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  1. I removed it the other day as was testing something. I’ll put it back soon
  2. Your best bet is to find a used watch on ebay with the same moment and use that for the parts.
  3. Welcome Nick, There is no where in the UK, that I know of, who would be able to do this. Your best option is to try to find a replacement dial.
  4. I like these and and they fit with what you are asking for.
  5. They are, but they don’t roll as well
  6. That’s true. I would only buy a new one, but which one can’t decide.
  7. I fancy a Ball watch but there are so many models. I can’t decide which one.
  8. They are fine and capable of keeping good time. I’ve never had a problem with them.
  9. Getting darker here now so switched to something much clearer.
  10. I deleted that comment as it wasn’t true. It was a mate, honest. So no I didn’t flinch
  11. Yes it does. You can only do a certain amount per day. There are no restrictions after you have made 50 posts.
  12. It would stuff the warranty and I don’t think Seiko would be willing to swop the hands.
  13. Still working on other projects but life is a bit easier now. Bad back and bad eyesight haven’t helped.
  14. I didn’t want a boring black dial Probably should have gone with one though cause I would have been able to see the hands against it. I’m thinking now, what if I blued the original hands? Is that madness?
  15. Yeah tried that. I struggle even with glasses on these days.
  16. Dilemma, bought this a couple of months ago. I love the watch but struggle to see the hands. my eyesight is just getting worse and worse. The question is am I mad to change or even paint the hands or should I just sell it and get something I can see?
  17. I think this is a Chinese movement in these. It is likely that it will not go over 2017. They probably did not expect them to be still working after 9 years. There are many Chinese movements like this. You might be able to obtain a new replacement movement if still available with more years left on it.
  18. https://www.birthyearwatches.com
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