.......
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    I still have mine , I bought it new with some money left to me by my grandad Still boxed with instructions too
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    Another fascinating and educational video, bravo Alan!!
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    its unlikely to go up in smoke mate fingers crossed just get that antifreeze done. and the top hozes under the rear bulk head. ps thank fvck that means im not winning that watch.
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    Getting back on topic........... I had a brilliant 2 hour drive back from the dealer in Norwich yesterday, and my new pride and joy is safely home. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present......... Er.......... Oh, hang on, I haven't got a name for it yet : It's a 2007 Porsche Boxster with 2.7 engine and 5 speed manual 'box. Mileage is 80,000, and condition appears to be excellent inside and out. Spec is fairly standard, with all the usual toys, electric roof/windows/mirrors, air con, black leather seats, and a standard OEM Porsche stereo system. First impressions are great. This is a seriously well made car that looks, sounds, and goes very well indeed. The interior is spot on, and it's surprisingly comfortable and easy to drive, with nicely weighted steering and brakes that give plenty of feedback. Gear change is quite precise, it slots into every gear nicely, and is not sloppy or loose. I didn't push it too hard because I had Ruthie in the car, and she's a very nervous passenger (understatement! ) but I could tell that the 6 cylinder engine has got plenty of grunt when you need it. I think I'm going to enjoy this one Here's a quick rear view: The alloys are 17"s and look to be in pretty decent condition all round. I'm changing the tyres straight away though, because they're mismatched brands (in fact, there are 3 different brands, and the fronts are the wrong size anyway...) and I like to have the brands all matching, even though front and rear are different sizes. It's just an OCD thing. I've ordered a set of Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetrics, no expense will be spared on this bad boy! Actually, thanks to their relatively small size, the cost was quite reasonable at £549.08 for the set, which I thought was pretty good. I'm hoping to have them fitted on Friday if they can get a set by then. I'll also have the tracking checked and adjusted at the same time, just for my own peace of mind. So there you have it, my first Porsche at the ripe old age of 59, I think we can safely say it's a mid life crisis...... I will add more ramblings and photos on here in future, to save clogging up any other threads with my random drivel... Oh, I nearly forgot, as it was such a special day I decided to wear a very special watch for the occasion: Any comments, advice, or general abuse welcome, obviously
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