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  1. Royal Mail still are not getting signatures, but the system does seem to be working. Should we re-open the sales section? Happy to do this if members feel it is appropriate and safe to do so.
  2. The sales section will be closed until further notice. There are two main issues. Obviously watches are not essential when most of us on here have one already, so why risk the postal workers? Secondly RM won't be asking for signatures, so arguments about 'it never arrived' could occur which no one needs right now.
  3. The author of the giveaway can add prizes. @niveketak you need to click on add prizes in the giveaway. PM me if you need help. I would have done it already but I do not know if the two watches are separate prizes?
  4. @EricCai I have allowed this post but please be honest about who you are, you work for the company behind the watch, you are not a customer.
  5. Members who want to see the adverts in an old thread system can look here, they are in the order that they were listed. https://thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/forum/6-watch-sales-archive/
  6. Just use this link to reorder it :
  7. Yes Just so everyone knows. This is what will be lost if we go back to the old system. Ability to upload images directly to the advert, automatic feedback entry for buyer after marking as sold, ability to mark items sold with one click, Mark as pending with one click, no editing of sales post after so many minutes, the offers ability, no automatic deletion of expired and sold items, no sales feed with images on the front page Just saying
  8. A few people have said they would prefer to go back to the old thread system of posting sales so I'm taking a vote to put this one to bed once and for all. I will honour the poll and adopt the preferred system
  9. Have you tried logging in and then clicking the pay link?
  10. They don't, your sort must be on start date or recently updated, depending which list you are looking at there is a sort button and a drop down option. Expired adverts are set to self destruct after 5 days if not renewed.
  11. Closed down due to lack of interest
  12. RLT 1st Floor 23 Prospect Street Bridlington YO15 2AE
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