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  1. I have PM'd you regarding your gallery subscription.
  2. No, they could have copied the link from somewhere.
  3. I think the OP was just trying to post a referral link but we will see if they do it again. I've changed the link for one of ours
  4. Maybe the pics I’ve looked at are Mirage II I trust your memory more than mine
  5. Just checked an old hard drive, with some images that I took, and I have images of these watches dated 2003-2004 so a little earlier than first thought.
  6. It will have been around 2006/7 as @JoT says. Production numbers will have been low but no idea how many.
  7. You have to have at least 100 posts and have been a member for 12 months before these and other restrictions are lifted.
  8. Very sad. My condolences to his family and friends. RIP Hayden
  9. Please pm me with your new email address and I will change it for you. The reason we now login with email address rather than usernames is that usernames are publicly viewable and email addresses are not. So it adds more security for the members.
  10. I wish all our members a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Stay safe everyone.
  11. Can you tell me the movement cal and the number of the capacitor you have fitted?
  12. This should be fixed now. It was related to the gallery subscription.
  13. Sorry it is no longer installed.
  14. TKMaxx have some new watches for sale, I'm very tempted : https://www.tkmaxx.com/uk/en/search?st=watch&sort=publishedDate-desc&facets=stockLevelStatus:inStock&page=0
  15. Whilst on the forum please go into your browser settings and see if the zoom option has been reduced. Nothing has changed here.
  16. You don’t need the img tags just post a direct link to the image or use copy and paste on the actual image
  17. How to block YouTube channels on a computer Go to youtube.com and log into your account, and then open the channel you want to block. ... Click About in the list of options at the top of their page, below their username and banner. Click the flag icon on the right side of the page and select Block user. Click Submit.
  18. Here are a few more that I have found easier than Gimp : Photopea https://www.photopea.com Online Photoshop clone that will open PSD files Paint.NET https://www.getpaint.net Krita https://krita.org/en/ Poxlr https://pixlr.com Photoshop Express https://www.adobe.com/express/feature/image/editor?wf=editor
  19. I have just quickly logged in as you and everything is fine. can you please tell me what you see from this link to the classifieds : https://thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/classifieds/
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