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    A new arrival . A Marc & Sons 'Marine' watch purchased from the SC , thank you bridgeman (Chris)
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    Morning, JDM Seiko today, HAGD
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    Was a bit concerned about legibility but in normal light conditions it is fine so far.
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    Bit of a late one from me. Was just enjoying the sunset with a beer, and noticed my lovely Seiko. Have a great Saturday night everyone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The new bird, while my 1966 Skyliner and Resario croco arrive. But this 75; 7005 is personally going to be hard to beat....look at the finish on that crystal. Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk Its boiling in north wales to hot Sent from my SM-J320FN using Tapatalk
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    No stronger than maybe this for me, simply because it can be worn with or for anything and there is a bit of colour play in the hands and markers.
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    £59 £39 £16 (£4 for watch, £12 for new strap) £59 £36 £28 £26 - £47
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    Lovely display today Have a great afternoon all .. <a href="https://imgur.com/AP04YHX"><img src="" title="source: imgur.com" /></a>
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    Probably this. Bought this in 2011 as new in Mappin and Webb Fenchurch St London. Apart from being an all time favourite it's purchase was after I lost both my parents. My Dad collected watches and had a blue divers Seawatch by Sicura in the 1960s. This reminds me of my Dad and those days. Another reason is it keeps excellent time and has one of the most comfortable bracelets I've ever worn.
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    Alpina still in the rotation:
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    I own this one with blue dial (sorry I do not know how to upload my own pics and post them as a link)....any suggestions? https://uhrforum.de/attachments/dsc00901-jpg.300165/
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    Been wearing a Vostok today .
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    Not a cull but I did sell one last month in order to raise funds to replace it but ended up replacing it with two more
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    Easy choice for me: Surely the best looking watch I am ever likely to own (at ANY price), utterly gorgeous in the flesh and on the wrist, beautifully made with stunning carbon fibre detailing, superbly accurate, an absolutely amazing timepiece. I chose my wedding ring to match this one, so that probably says a lot. Does that answer your question?
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    Here is a picture of the original model .
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    Nice diver, never have seen that brand. Reminds me of seiko with the crown at 4 o'clock. Always see something new on here
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    I've had a few over the years and they've all been flawless. Great value for money. This is the only one I have at the moment, I like the one in your picture, more so if it didn't have that "fuel gauge" thing.
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    Although in military use from as early as the 1880s, wristwatches really took off in WW1 for ease of use in military co-ordination purposes and British military personnel were issued with one from the war department from 1917. Ladies wore them too of course, before WW1 these having initially been seen as a ladies watch as men were less keen to be seen wearing them. WW1 changed all that, as we know. I came across this photo, which looks to have been taken late in The Great War. If you click on it to take you to the flickr page you can zoom in more to get a good look at the lady's watch. Seems quite large for a ladies watch to me, but I'm no expert on the type/size of watches at the time; Perhaps someone can ID the watch? Anyone else come across similarly early photos?
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    Some other pictures from our 8 mile ramble today .
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    'Er indoors wasn't too impressed when she mentioned she wanted to trim her bikini line before our holiday, and I bought this home.....
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    I go through phases, sometimes I wear something different every day, sometimes I get stuck in the same watch. It's been this for the past couple of weeks.
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    & now... Pure Mecanique MARINE (Arabic), SEIKO Cal.NH35 24 Jewels Pure Mecanique MARINE (Roman),Seagull Cal. 3600 17 Jewels
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    Got my new hearing aids today.
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    Yes but sods law kicks in and you have every model except those ones. Same with valuable VHS and old records, I have thousands of them but not the right ones.
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    And more Goodies, I really Have too many Orients. Any of the Bambinos, this is Bambino 2nd Generation, Version 2 FAC00007W0 (Cal F6724) or something slightly different. ORIENT NEO 70's SOLAR PANDA WV0041TX (Cal V175)
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    Orient are fantastic value for money. Have afew Orients but these are the divers I have. Orient Nano RA-AA0008B19B Cal F6922 Orient Kamasu RA-AA0004E19B (Cal-F6922) Orient Ray II Automatic FAA02005D9 (F6922) Orient Mako II Automatic Watch FAA02002D9 (Caliber F6922)
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    I'm not even sure what that means, but I'm going to say... er... thanks?
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    As someone that has just done his 50 with, hopefully, meaningful posts, over a few weeks, I do find the spamming in 24hrs slightly offensive
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    I am prejudiced against them. I don't like the constant sales and brand image. I am not saying I know a great deal about their watches but at the price point I would much likely choose a longer established brand with more esteemed credentials with regards to servicing etc. Bassically nothing about them have won me over and given the watches they have to compete with they are fighting a losing battle.
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    Looks much better in non-chrono form IMHO. Less cluttered, nice and simple, just a decent looking dress watch without trying to be something it's not. If they had left off the seconds hand and just put one subdial at the bottom showing running seconds, that would have made more sense than a pointless stopwatch function. But hey, what do I know? (don't answer that! )
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    I empathise with you...I bought, at great expense from the USA, including a ridiculous import fee, a very rare Mickey Mouse Bulova Accutron hummer. Within 5 minutes of opening the package, the wife had claimed it for her own. The crappy expanding bracelet it came on was soon exchanged for a white sharkskin strap with a deployant buckle. She still wears it to this day, and I hate to think what it's worth now...
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    Something new for the workday rotation
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    M4 is 1964, and it has the earlier, back set movement so I don't see any issues with that. There are a lot of conversions so you will need to do more investigation to if yours is original or a conversion. Start here for list of known spaceview case numbers http://members.iinet.net.au/~fotoplot/accsvc.htm It's a good looking watch, but values on here are still a no no. eBay sold prices are the best resource
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    Spotted this ,thought it might interest speedy fans on a budget
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    The crystal is usually acrylic on Amphibias, and they're already pretty cheap. Agreed about the lume though, utter pants
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    I think there may be some strange person on this forum wears them on there ankle /ankles
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    I’m very glad your having a cull
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    Nice watch you have there. I like my Allaine and have enjoyed researching the company's history. With Felsa 4004.
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