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  1. Roy's post in DKNY ladies watch was marked as the answer   
    This is just a standard round mineral glass so you should be able to measure the old one and just order a generic crystal. 
  2. Roy's post in Rotary GS02968/10/19 Revelation Dual Face Watch - setting time was marked as the answer   
    There should be a crown on either side of each dial for setting. These will be visible when you are rotating the case. See here :
  3. Roy's post in 1976 Hamilton LED was marked as the answer   
    You seem to have posted the same text in three separate posts today. 
    I will leave this one and delete the others. 
    If someone knows anything then they will respond  
    Have a look at this site  
    If these are no good then it would probably have to be an old module. 
    Welcome to the forum
  4. Roy's post in Lost a cannon pinion & a few screws, help was marked as the answer   
    What makes you think that? It looks like a Chinese movement, if it is then probably easier to buy a complete movement.
    PS It is not a Chronograph from the images you have shown.
  5. Roy's post in measurements was marked as the answer   
    Usually metric these days  

  6. Roy's post in replacement movement advice...for a novice was marked as the answer   
    These links may help you identify the movements you need. 
  7. Roy's post in trouble sourcing dial hands was marked as the answer   
    You could try here :
  8. Roy's post in WILLY.B was marked as the answer   
    Have a look at the repairers section. 
  9. Roy's post in Sicura Jump Hour was marked as the answer   
    Are there tiny screws on the edge of the dial? If so this is how the dial is attached.
  10. Roy's post in Emporio Armani Meccanico AR4204 was marked as the answer   
    I think this is a Chinese movement in these. 
    It is likely that it will not go over 2017. They probably did not expect them to be still working after 9 years. There are many Chinese movements like this.
    You might be able to obtain a new replacement movement if still available with more years left on it. 
  11. Roy's post in Repainting watch faces was marked as the answer   
    Watch dials are printed using a pad printer and printing plates. The pad printing system was developed by the Swiss for this process. I used to have two such machines and we used to make our own printing plates. 

  12. Roy's post in AS 5206 Automatic was marked as the answer   
    Your best bet is to find a used watch on ebay with the same moment and use that for the parts.
  13. Roy's post in Watch Press Dies Nylon or Metal was marked as the answer   
    I would only use nylon not metal. 
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