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Roy's Feedback

  1. jmm1 left Positive feedback   

    Just purchased a set of adaptors fom out host . As described , highly recommend.

    Roy was The Seller

  2. greasemonk left Positive feedback for a topic   

    *last one* Vostok 24 hour watch
    bought an interesting vostok from the boss,thanks Roy

    Roy was The Seller

  3. mitadoc left Positive feedback   

    Smooth comms, fast shipment, great gentleman to deal with.

    Roy was The Seller

  4. mitadoc left Positive feedback   

    Top rated seller as usual.It was lovely to deal with you.

    Roy was The Seller

  5. chocko left Positive feedback   

    Paid Wednesday received watch in immaculate condition and superbly wrapped next day . Would be happy to deal more in future 10/10

    Roy was The Seller

  6. YouCantHaveTooManyWatches left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Original 1971 Accutron Spaceview
    Absolutely fantastic watch. Roy is a delight to deal with, not to mention we literally would not be here if it weren’t for him!

    Roy was The Seller

  7. MrF-UK82 left Positive feedback   

    Watch strap arrived this morning and very happy. Lovely quality- Great price - All contributing to the running of this fantastic forum! Thanks Roy. Regards, Chris

    Roy was The Seller

  8. PC-Magician left Positive feedback   

    A very smooth transaction and must also say Roy was very patient. Thank you.

    Roy was The Seller

  9. chop suey left Positive feedback   

    Very happy with this watch. Many Thanks for the prompt delivery

    Roy was The Seller

  10. Allthingsmustpass left Positive feedback   

    Very happy with my watch from Roy, will happily buy from him again.

    Roy was The Seller

  11. Filterlab left Positive feedback   

    Top fella, a pleasure to deal with.

    Roy was The Seller

  12. bridgeman left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Ventus Mori Divers Watch
    Topman,top watch,delighted

    Roy was The Seller

  13. odyseus10 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    *Reduced* Vostok Europe - Arktika
    Very nice Vostok Europe watch in excellent condition.

    Roy was The Seller

  14. bridgeman left Positive feedback   

    Excellent all round,need I say more!

    Roy was The Seller

  15. Robden left Positive feedback   

    Perfect. From the boss, so what else would one expect.

    Roy was The Seller

  16. mitadoc left Positive feedback for a topic   

    BNIB Seiko Turtle Padi Special Edition
    A great gentleman to deal with. As usual :)

    Roy was Trading

  17. Robden left Positive feedback   

    Excellent as always....Thanks boss.

    Roy was Trading

  18. Littlelegs left Positive feedback   

    Received a bulova accutron 2 snorkel from Roy today. Great transaction & Roy even held the watch on deposit for me whilst I sorted the funds. Great watch, in excellent condition as described. Top fella to deal with.

    Roy was The Seller

  19. Robden left Positive feedback   

    As always, good buy. Well wrapped. Good deal. Excellent

    Roy was The Seller

  20. bowie left Positive feedback   

    Just received one of those £10.00 watches from a member called Roy top bloke to deal with very pleased with watch thank you

    Roy was The Seller

  21. Bob66 left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for the quick delivery.

    Roy was The Seller

  22. richardod left Positive feedback   

    Great purchase of a Spaceview

    Roy was The Seller

  23. Mr Levity left Positive feedback   

    Seiko full lume watch delivered quickly and in excellent condition. Thanks Roy.

    Roy was The Seller

  24. Foxdog left Positive feedback   

    Top fella, great to deal with. Thanks

    Roy was The Seller

  25. DJH584 left Positive feedback   

    Very speed delivery - arrived Tuesday and great value for the money. Thanks Roy

    Roy was The Seller

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