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  1. Affordable watches ! Order now at:


  2. I find that very dissapointing. fred.
  3. High Left, not to tight, can't stand them hanging round the wrist. fred
  4. Jason, thats a real nice looking Accutron on a real crap bracelet,we should never use this type of Expandable end pieces that go over the spring bars as they cut in to the lugs of the watch, My up / down, has the colours on the dial reversed, fred
  5. Hi Neal, the tan one looks good,fred
  6. Patric Moor did a year book on Astronomy [and as done for years] they were very good for the amature with loots of info,try your local library mine used to get a copy every year, fred.
  7. David, i saw the watch,and wanted it very much but since finishing work some things have had to take a back seat for a bit,and i might have to be a bit more picky in my wish list, Great watch, enjoy.
  8. What a great looking watch David, what size is the watch case. fred
  9. Three more, The black case Smiths with the Goodyear logo is the one we were talking about a couple of week ago,the Ingesoll Triumph was my Dad's old Pit watch,and the little Black Timex was the one i wore for many years underground ,in the most unforgiving conditions imaginable for a watch and then dumped in a locker at shift end with heat up to 70 degrees from wet through, year after year, fred.
  10. A few more Made in GB, 3 NOS Timex and a Services Aintree, this one is a bit stop go, and in a real crap gilt case,fred
  11. [ It took my 10 year old half an hour with a ping pong ball and his fist before it eventually dawned on me why I can only see one side of the moon Yeh, But i bet you said WOW when you saw the craters, , fred
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