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  1. Open the images and re-save them as standard .jpg images. Then try uploading again. I’ll look into merging not sure it is possible.
  2. Roy

    Top 100 Scotsmen

    Sorry I was supposed to do this ages ago and forgot. All fixed now.
  3. 33 Jewel automatic Seiko presmatic from 1976.
  4. Just bought a load of these at a bargain price, in 18, 20 & 22mm Just put a black one on my Seiko 5 and it looks great.
  5. Just got this NOS Selectron Permadate automatic watch in from about 1975. It's so cool quick setting the date and watching the date wheels move. I've only ever seen one of these before. Blue dial is gorgeous. I do have it for sale on the site but this is not a plug, just wanted to show it off before it sells, I'm not really bothered if it sells or not, I'll just keep it.
  6. The correct term for these vintage bracelets is "Blonklip" . Loads of history on these here : http://corvuswatch.blogspot.com/2011/11/untold-history-of-bonklip-watch.html
  7. I believe the centre one in this old advert is the same as yours I believe so, its been a long time since I've seen one.
  8. It allows you to move the hour hand only.
  9. The N7 on the back is the date code so it is 1977. L - 1950's M - 1960's N - 1970's Etc, etc,etc
  10. I've been called worse
  11. @LFB no instragram links please, just the watch image.
  12. Yes all working fine on the new server.
  13. Well all seems good after five days so have shut down and cancelled the old server, this one is quicker and £40 a month cheaper
  14. Roy

    Guilty Pleasures

    Rachel Riley
  15. A few options: Re-install, Disconnect from the internet and try loading it again. Install system updates. Is it giving any error messages?
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