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  1. I find that very dissapointing. fred.
  2. High Left, not to tight, can't stand them hanging round the wrist. fred
  3. Jason, thats a real nice looking Accutron on a real crap bracelet,we should never use this type of Expandable end pieces that go over the spring bars as they cut in to the lugs of the watch, My up / down, has the colours on the dial reversed, fred
  4. Hi Neal, the tan one looks good,fred
  5. Patric Moor did a year book on Astronomy [and as done for years] they were very good for the amature with loots of info,try your local library mine used to get a copy every year, fred.
  6. David, i saw the watch,and wanted it very much but since finishing work some things have had to take a back seat for a bit,and i might have to be a bit more picky in my wish list, Great watch, enjoy.
  7. What a great looking watch David, what size is the watch case. fred
  8. Three more, The black case Smiths with the Goodyear logo is the one we were talking about a couple of week ago,the Ingesoll Triumph was my Dad's old Pit watch,and the little Black Timex was the one i wore for many years underground ,in the most unforgiving conditions imaginable for a watch and then dumped in a locker at shift end with heat up to 70 degrees from wet through, year after year, fred.
  9. A few more Made in GB, 3 NOS Timex and a Services Aintree, this one is a bit stop go, and in a real crap gilt case,fred
  10. [ It took my 10 year old half an hour with a ping pong ball and his fist before it eventually dawned on me why I can only see one side of the moon Yeh, But i bet you said WOW when you saw the craters, , fred
  11. Very Very nice that watch, i would like that, once missed one by 10 seconds at a watch fair in Newark a coupe of years ago. mind it was a Gilt case and not the better steel one, fred. p.s. what's it got on the back Roy.
  12. I think the new Mini looks a smashing little car,and they are holding there price pretty well compared to a lot, i had the original Mini [Austin Seven] back in 1963 that was a good little car but as said before with a few small problems, ball joints were a pain and the hand brake cable used to seeze up often. i took the grill off mine and made a plywood one all nice paint etc, because the distributer pointed forward, in heavy rain or a large splash of water she could miss fire, all in all i loved that little car and at that time was my pride and joy, happy days, at least when you opened the bonnet you could mend it. fred.
  13. Like the Yellow dial a lot,better than the Black IMO but the minute and hour hands need to be Black round the lum, fred.
  14. For me Jot i would keep it just to Quartz,We have a general section for all the others. fred
  15. Thats how highly i regard it David, Looks like you fixed it Roy, And another i wore for work.
  16. This one is one of my fav's, Casio, great time keeper,Alarms, Calculator, GM time,Telephone numbers, Exchange Rate,Date Day, Year.Stopwatch, brand new in box,aTenner, [£10] what a great work watch, fred.
  17. I keep trying to post another photo but keep getting an Error saying the Total file space required to upload the attached files is greater than your per post or Global limit, ? any ideas any body,had the same trouble last night,this morning the above photo went straight on then back to the error message. fred
  18. This is one that i like to wear,and of all my watches this is the one i would pick if i could only have one watch for he next five years. fred.
  19. Go on then, i'll join in, fred
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