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  1. I fancy a Ball watch but there are so many models. I can’t decide which one.
  2. They are fine and capable of keeping good time. I’ve never had a problem with them.
  3. Getting darker here now so switched to something much clearer.
  4. I deleted that comment as it wasn’t true. It was a mate, honest. So no I didn’t flinch
  5. Yes it does. You can only do a certain amount per day. There are no restrictions after you have made 50 posts.
  6. It would stuff the warranty and I don’t think Seiko would be willing to swop the hands.
  7. Still working on other projects but life is a bit easier now. Bad back and bad eyesight haven’t helped.
  8. I didn’t want a boring black dial Probably should have gone with one though cause I would have been able to see the hands against it. I’m thinking now, what if I blued the original hands? Is that madness?
  9. Yeah tried that. I struggle even with glasses on these days.
  10. Dilemma, bought this a couple of months ago. I love the watch but struggle to see the hands. my eyesight is just getting worse and worse. The question is am I mad to change or even paint the hands or should I just sell it and get something I can see?
  11. I think this is a Chinese movement in these. It is likely that it will not go over 2017. They probably did not expect them to be still working after 9 years. There are many Chinese movements like this. You might be able to obtain a new replacement movement if still available with more years left on it.
  12. https://www.birthyearwatches.com
  13. White gold is plated with rhodium on new jewellery, rings etc. When I was a jeweller I found that it doesn’t really last long before it wears off. Your case could still be polished without rhodium plating. I repaired and hand made a lot of white gold jewellery and never bothered having the items re-rhodium plated, we just gave it a high polish. Unless you want that bright white lustre then it’s not necessary.
  14. Welcome to the forum
  15. Try opening up the image on your phone and re-saving it as a standard JPG file, then try uploading this file or send me the image to admin@thewatchforum.co.uk so I can see what it wrong with it. I just think that your phone is not saving the images in a standard format. If the camera is saving in HEIF format then this is the problem and you need to turn this of in your camera setting. Camera settings -> Format and advanced option, then turn off "HEIF pictures.
  16. Yes it is very easy. You can sign up and try it for two weeks for free.
  17. You can if you use the forums gallery. There is a free trial.
  18. You could change the dial and hands but I wouldn't. If you don't like it then sell it and buy something you do like. Any eta 2824 dial, the same diameter, will fit and any ETA 2824 hands will fit.
  19. We certainly do. Congrats on winning the league Kev
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