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  1. AliExpress do sell them however there are now a couple of UK sellers. The last watch I bought from AliExpress ( a cheapy) ended up nearly double the price thanks to carrier fees and VAT.
  2. An update. email from H.Samuel recieved at 16.05hrs today. "We are sorry that your order *** had to be cancelled with us due to the item(s) being out of stock. This email confirms that we have cancelled your order for the following item(s): 5235472 Citizen Promaster Bullhead Racing Chronograph Watch 1" That's nice of them!
  3. I hope I'm the only one here let down again. When "Samuels" sale started, sometime before Christmas, I looked every day until the Citizen Bullhead appeared as a sale item. I signed up for their newsletter to get an extra 10% off. Ordered the watch which was showing in stock on line, added the 10% off code, tried to pay for it when the system then stated it was "not available". A couple of days later I tried again, as it was showing in stock, only to hit the same problem. I contacted "customer services" and was told the watch was only available from their stores. There are no stores left i
  4. A quick Google search shows them new at about $199 (RRP $1595)??? For used prices a good place to look is completed listings on the evilB.
  5. Greetings Watchityou and welcome to the "poorhouse". You will be if you spend any length of time here . All three of your choices are a bit on the large size for me however the Wenger would be my choice only because I have enough chronographs. If you sign up for their news letter you might also get more discount !!!!
  6. They also do one with a thermometer display. The Nautica Porthole
  7. johnboy24

    Song Titles Game

    Dancing In My Sleep. Deep Purple.
  8. Have you tried fresh batteries? Thre is a very small chance that they may be all low in power at the same time.
  9. It's got to be the IWC. The first catagory that shows a watch that, funds available, I would not only wear but buy.
  10. Chopard also, it seems to be the only one of this selection that is easy to read at a glance.
  11. An ultrasonic bath should do the trick. It's amazing what crud builds up in a bracelet.
  12. Not for me either. I like the look of the strap and the hands however the dial looks messy and the crown in that position would mean setting the time with the watch face upside down for most right handers.
  13. My Stuckx Bullhead has just stopped working so I am assuming it needs a new battery. The caseback is like a 12 sided 50p coin. Has anyone here taken the back off one of these and which tool did you use. Thanks for your time.
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