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  1. Ah someone noticed Thank you.
  2. Try opening up the image on your phone and re-saving it as a standard JPG file, then try uploading this file or send me the image to admin@thewatchforum.co.uk so I can see what it wrong with it. I just think that your phone is not saving the images in a standard format. If the camera is saving in HEIF format then this is the problem and you need to turn this of in your camera setting. Camera settings -> Format and advanced option, then turn off "HEIF pictures.
  3. Yes it is very easy. You can sign up and try it for two weeks for free.
  4. You can if you use the forums gallery. There is a free trial.
  5. You could change the dial and hands but I wouldn't. If you don't like it then sell it and buy something you do like. Any eta 2824 dial, the same diameter, will fit and any ETA 2824 hands will fit.
  6. We certainly do. Congrats on winning the league Kev
  7. I’ve always liked these and wished I had bought an 8400 when they were on offer, I nearly pulled the trigger on many occasions.
  8. Genuine 1940’s quartz watch https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274751357323
  9. It’s not me Kev but there are some similarities to this post and a banned members posts
  10. I can’t really add much but you might struggle finding anyone to repair it. The regulator is missing and it looks like it deeply scratched the plate near the barrel. https://german242.com/books/military_timepiece_markings.pdf It is a strange one as the movement is much earlier, in age, than the case. There was a shortage of pocket watches and maybe that’s where this came about. The Brits buying old stock from the US. There are plenty of people on here who know more than me about this.
  11. @PaulKLargent We do not give free valuations. I have deleted your email address. If you have a look around you will find how you can post images This is a discussion forum and if you post some images then I’m sure someone will reply with some advise. Have a look on EBay for prices of similar watches.
  12. Wearing the watch or not makes no difference to the timekeeping also the power reserve makes no difference. The timekeeping is exactly the same no matter now much power it has.
  13. I made lots of these 10-15 years ago. I must have made a few hundred over the years with ETA 2824 and Unitas movements, with many variations.
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