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  1. 24 The series. Anybody else like this ? I think it is great especially after a weekend of forum repairing or should I say destructing ?
  2. I always wonder what people use the Chronograph function on their watches for. So come on let me know or is it just for show ?
  3. Yes I have used Polywatch and it is very good.
  4. Seikos have the date of manufacture written into the serial number which is engraved on the back of the watch also the movement-model numbers are also engraved onto the case back. The first number represents the year and the second number (or letter) represents the month (1-9 for Jan.-Sept. and O,N and D for October, November and December).For example if the serial number was 864825 and you knew the watch was made sometime in the 1970's it would indicate it to be made in June 1978. You have to know the age of the watch to the nearest decade so sometimes it can be a little bit difficult. Usually the case style or the introduction dates of the movement can help to narrow this down though. General rule for manufacture month/year is to look at 1st digit of serial # to say what year within decade. Then look at 2nd digit/letter to tell month. For month, 1-9 are Jan thru Sep, with 'O' for Oct, 'N' for Nov, and 'D' for Dec.
  5. Your welcome, I am just very sorry that it happened. We are now on a dedicated website hosted away from the main site, so it should be more stable.
  6. Roy


    A prisoner escapes from his California prison where he had been kept for fifteen years. As he runs away, he finds a house and breaks into it. He finds a young couple in bed. He gets the guy out of bed, ties him up on a chair, ties up the woman to the bed and while he gets on top of her, he kisses her on the neck, then gets up, and goes to the bathroom. While he is there, the husband tells his wife, "Listen, this guy is a prisoner, look at his clothes! He probably spent a lot of time in prison, and has not seen a woman in years. I saw the way he kissed your neck. If he wants sex, don't resist, don't complain, just do what he tells you, give him satisfaction. This guy must be dangerous, if he gets angry, he will kill us. Be strong, honey. I love you." To which the wife responds, "He was not kissing my neck. He was whispering in my ear. He told me that he found you very sexy, and asked if we kept any Vaseline in the bathroom. Be strong, honey. I love you too!"
  7. Nice watch Andy, I almost regret selling it now.
  8. That sounds acceptable to me,
  9. CWC supply the armed forces. Check here for military standards :
  10. I have a CD with all the Citizen watch instructions on, let me know if you need the PDF file for your watch.
  11. Roy


    I know a couple that are better at computers than watches.
  12. New Limes watch page added to the site last night before everything went pear shaped. Limes
  13. There is no way back to the site YET, I need to know how to use this new forum before I alter anything major.
  14. I find Duraglit as good as anything,
  15. Roy


    Roy Taylor Ace forum programmer, work required.
  16. I F****ed it up, sorry. Its a nightmare, I cahnged one setting and lost it. Were back again and I will leave it alone now.
  17. Roy


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