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  1. You can see your Albums in a tab when you look at your profile by clicking your avatar in the top right of any page.
  2. You would have to have the dials made, minimum orders would apply. There are many companies offering to make dials hands and cases. Hands and cases would be readily available off the shelf though but not dials, not for this movement anyway. If you wanted a unique bespoke case then again you would have to have a reasonable amount manufactured or it wouldn't be worth it.
  3. Have a look at the repairers section.
  4. I doubt you would be able to obtain one of these now. nearest would be this one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143819209843
  5. If your watch is a standard Day/Date then it maybe movement Cal. DG2803 You need to check on the links I sent you and compare your movement with those. The Ofrei link has images of the movements.
  6. Expires 30/9/2021
  7. As an affiliate for Jura they have just offered us a discount code of 15% OFF FULL PRICE WATCHES. Excludes Sale items and selected brands. Code: SUMMER15
  8. If you attach images of the movement, dial side and back side then we can look at the links that I posted or google and find out which movement it is.
  9. These links may help you identify the movements you need. http://chinesewatchwiki.net/List_of_Chinese_watch_movements https://www.ofrei.com/page1119.html
  10. Unfortunately it looks like you have bought a made up watch. I do not think the dial or case are original. The movement as been put in a new case with a new dial at some point. This could have happened years ago. In the Sixties and Seventies you could buy replacement cases with dials in carded packaging. I think this is how yours came about.
  11. These people used to service Accutrons : http://www.watchrepairs.co.uk
  12. It is Super Titanium. The base is Titanium which is treated to Super Titanium. Super Titanium is just a trade mark of Citizen for Titanium that has been treated with their surface-hardening technology.
  13. If the mainspring looks to have been repaired then I would suggest trying a new mainspring.
  14. Are there tiny screws on the edge of the dial? If so this is how the dial is attached.
  15. https://thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/subscriptions/ This will allow you to upload images from your phone or computer directly into these posts.
  16. This can’t be right can it? I never knew that they could just post a video and some cgi images, take peoples money and then not make it. I’ve always been wary of kickstarters but for some reason I thought that the customers were protected in some way.
  17. Brilliant well done. Can’t see it as it’s in a private google account but glad you found it.
  18. I've spent the last hour going through backups. I have more to go through but I fear this one has been lost due to a server crash around this time. I have all the images from before and after this date but not this one. I will keep trying to find it.
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