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  1. A few security methods for extra safety.

    Do not use bank transfers unless you know and trust the seller. Check the sellers feedback, posting history and length of membership  

    Get a phone number, message the number and get a reply to confirm it is correct, and obtain an address, get them to send you an image of driving licence to prove address and identity. 
    If it is an expensive item then meet in person or use a safe method of payment, PayPal etc. 

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  2. This will always happen. I do not really know the answer as it is so complicated. 
    I guess the legal way is to link to the image and if it removed then that would be up to the copyright owner. I believe that linking to an image for research and none commercial reasons is legal. 


  3. This would indicate that the pallets are broken or a maybe a wheel. 
    You would need to take or send it to a repairer. If it does need parts then I would think it will be expensive. 

  4. At some point in the very near future you will be asked to login with your registered email address rather than your user name.
    This is for security reasons as your email address is never shown on the forum.
    Please make sure your email address is valid.


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  5. 1 minute ago, richy176 said:

    Nice gesture but it should not be necessary and could leave you in a very awkward position. Suppose @BondandBigMdecided to sell his LV. I agree to buy it and send you the funds. You notify Bond and he tells you he has sent the LV to me. I then tell you that I received one of the replicas that are available on the internet. What do you do?

    Scary, you're right, I'm not doing it anymore, it was just a passing thought.



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  6. 2 minutes ago, scottswatches said:

    I admire your intentions, but HMRC might want explanations or charge you tax on money you never kept.  Plus then the questions of liability, he said she said etc.

    Buyers need to buy the seller first and foremost, and just like platforms like Facebook if you suspect anything then back off

    You’re right. It was just a thought. 

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  7. If anyone is thinking about buying a watch from the sales section and are a bit dubious then I am willing to be used as an escrow type service. The buyer sends me the money, I inform the seller that I have the money. The seller sends the watch. The buyer informs me that they have received it and then I send the money to the seller. 
    What does everyone think? 

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  8. 12 minutes ago, rhaythorne said:

    Unless my memory is playing tricks on me, wasn't the Kickstarter section introduced to the forum to provide a dedicated area for these types of projects rather than having them littering the main "Watch Discussion" and other sections?

    If so, then removing the Kickstarter section will just re-introduce the original problem.  And if you want to prevent any Kickstarter type Posts appearing in the main sections you'll have to task the Moderators with identifying and removing them all.

    I think the Kickstarter section should remain.  Maybe add an extra disclaimer or two to explain that thewatchforum.co.uk is not associated/affiliated with any of them/caveat emptor/your money is at risk etc.

    Not all Kickstarters are bad and removing an avenue of publicity (and thus funding) for the good ones that may be of interest to some forum members means that those are less likely to succeed.

    Some good points Rich and of course you are right, I just don’t like anyone being scammed. If projects don’t go ahead then where does the money go?

    I thought that Kickstarter held onto the money until it was completed. There seems to be no risk for the makers. 
    It is so easy to scam people, make a video, come out with some BS and take 50 grand off people. 

    I know some are ok but it just does not seem fair snd I wonder if people know that they can easily lose their money. 

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