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    The results of yesterday's trip to Nottingham. [emoji16] Sent from my HRY-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    Good morning everyone. Going with this Rolex Explorer Precision today.
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    Happy Birthday .As it's your bithday and MINE I have this on
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    Good morning everyone, going with this Omega Geneve, calibre 1012, from circa 1973 today.
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    #seamastersaturday Gecko says hello:
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    Good morning all, giving this silver cushion cased watch from 1929 a turn today.
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    Been a busy few weeks particularly playing host to extended family over Christmas However this gave me the opportunity to pass the begging bowel round to fund my next timepiece, which I hoped (at the time) would be a C60 APEX available at a suitable discount in potential/imminent sale ? But, this happened to cross my tracks first (pun intended) & after a couple of email exchanges a price was agreed. 2018 Omega Seamaster AT RAILMASTER. Cal: Co-Axial 8806, 35 jewel, 15,000 Gauss. Width 40mm, Length 46mm, Lug width 20mm, Height 12mm. Supplied with unused bracelet & additional new strap... Case back is secured by Omega's "Naiad Lock" system (patent pending), this allows case back to be screwed on & centered every time. The dial is brushed & gives two very distinct appearances depending on the angle viewed... On the wrist... So far I'm delighted with my choice. Thanks for looking
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    Merry Christmas everyone! My Grandfather's watch today
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    Good morning everyone, going with this Omega, 2nd World War Air Ministry issue, 6B/159, calibre 30SCT2 today.
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    A very good morning to everyone. Giving this Omega Geneve Dynamic a turn today.
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    I bet you can't wait to see my big date! (It's the only one I'll have today, unfortunately ) Enjoy yours, at least I have a couple of presents to unwrap!
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    Many happy returns! I am wearing my vintage Junghans Tank circa 1939
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    Morning all Circa1980 BUCHERER. Cal: 6050, 21 jewel.
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    Feeling hench after falling on some rocks last night so DSSD it is: My injuries weren’t in vain as I got some great shots:
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    Just arrived. This is a very rare Russian watch - no crumby lume, flying bombs, tanks, rockets, soviet heroes, crests or flags on the dial! Just perfection. Never taking it off ... Have a great day - I will!
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    Have a happy Monday watch fans. I am wearing this vintage Seiko Sea horse circa 1966 this morning
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    This is my most long standing watch and still my favourite. Have a good Friday.
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    Have a great Friday watch fans, I am wearing my vintage Seiko Sea horse automatic, circa 1966 this morning
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    Something a little sporty to mark the start of the Formula 1 season. Breitling Datora
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    Morning all 1974 CERTINA. Cal: 28-10, 17 jewel.
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    Starting out with an old favourite, my Seiko 6139-6002 Pepsi from 1975.
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    Morning guys hope its a good one for you all!
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    Fascinating simplicity. Dresses "up" superbly (one of my two options for black tie), and "down" without effort. Senator "Excellence". 40mm s/s. GO Kaliber 36-01 automatic. Today's pic: And, older pics: .
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    Greetings watch fans, my Frederique Constant big date, dual time this morning
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    And I'm quite pleased about it....
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    Merry Christmas TWF! Have a great day!
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    Good morning everyone, going with this Omega “pie pan” Constellation, calibre 561, from circa 1966 today.
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    No need to guess what I'll be wearing today...RLT 25.
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    Another day of sunshine predicted so the Seiko SPB053 will be staying on my wrist.
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    Nomos for a hopefully lovely day. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Good morning all, going with this Smiths Everest today.
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    Morning Happy Birthday hope you have a great day. Going with a new arrival this week, the Orient Star Classic Automatic Power Reserve (Caliber 40N52)
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    Morning guys, have a good day all!
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    Cushty! For me, and in deference to 'dress-down Friday', off with the soft leather, and on with the canvas one-piece watchband. Hope your Fridays are super, happy watching!
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    Greetings watch fans, I am wearing a vintage Omega Seamasters hummer
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    Well seeing as it's Tuesday...
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    Good morning everyone. Wearing this silver, Borgel cased trench watch, from 1917 today.
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    Morning all 1964 CITIZEN 'AutoDater 7' Cal: 4101 Jet Ring Rotor, 25 jewel.
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    Omega Seamaster from 1962
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