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  1. Lovely watch and pictures . How do you take such brilliant pictures like that ?
  2. Enjoy your stay and welcome aboard
  3. Watch number does start 771 by the way.
  4. Update, We have checked the watch out and it is a genuine Omega Speedmaster moon watch with all the cards boxes manual spare links etc but I want the sapphire sandwich so if anyones interested let me know and I will pas the details on.
  5. Egger


    welcome aboard !
  6. Hi Gary, Thanks for the info and the speedmaster in question is alledgedly a 2006
  7. I have looked but i can't seem to find out how ?? Probably me not looking properly.
  8. Dinner, cinema, flowers Like it Sorry, have that Friday afternoon feeling
  9. Cheers Potz my serial starts 771 so is a newer number than the site goes up to and if I'm honest I'm having a nightmare with the Speedy purchasing !! At this rate I'm giving up hope of getting one
  10. Did they say why not? They said they only keep records of watches passed through the UK retailers network
  11. Hi, Is there anyway of dating an Omega watch by its serial number ? I have been offered one but it was bought from outside the UK so I cant check it at customer services here in the UK ? Any info appreciated. Thanks in advance
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