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  1. Hmm, alas I am not able to ID this movement. I could help with trade marks, but this time... I'm sorry. Andreas
  2. I would date it to the 1920ies. But I don't know if the back lid image really relates to the channel crossing. Maybe, maybe not... Andreas
  3. Your Fides PW was made either by Emile Fibiger (Geneve) or the Oris Watch Co. (Hölstein)! Alex Hüning also registered this trade mark, but your watch is not typical for him. Andreas
  4. Probably it was made by the Era Watch Co. SA , Bienne. "Agir Watch" was registered on 29th Feb 1952. Andreas
  5. I found an Edward Platts from Sheffield responsible for this trade mark. He is still making chronographes, diving watches, dress watches: http://trademarks.justia.com/852/79/precista-85279538.html http://www.trademarkia.com/precista-85279538.html Andreas
  6. I habe this Logines watch, sold by a certain Franz Kadliczek (Hauptstr. 29, Vienna IV), a jeweller and watchmaker.
  7. Ferel is a trade mark from the Ferex SA from Lugano and Bienne, registered in June of 1953.
  8. This (working) repeater pocket watch for 20 Euros (including two other scrap pocket watches): And then two IWC pocket watches for each less than 60 Euros, another repeater pocket watch for about 250 Euros (also a bargain!), a very rare IWC pocket watch with the calibre 28 as a gift and so on...
  9. There a only a few watch companies who could have made this watch: - K. Simonian from Beyrouth (alas without any further information) - Cortebert Watch Co. (from Courtebert), although they registered this trade mark in 1933 - but could have used that years before - Leon Breitling (yes, that Breitling company from La Chaux-de-Fonds, St.-Imier, Granges and Geneve) - Arnold Weber from La Chaux-de-Fonds (I have this trade mark with an image mark, inside a circle with stars and other stuff), maybe he also used this trade mark as word mark only Andreas
  10. It is a simple (swiss) calendar watch from about 1890 (not 1820!) or 1900. The date indicators should work, of course! If not something's wrong in the calendar mechanism under the dial. Alas I cannot tell you the manufacturer. Andreas
  11. Then the IWC database throws out this: Movement: Serial number range 756101 - 757300, dates to: 1920 Calibre: Lep. cal. 52 IWC - 18lig. H 5 Case with serial number 859766 In range: 758000 - 917000 Dates to 1920 - 1930 (current list) Number range: 850000 - 900000 Dates to 1926 - 1929 (old list) Andreas
  12. The case was built between 1926 and 1929, and if you tell us the serial number from the movement (a calibre 52), we can date it quite exactly.
  13. Do you have a photo of that mark? I have several trade marks with bees in my list: http://www.mikrolisk.de/show.php?site=280&suchwort=biene&searchMode=exact&searchWhere=trademark#sucheMarker Andreas
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