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  1. 31 minutes ago, Jet Jetski said:

    Is this the Titanium Citizen?  I think I was going to buy one some time ago, as it is the obvious successor to the original 200m WR "Ray Mears", but I read about the JDM time signal problem.

    Yes it is, it’s great. I like it a lot. 

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  2. On 04/08/2020 at 20:38, Lampoc said:

    @scottswatches The real Thenikjones over on TZ-UK has just messaged me:

    "Oh FFS... No, it isn’t me, not been on that forum for a LONG time - maybe a decade? If you are a regular and could confirm that it is a fraud, I’d be grateful - I will try but I will be guessing my login details. "

    I’ve just closed this account to prevent this. He must have had the same password as the TZ hacked account. 

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  3. I have a Radio Controlled watch that only Syncs to the japan time signal. Obviously this is not possible here in the UK. I have found this brilliant app that works great from just the phone speaker. Can do all my RC watches in one go without worrying about dodgy signals.


    Clock Wave allows you calibrate radio controlled watch or clock anytime and anywhere. Just click "Transmit" button, set your watch or clock to manual receive time signal, and place it nearby your iPhone/iPad's speaker, it will be calibrated in a few minutes.



    Clock Wave features:

    - Covers 5 major longwave time signal stations all over the world.

    * USA: WWVB

    * Japan: JJY

    * China: BPC

    * UK: MSF

    * DE: DCF77

    - Automatically transmit the accurate time.




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