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  1. 9 minutes ago, trident-7 said:



    Ugh....how do you edit posts chaps?

    & insert photos?

    You don’t need the img tags just post a direct link to the image or use copy and paste on the actual image  



  2. 9 minutes ago, yokel said:

    My YouTube feed is suddenly flooded with offerings from some idiot called Nico Leonard.

    Intellectual content: zero.

    Anybody else got this problem?

    How to block YouTube channels on a computer
    1. Go to youtube.com and log into your account, and then open the channel you want to block. ...
    2. Click About in the list of options at the top of their page, below their username and banner.
    3. Click the flag icon on the right side of the page and select Block user.
    4. Click Submit.
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  3. Heating it up with a hot air gun will soften it to remove.

    Mr. Hardware describes another method to remove putty. You will need 1 pint of linseed oil, 1 pint of household bleach, a sturdy paintbrush and a putty removal tool. Combine the oil and bleach in a clean container, mix it, and brush it onto the hardened putty until it looks wet.

    Let the mixture sit for an hour, and apply a second coat. Allow it to work in for 24 hours before returning with your putty knife. Test a small area to see if it was effective; if it has not dissolved, repeat the process.

    Once the putty is dissolved, you can remove it with the putty knife or another tool, being careful not to damage the glass.

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