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  1. Hi All, I have a very dead (bled out) Citizen Wingman digi-analogue chrono C460 which is deader than dead. Short of buying a donor can someone direct to a repairer who might be able to bring the watch back to life? cheers, Konrad
  2. I think the 'Vulcan' frenzy is about to start all over again. :rolleyes: Earlier today, a newbie going under the username of 'Robb' posted on MWF that he had TWO of them !! :eek: Can't post a direct (functioning) link, due to RLT forum rules. :( So go find the thread for yourself. :tongue1: Hint: First Post, Seiko "Vulcan" ....There's some nice photos of his two (one's an 'absolute minter') in it. :thumbsup: ..and more proof that there was "some" kind of MOD connection with these..here is a sample of what he said concerning the simple packaging which smells very much like a plain military thing to me.. "Thanks for the warm welcome, I can confirm neither watch has the broad arrow mark on the back, a fact that didn't register with me at all. I can also confirm the new one I bought was just in a small plain cardboard box, certainly not what you would expect from a civilian watch where even a £10 Casio will come in a nice plastic box complete with instructions. Like I say until yesterday these were just 2 nice watches that used to be my daily wear until I treated myself to a titanium IWC GST Chrono which then became my daily watch (ironically it would appear that 2 quartz watches are now worth more than my automatic Swiss watch!) I have to say the Seikos were terrible for plucking the hairs out of your wrist with the bracelet but I have never had watches as accurate, literally seconds between time changes from GMT to BST. I would love to post photo's but can't figure out how, any help gratefully received! One more thing that would suggest a military background to these watches is the fact that the used one had obviously had quite a hard life compared to how I look after my watches."
  3. Looks like a nice watch, it is indeed an early model Wostok(as indicated by the minute and hour hands which are a dagger shape and consequently found on early examples). If I were to make a jugement on age I would say your looking at mid to late 70's(it could be an early 80's model but I rule this out due to the dagger hands) As for the Raketa, I can authenticate the metal band for it(I have a similar one on many of my Raketa's), the actual watch looks real as well. OK- thanks for the information. The domed crown on this watch is quite worn on one side and I would like to replace it. Would you happen to know someone who has the correct crown for this model? Thanks again, Konrad
  4. I'm new to this forum and thought I'd share pictures of these two watches I picked up today in the hopes of finding out a little bit more about them. First watch is what I believe to be an early model Wostok Amphibian, likely for export as the writing is all in English. Watch is running an appears to have the original domes plastic crystal. There is some wear on the bezel but overall the rest of the stainless steel case is in nice condition. The vendor that sold me the watch provided me with a used stainless steel Russian made bracelet as well which fits. Does anyone know what the original strap for this watch looked like? Was it metal or fabric? I really the dial and hands on the Amphibian and thought the $40 I spent on it with the bracelet quite reasonable. Is this a difficult model to find? The other Raketa watch from the same vendor caught my eye because of the inscription on the back which I was told says that it was presented to that person by Group 60 which the seller believes was a military or KGB unit. Can anyone here help decipher the inscription a bit more? The Raketa is dated 1981 from the inscription and is interesting because the date is a quick set. You change the date by pulling the crown all the way out and then pushing it back in half way which is interesting. Here are the pictures: Thanks, Konrad
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