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  1. Or maybe the gasket in the bezel is too thick .
  2. Quite right Walsh was poor . He should have yellow carded at least one of England's front row for repeated infringements even after he'd given warnings .They ruined England's chances . Cole is known as a dodgy scrummager and was picked up yesterday ,as for Marler where's the Italian/American guy for loose head ?
  3. Affordable watches ! Order now at:


  4. Affordable watches ! Order now at:


  5. The ones I've owned have used good quality ETA quartz movements .However I have a Tissot 660 which uses a cheap ETA which can be bought for a few pounds.Lots of pricey watches around using Ronda movements which can be bought for a fiver.
  6. They have to play two more games Stuart . Paid a mynd i erbyn gofyd.
  7. When they cut to Johnson after Care's card, he was punching the seat! :lol: England were a sad lot and as John points out the scoreline was flattering. BOD was amazing on offense and defense - the best match I've ever seen him play and one of the best test matches ever played by a team captain IMO. I was shocked at Ronan O'Gara's kicking on a purported home ground. Is it time for him to join Peter on the bench? Can you afford to keep a (nearly) offense-only flyhalf on the bench? Already looking forward to next weekend. For more than one reason! A bit annoying for the people sitting around him .Can't they make this guy sit in a box somewhere away from paying customers .
  8. I agree with the rest of your post. Heart like a lion or just plain dumb in view of the smacking he was taking .
  9. That's not Kimbo . It's Danny Williams.
  10. Is the lume good on these ?
  11. The hands should but the dial probably will not as the watches have differing crown postions.
  12. julian

    Great Offer

    That would make his eyes water.
  13. Best wishes on your birthday Griff Penblwydd Hapus !
  14. Any difference in noise and smoke ?
  15. I have an M4 but pefer the M1 dial .They are almost certainly interchangeable I would think
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