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  1. Noted that both Maranez and Armida both use CC Now? is this an actual company or just a middle man? And what if any has been your experience with these ie)  Shipping/Taxes Delivery times any info would be greatfully recieved :)

    Cheers Paul.

    1. Roy


      All good, arrived within 3 days with no customs charges. Ccnow are just a payment gateway for them.

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  2. dobra

    dobra    Roy

    Afternoon Roy - would you accept a £20 cheque for the NOS Nike quartz please?


    1. Roy


      Sorry Mike, its just gone on hold, I'll let you know if it falls through.

  3. vinn

    vinn    Roy

    roy;  has anyone complained about  the scrolling arrows?  maybe its 0n my new lap top with  windows 7.  ill work on it.  thanks

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