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  1. An ultrasonic bath should do the trick. It's amazing what crud builds up in a bracelet.
  2. Not for me either. I like the look of the strap and the hands however the dial looks messy and the crown in that position would mean setting the time with the watch face upside down for most right handers.
  3. My Stuckx Bullhead has just stopped working so I am assuming it needs a new battery. The caseback is like a 12 sided 50p coin. Has anyone here taken the back off one of these and which tool did you use. Thanks for your time.
  4. To "quickset" my 8110's I set the time after 3 but before 9 am/pm pull the crown out to first stop and press the right pusher to change the day and use the crown to change the date. From memory, mine are all in English now, the one that arrived set to non- English day was sorted by this method. Good luck hopefully the service will sort the date position out as well.
  5. Sounds as if the rotor has come adrift so not winding. PS A proper introduction to the forum would be nice.
  6. Do you mean the Egard Quantus V3 ?
  7. Welcome. Prepare to get rich in time and poor in wallet.
  8. I have had 3xTime Tutelary single watch winders for in excess of 6 years now. All purchased for about £20 ish from a well known river based site. In all that time I have only had to change a couple of drive belts which were easily purchased. They have kept watches wound, ranging from about 60grms to 250grms and up to 44mm dia, with no problem. They are very basic with a switch to control off, clockwise and counter clockwise movement. I have no idea what the RPD figures are however they work for me.
  9. I've bought a few things from them over the last two years. A couple of cheap decent spec' Android tablets and two very cheap Megir "bullhead" style watches. For the price I paid I think their products are really good value for money. I know I contacted them with a query which was promptly answered. All of the items I have purchased took some time to arrive however they were were delivered on time and all have performed faultlessly to date. Hope this helps.
  10. I now have six Oris watches in the collection. Five have the red rotor which was introduced in 2002 I believe. The other one has a gold coloured one so I assume that's pre 2002. All are in perfect working order and run well within specifications. Two have the day/date movement, including an early Williams, which changes as near as possible to midnight. Build quality on all of them is excellent.
  11. I had a black/red Trident Pro some time back. A realy lovely comfortable watch on the bracelet however the colour combination annoyed me so I moved it on. As per JonnyOldBoy and yokel comments, think on it. I now have another Trident Pro, white dial black bezel, that does get a lot of wear.
  12. $250 does seem a bit steep for a replacement movement. I was once quoted £60 to replace a battery which cost me 50P to do myself. If you list the calibre and caseback numbers (normally in the form of 4 digits followed by 7 digits) here someone more knowladgable may be able to help. Good luck.
  13. I have at least one jump hour watch possibly more. The hour indicator actually "jumps" from one hour to the next when the minute hand reasches the 12-O- clock position. Does yours actually jump as it looks as though the hour indicator is constantly moving? That makes reading it much easier.
  14. Worked OK for me, However I am a previous customer !!
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