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  1. Hi guys, I just like to report back that thanks to all your help and advice I've managed to successfully change the battery in my G10. I did struggle a bit to get the back off even with the new case knife but it came off eventually and I didn't cause any damage. I gave it quick blow out before inserting the new battery, the O ring looked ok so it got a light smear of silicon grease before using my new case tool to refit the back. Once I'd reset the chronograph hands it was all good. Including the battery and all the new tools I bought, I think I spend just under £15, a bit of a saving over the £51 I was quoted!
  2. Ok thanks for the advice, I’ve now ordered a case back tool as well. Like you say it’s not worth the risk and I know I’d be pretty angry with myself if I cracked the Crystal for the sake of a £10 tool.
  3. Thanks, that looks just like the one I've ordered off ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-X-YELLOW-Watch-Back-Case-Opener-Remover-Remove-Removal-Knife-Repair-Tool/401750155260?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I would quite like one of these but all my other watches are screw back so I would only be using it for one watch. I was thinking of trying the method this guy describes: https://youtu.be/6jmEaXrZVOs?t=463 Or do you think it will lead to sudden glass death?
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, there's no marks on the case apart from a small lip for the case knife. I'm glad the vac bit is BS I did wonder about this and how on earth it could hold a constant vacuum. I think I'll order myself a better quality case knife and try again.
  5. I was climbing a path up some cliffs with my kids, one of them shouted on me to look at something as I swung round I managed to hit the bezel of my watch on the only piece of handrail on the entire climb! I was so annoyed, It was a good day out though so every time I wear the watch and see the mark it reminds me of it. I suppose you could say it's my wabi sabi.
  6. The battery needs changing in my Tissot G10 V8. I asked for a price at Ernest Jones and was told £51 (for a button cell!). I also tried to get a price from Just in Time but after taking all my details they never bothered getting back to me. I normally change the batteries in my own and other people's watches with no problems, however I tried to remove the back with my case knife and it didn't seem to want to budge. I did some googling and some people are saying the back is held on so tight as the watch is assembled in a vacuum and you need to do the same when changing the battery otherwise the back will always be loose. On the other hand I've seen youtube videos when people just remove the back with a case knife. I would ideally like to change it myself both to save money and to make sure it's not damaged (I had another watch damaged by a jeweler changing a battery who later denied it). Should I invest in a more expensive case knife, I'm just using the one I got in a cheap set of watch tools from amazon. Is there any hints anyone can offer me for getting the back off, is it really held on with vacuum?
  7. I had a similar problem with my fence posts coming loose in the metal spikes they were fitted to. I even drilled extra holes for more screws but they kept working loose. I solved it by squirting Gorilla glue around each post, these best thing about Gorilla glue is it expands on setting and remains rubbery so it has some give, it is also very sticky. The posts have been fine since this, if you keep an eye out on Tescos they often have it on special offer if you need a lot.
  8. I was looking for a flywheel as well but I couldn't find one cheap enough. I'm now thinking of bolting it to an old brake disc. I'll get round to it one day!
  9. that last bit should say "There's a good test here where a 2wd car with winter tyres grips better than a 4wd car with summer tyres" I can't seem to edit the post???
  10. I discovered winter tyres by accident when I bought a cheap set of part worns that happened to be winter tyres. Living out in the sticks at the time it was like night and day in winter, I was finding I was the only one making it into the carpark in the village. After that I always bought a couple of extra wheels from the scappies and fitted them and winter tyres on the front of the car. I know you should have them all round but its a good compromise if you drive accordingly with a FWD car. The last 3-4 years my cars have had alloys so I couldn't get away with having extra steel wheels without it looking odd so I started buying all season tyres, these are about 80-90% as good as a pure winter tyre but you can use them all year round without the handling feeling funny when the weather warms up. They also work better in the wet than a summer tyre. If you buy in enough time you can normally pick up a cheap decent part worn set from ebay. There's a good test here where a 2wd car with winter tyres grips better than a 4wd car with winter tyres: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/car-news/66692/winter-tyres-4x4-grip-test-video
  11. I have a ruined crank shaft from a DCi engine that is awaiting converting to a lamp. My BIL in studied geography at uni, he found a load of old wooden theodolite tripods in a dusty cupboard on campus, no one wanted them so he made them in fantastic looking lamps, like this but without the price tag! https://www.made.com/alfred-tripod-floor-lamp-natural-wood?utm_content=shopping-prospecting&madelp=gshopping&gclid=CjwKCAiA9rjRBRAeEiwA2SV4Zdy5vbxceABZLQw6bvLOs6f7c1qJ7Hqf2ZS_WKCIu40lKcoOW3mbOhoCRDQQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  12. novatron1_2

    Car scuff

    this guy has a good guide on scratch removal:
  13. That's amazing how on earth does it find its trainer? I love the bit at the end where it tucks its wings in and dives, such beautiful birds
  14. as you wish, hope this works: https://1drv.ms/i/s!AufIzI2OYPpKk65dS6sg4__YUOSEFQ I bit the bullet today and put the strap in a vice and whizzed the top of the rivet off with an angle grinder. I then used a ball hammer to knock a head back on it. I'm wearing it now and loving the new comfortable strap!
  15. I was thinking that, it looks tricky to sort. I think I will need to take the head off the rivet and then make a new one so its shorter.
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