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  1. For me there is no budget. If I like it, want it and can afford it I will buy it no matter what the movement.
  2. Using "Google" from here in the UK (other search engines are available) shows several Tissot dealers in Austin TX. Whether any "can give a fair discount and are open to negotiate" you will have to ask. Good luck and let us now how you get on.
  3. Why did Pulsar "ruin" that watch with a cyclops? Your version is much nicer and I agree with you about seeing the date. Nice work.
  4. Non of the "Google" searches I tried came up with a plastic disc, with holes in, on top of the battery? Most have a sticky label with the reset instructions. The module number is a 3 or 4 number figure near the AQ referance. Here is a link to the manual https://support.casio.com/en/manual/009/qw1737.pdf If this is the 1737 module and it has an "ac" terminal have you shorted the new battery to the "ac" terminal? Good luck, fixing "old" stuff is very satisfying.
  5. To save more confusion. The Longines not the Breitling. I didn't see the picture of the Breitling when I initialy repliesd (should've gone to Sp*csavers)!!!!!!
  6. I can't comment on the Diesal brand, however I do have a couple of Fossil watches and for the price I paid they are really good VFM. BUT 57-66mm it will be huge.
  7. Although an original may not be available a quick "google" (others available) shows up alternatives that will fit. le
  8. VR46 Chrono Watch. Fitted with a VK64 movement. Not cheap but great value for money!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Why not let nature charge it, it is the cheapest way.
  10. Leaving the crown "out" on any watch can leave it open to moisture ingress so probably not a good idea. To answer your question. An internet search will probably tell you how many turns per day (tpd) is suitable for your particular watch/movement and in which direction. If your winder is programmable use this information. If it is not you will need some "manual" input turning it off and on. I used to use winders all the time and left them running 24/7. I do not now, however no damage was ever caused to the watches on them and I could pick up and go as I wished.
  11. I have about 20 Seiko automatics mostly vintage but some newer and only 2 Citizen automatics. However I do have a number of other brands fitted with both Seiko and Miyota automatic movements. None of them have been very accurate out of the box (within manufactures specifications maybe -20 to +40 spd ish). Most respond to gentle fettling to give acceptable accuracy (-10 to +10 spd is ok for me) well within specifications. In my experience both manufacturers produce very reliable and robust products. They survive my tinkering.
  12. Unless you store the watch, crown out, in a humidity controlled environment damp could get in.
  13. I recommend Duncan at Genesis Watchmaking. He recentley did a full service and case/bracelet refurbishment on my PO with which I am completely happy.
  14. I recently aquired a Boctok from another member here. The first couple of days after delivery it gained between 30 & 40 seconds per day. I have had more than 2 weeks now and it has settled down to less than +60 seconds in the past week. This is not the first time I have noticed this sort of thing happening with watch purchases. CW are a great company to deal with and if you think there is an issue I am sure they will help.
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