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  1. Most unique was three tuning fork watches that were sent to me by Max Hetzel and his daughter. These were tuning fork prototypes which he was going to mass produce but Bulova stopped him. I managed to get two working. One was returned to the Hetzels and the others were given to me. Mr Hetzel’s Accutron was also repaired and serviced by me. This was about 25 years ago.
  2. Well that’s lowered the price then
  3. With the update all notifications were reset to default.
  4. Our software here has been updated, other forums have probably have not. Also other forums may only use the free inferior forum software which do not have the features that we do. Tapatalk has not updated their software so there is nothing I can do, sorry.
  5. The middle prong connects with a cog in the movement that pushes it, thus causing the spring to move the balls one way, as the balls spin one way then back again the cog pushes the pin again, etc etc.
  6. Due to us recounting all the points all the badges and achievements, that you would have received over the years, will be added the first time you login after yesterdays update. These will be shown as received before June 2021. It will settle down after these have all been issued.
  7. From memory I think it runs for 60 minutes then stops, it been a while since I had mine. They do this to conserve power.
  8. 1400 posts in two months, that's got to be a record or an illness
  9. Nearly sold it but it's just too shiny to let go. I can always ask you what time it is
  10. They are easy to break but the best way is to fix it in position by hand and then use a crystal press, with flat nylon dies, to push it in the rest of the way. That is if it is held in by a nylon washer seal and the seal is in perfect condition. Some were glued in as the crystals were very thin. These crystals are expensive and I would suggest you get it professionally fitted.
  11. Thank you Steve The mods deserve a great deal of praise too. They are always helping to make this place better for everyone.
  12. I've not upgraded the Tapatalk software for years. Don't know if they support this software anymore. Didn't think anyone used it anymore as the mobile browser version of the forum is brilliant. I'll have a look for you and see if it's still available.
  13. A new rank and achievement system has been implemented. Moods have been removed.
  14. Have a look on Ebay, they should be cheaper. Hard to recommend anything really as most people don't replace a clasp unless it is faulty.
  15. What model watch is it? What are the ref numbers on the bracelet?
  16. Welcome to the forum. I would advise you to get it checked out by a local watchmaker or reputable jewellers. I can't really comment on how the bezel is without seeing it.
  17. If this watch never gets made and people lose money then I’ll be removing this section of the forum. I didn’t know that if watches are not completed then there is no protection for the buyers. It’s open to fraud and I do not want to be promoting this.
  18. The holes are probably mounting holes. All four pillars seem to have them. Depending on the type of case the bottom pillars are sometimes fastened to a wooden base using these holes. They just made all four pillars the same.
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