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  1. tom


    Thanks pal I got a very good price well pleased Tom
  2. tom


    Hello At the risk of getting the obvious advice I need to sell my Rolex Oyster date. to pay a bill.Does anyone know of a trusted dealer in Glasgow. Tom
  3. Looking at the pic of the face, I have a gut feeling that something is not quite right! Do the case movement and dial match?
  4. My advice send it to STS the experts get an estimate of repairs and tell the other people that you intend to sue for a reasonable contribution to the cost. The bill will not be cheap but STS can bring your watch back to as new
  5. Far too much trouble even rooting and installation of a custom ROM on a mainstream Samsung can be very frustrating. I have done it on a tablet and it took 6 attempt s to get a reliable working machine Tom
  6. Hospital is not nice but at least it's only one night all the best Tom
  7. Whisky is a very good eye wash ha ha GJH do a very good job and service my ticker Tom
  8. Just looks wrong, perhaps our community can steer you to a good one. just saying tom
  9. For me a Francis Francis ,best Italian machine but pricey with Colombian beans Tom
  10. Me to,as I have retired I tend to just lurk and should get back in the game. Tried to sell a few some months ago but was knocked back lost heart, perhaps trying again and chasing a grail may be the answer. tom
  11. Win 10 is an improvement but I use chrome, Thunderbird for email and libre office Simples Tom
  12. Thanks for the replies. I got a free trial of deeza and it works for me tom
  13. You line up the battery with the post, trial and error and patience needed. tom
  14. A Braun toothbrush charger works a treat Tom
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