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  1. 25 minutes ago, Filterlab said:

    Even if it’s a 52/48 split? :laughing2dw:


    Just so everyone knows. This is what will be lost if we go back to the old system. Ability to upload images directly to the advert, automatic feedback entry for buyer after marking as sold, ability to mark items sold with one click, Mark as pending with one click, no editing of sales post after so many minutes, the offers ability, no automatic deletion of expired and sold items, no sales feed with images on the front page  

    Just saying :laugh: 

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  2. 20 hours ago, Jersey1965 said:

    I’ve had an email with an invoice to pay for my gallery subscription but when I click on the pay now, it asks me to sign in. There’s nothin in my in box messages so was wondering where I can find the invoice on my account? Could any one point me in the right direction please

    Have you tried logging in and then clicking the pay link?


  3. On 30/01/2020 at 08:25, martinzx said:

    Why do expired sales posts bump to the top? Sort of defeats the object doesn't it? 

    Cheers Martin :laugh:

    They don't, your sort must be on start date or recently updated, depending which list you are looking at there is a sort button and a drop down option.

    Expired adverts are set to self destruct after 5 days if not renewed.

  4. 3 hours ago, sparrow said:

    Hey Roy / Krispy,

    Is there any chance that the forum could be tweaked to allow photos to be embedded from google drive links?


    I do not use google drive but if your able to make an image public for sharing and can obtain a direct link to the image from google drive then this should be fine. If not then it is a google drive problem and nothing we can do. 
    I’ll have a look at how google drive works ASAP but feel it is a security issue at there end. 

  5. 8 minutes ago, Iceblue said:

    If you go to the sales thread via the sale link thread or view a watch on the sale thread they are different for eg o e show the omega chronostop as third and the other it’s not even on the first page 


    There is  drop down here where you can sort them into your preferred order.



    sort order.jpg

  6. I will look into these errors and check the database. Items should not be auto bumping. 

    Members need to mark listings as complete when items are sold or no longer available. 

    If you just want to see items in the order that they were listed then go to the sales forum archive and everything there is in order. 

    Suggestions? Instead of 3 month listings do we make them for a week or two instead? 

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