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  1. It makes the dial balanced and looks like a smiling face as opposed to 20 past 8.
  2. No idea Garry, works fine for me. Email me the link for the picture and I will find out.
  3. It will be on the next update as soon as I have time to do it, Email me off the list if you are interested.
  4. At least you have not lost anything, I know of plenty that have. I know of three people who lost over £1000 on watches on Ebay. Ebay refuse to accept any resposibility. Buyer BEWARE. I saw a fake Panerai go for £700 about a month ago. I had a German threatening to kill me and my family because I was asking him to pay me for a watch he had won.
  5. I have the service manuals and schematics for all these. These explain the functions etc. They are large files , let me know if you would like them. I am sending you the 6138 now to see if it is what you require.
  6. Just got this one, has inscription on back " Pepsi-Cola 15 Years C. Salmero"
  7. I have Seiko technical data on almost all movements and service notes. Some Citizen and setting instructions too. They are all in PDF format and some files are quite large. If anybody wants a one then please let me know. Example
  8. http://www.bmumford.com/mset/specs.html I may get one of these , as if I do not have enough.
  9. Try Here : http://www.biothinking.com/watch/sliderule.htm
  10. Roy

    Seiko Bezel

    therocs, The teeth could also be missing on the bezel as these are plastic. If you had bought it from me then it would have been working. It would have been serviced and had a new crystal. If you bought it from a dealer then tell him, he may do something. If you bought it on a on line auction then I am afraid that you get what you pay for. I do have some cogs but not enough to go around, these are no longer available and I have to save them for the watches that I am doing up.
  11. Not sure but I think that some were 36,000.
  12. If you want me to save you one then I will.
  13. I have just taken this indoors with no special lighting. It can be done, it takes a long time trying different settings to get it right.
  14. Great watch that Dolphin, sold out within 2 days. I have received another ten today.
  15. Get in as close as possible to the watch. Set the camera to macro mode in the highest resolution available you can reduce the size later. Do not use a flash. Play with the white balance until you obtain the best setting.
  16. I think it was just a joke Andy.
  17. The 5500 is the movement calibre.
  18. Actually it was the 4th wheel and it came from Israel of all places.
  19. Expensive well regarded brand. They used to make some movements notably the ,twin barrel. I do not think they make any now though.
  20. Some old Seiko chronographs have a rotating inner bezel with markers up to 100, does anybody have any idea what this is used for ?
  21. Had a BMW 520 last Year, I let it go with the private plate " A5 RLT ", I think about what an idiot I was every day.
  22. I do not like the Flightmaster movements Cal. 911. Why they fitted some plastic wheels I'll never know.
  23. Roy


    Hello, I am 99% sure that they are not jewelled.
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