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    Awesome dive this morning, expect that I collected (during the dive) to many surgical masks and disposal gloves...
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    Morning Still wearing newbie that arrived on Sunday today, Longines Conquest L3.776.4.99.6 (Cal L888)
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    Omega Speedmaster 50th anniversary Finally getting to wear this again; not seen it since September 2018. Friend kindly brought it with her along with all my watch boxes. Amazing timepiece and an even more impressive hand finished wooden box which weighs around 5kg. The toolkit is handy and the screwdriver is torqued so its impossible to overtighten the screws in the bracelet. Being manual wind it makes you interact with the watch instead of letting an automatic look after itself on a winder.
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    Monday's selection is a 1969 Bulova Accutron Model 425. Its probably one of the least worn and unmolested vintage Accutron cases I own.
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    This arrived at my door yesterday
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    I always enjoy Speedy Tuesday! This Life magazine was my Grandfathers.
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    Same as yesterday, I'm afraid. The 99.1 It's one of those watches which, once on the wrist, I have trouble prising off again. It also pleases me to think that Dirk Dornblüth's little team of nine people manage to produce an average of about one watch per working day (ca. 200 per year). Somehow (completely illogically) that makes it feel like a privilege to wear it. (Oh, and in common with almost all my true favourites, it's hand wound)
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    Good morning all [emoji41] Tudor date day for my birthday. Sent from my HRY-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    Morning... 1970's VULCAIN EXACTOMATIC. Cal: MSR T56, 22 jewel.
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    Old photo but I will be wearing this today
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    Vintage Omega Geneve automatic circa 1970's
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    Morning... Railmaster. Cal: 8806 co-axial, 35 jewel.
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    My most teasured vintage Omega, a third generation watch, circa 1949
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    Morning Mathey-Tissot 'Lord Collection' (Cal: Ronda 1009)
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    Morning, This 1960s Rone auto for today. Runs on a 17j ETA 2451 and is worn on a “quick-release” (aka “self-eating”) strap. Anyone wishing to learn more about the brand could do worse than consulting this particular Honour’s Topic: https://thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/topic/115422-rone-watches-nothing-to-do-with-rolex/&tab=comments#comment-1227171 Regards.
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    Vintage Zenith Pilot automatic 2572 PC E circa 1974
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    Avenger for me today. Have a great weekend!
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    Old pic but swapped the strap over again - nice and stretchy for the sunny weather : )
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    September 1967 Seiko 5 DX 6106-8000 (imported from Japan) Unrestored, unregulated, showing signs of age,but still going...a bit like me really Right day, wrong date, story of my life. Have a great Friday guys.
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    This morning i'm wearing this vintage Limit of Switzerland (FHF 96)
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    This old Casio DW-6630B which served me for 14 years as a landscaper and horticulturist, now given the reward of a new bezel for its retirement. Old and broken... New lease of life!
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    Morning Roamer 'Superior' (Cal: ETA 955.132)
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    Morning... 1929 Silver cased 'HARWOOD' HARWOOD......
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    Still the seiko Atlas/Landshark for me for A sunny day at work today.
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    Never mind Samson & Delilah - I bring you Samson & the Seagull* Samson Watch co,25 Jewels Seagull 1963 Chinese Airforce cal.ST1 18 Jewels *Aka Jonathan livingston
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    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
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    One of the 3 recent Casio Edifice's for me today: This one is a couple of mm smaller than my usual style, but it looks and feels great on the wrist. Who knows, maybe my taste has matured...?
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    Morning, This grey-dialled Roton auto today, the second of my two quite different examples of the brand which is seemingly unrecorded but almost certainly German-made. Whoever it was, must have been happy enough with their efforts to install a 25j Förster 222 movement. The quick-set date is activated by repeated pulling of the crown and this one will probably be from around 1970. Regards.
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    Black dial on black ostrich strap
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    I have been on this watch forum for nearly two years, and for the most part it has been better than any other forum I have been on. I don't know if it is because of lockdown, but some members are getting confrontational over nothing, some members are making this forum less enjoyable (for me). I am here to say that you don't have to put up with people making this forum unpleasant, you can block/ignore members that appear to be looking for an online argument. You can go into the menu and stop these people in their tracks by putting them on the ignored user list. I'm on here for a bit of fun, chat about watches, and learn, I'm not on here to have an argument about watches, pictures of watches, what's written about watches. Enjoy the forum, respect others, have a good time.
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    Morning Rotary 'Les Originales' GB90151-06 (Cal: Ronda 5040d)
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    Giving the PW's some attention this Morning... Circa 1920 Thomas Russell & Son (Liverpool) full hunter. Cal: Swiss 17 jewel, 3adj.
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    Morning, This Junghans today, a birthday prezzie a few years back from a doctor pal in Slovenia whose collection then developed along much grander lines than those to which I could ever aspire. Runs on a 15j J693E and is date-coded for November 1964. Regards.
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    Morning Roamer 'Superior' (Cal: ETA 955.132)
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    Morning Mathey-Tissot 'Flyback Chrono Type 21' (Cal: ETA G10. 212 AN PWD)
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    Morning,,, Circa 1970 HELVETIA. Cal: H861 (ETA 2522R), 25 jewel.
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    A little 14kt White Gold Vintage Accutron action for Saturday.
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    Back to the recently acquired Rotary AS 1686.
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    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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