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  1. RLT 1st Floor 23 Prospect Street Bridlington YO15 2AE
  2. Gallery subscription has run out, I have sent you a PM
  3. You need to view the image and then copy the actual direct link. Like this
  4. I do not use google drive but if your able to make an image public for sharing and can obtain a direct link to the image from google drive then this should be fine. If not then it is a google drive problem and nothing we can do. I’ll have a look at how google drive works ASAP but feel it is a security issue at there end.
  5. There is drop down here where you can sort them into your preferred order.
  6. They will now list for 14 days, after this period they can be renewed for another 14 days. They will not be renewed automatically it will be up to the seller to click on renew. We can try it and see what happens.
  7. They are in the order they were submitted here and always have been, this list does not change : https://thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/forum/6-watch-sales-archive/
  8. I will look into these errors and check the database. Items should not be auto bumping. Members need to mark listings as complete when items are sold or no longer available. If you just want to see items in the order that they were listed then go to the sales forum archive and everything there is in order. Suggestions? Instead of 3 month listings do we make them for a week or two instead?
  9. Happy New Year everyone
  10. The poster has not linked directly to an image, when I click on the link it asks me to login to google.
  11. Roy

    Monster Breakfast

    Yummy Yummy!
  12. Yes I did it for myself, did this one too at the same time. My tastes have changed to 36mm again.
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