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  1. As "kids" we were told all sorts of things that had no scientific "truths".
  2. When I was "nobutalad" (1960's) I could not wear a watch as like your wife they kept stopping. They would have been relatively cheap mechanical ones and at the time quartz watches were not available. During a blood test for something it was found that I had a "very high" level of iron in my blood which may have caused some magnetic issues with the watch. I was actually advised not to go near the local scrap yard where they had a large electro magnet.
  3. You might have more success if you moved this post to the Technical section. A lot more folk would view it. Good luck.
  4. Does your "5" hack? Does the second hand stop when you pull the crown out? If not your "5" is probably fitted with a 7S26 movement. If your Seiko 5 is fitted with the 7S26 movement as fitted to most "older" '5's it is not designed to "hand wind". To keep it wound you either need to do the "shuffle" or wear it for about 8 hours daily. More modern "5" use a 4R36 or similar movement which should hack and hand wind. Don't forget you cannot have too many watches !!!!
  5. Mine arrive a short time ago. Thanks Colin a lovely gesture. Bricey is a "Top Bloke".
  6. Followed the customisation all the way through and even with a photograph the price remained the same. Mind you I did not go as far as checking out.
  7. I cannot find specific instructions for your watch however many quartz watches with complications need a replacement battery to be "shorted"(use something like the points of a pair of tweezers to bridge the gap) between the battery terminal and a point on the movement. Often on the reverse of the case back there is a label explaining what to do. Failing that using a magnifying glass unless your eyesite is really good you may find a small arrow pointing to a connection on the movement just for this purpose. If in doubt don't mess with it as you might damage the movement. Someone else with more knowledge may be along soon. Good luck with it.
  8. Does this watch need the battery "shorting" to a point on the movement. If so have you done so?
  9. CreationWatches sell Michael Kors stuff.
  10. A one word answer would be yes. Any competent watch repairer should be able to do it.
  11. A quick "Google" show s that "Cousins" stock 5y20m movements (if this would fit) @£5.15 plus P&P and possibly VAT. They are also available on a well known auction site at a range of prices.
  12. Welcome to the forum RolexCopiedInvicta. Pulsar watches in general although good value for the money do not have a very high values used. A new battery would be easy to fit and relatively cheap. I suspect the instructions can help there. If you need a value use the items sold part of a well known auction site which should give you the prices at which recently sold similar models have achieved. PS Your choice of "forum name" may upset some folk here.
  13. A lot of reviews on Amazon have actually nothing to do with the product they are attached to. I recently purchased a bicycle saddle suspension post from them and one review said its timekeeping was poor ???????? Sometimes you may get a "duff" item, it happens, however if it breaks within the warranty period you have it replaced. I don't understand reviewers who give a bad review because of a faulty item and then state "I can't be bothered to send it back" or something like "it went straight in the bin". A year or so ago I had an issue with an item that developed a fault 11 months and 3 weeks into a 12 month warranty period. After a 5 minute on line "chat" with someone a replacement was agreed which arrived the following day even before I had posted the faulty one back to them. The only issue I have with Amazon is the packaging. We have had a couple of quite small items delivered in boxes about five times its' size and recently an expensive book where the packaging was too small causing damage in transit. In this case after two attempts with the same result we accepted a refund which again was given before the book was posted back.
  14. Thanks for that advice, I seem to be thinking of the "hum" problem as more complicated to fix than it actually is. Off to a "HiFi" shop tomorrow (if it's still there) to see what I can get.
  15. Thanks to those who responded.I was thinking I would have to pay a lot more for one but since your replies have looked at these cheaper (more affordable ones).I have looked at many reviews of those mentioned plus quite a few others and am surprised at the lack of difference in performance over these and some that are a lot more expensive.I am sorely tempted by the price of the Behringer (part Yorkshire me) however I think I may plump for the Pro-ject as a friend has a similar model by them. Does any one know how the grounding/earthing is achieved as there appears to be no physical connection to the earth? That looks like good value for money. My partner (SWMBO) has a deck with a digital output (seemed like a good buy at the time) and I have already digitised my small vinyl collection. The digital format sounds quite poor next to the wave format. This pretty much sums up my setup but it sounds "good" (I do have a hearing deficiency) to me so don't want to spend out on a new system.
  16. After many years of not listening to my vinyl albums I will soon be in a position to connect my amplifier to my record deck. Neither has a pre-amp built in so I am asking any knowledgeable folk out there for advice. My amp is a Onkyo TX-SR309 and the deck a Technics SL-BD20 with a moving magnet cartridge fitted. Budget is a consideration, the less expensive the better, however it must work well and with no hum. Any advice will be greatly received. Thanks for your time. John B.
  17. For me the Steinhart. I don't like the bracelet on the Baltic.
  18. It might pay you to replace the AG4 (alkaline) battery with a decent silver oxide equivalent such as a Renata 377.
  19. Googling the model number brings up Brooks Bentley. Possibly a "designer" brand and as above. PS. These posts should be placed in the "Watch Discussion Forum" and not in "Honour's Topics" which is a specific forum added to by "Always Watching".
  20. Roger, "top bloke" gave me that strap some time ago. It also looks great on my OM. The watch is back on its' bracelet ATM but seeing that photograph again it may be fitted back on the OM. Thanks again Roger. Currently wearing my new Marloe Morar on a different orange silicon.
  21. No details of cell needed found however a bit of "Googling" found the Casio UK service centre details. www.casio.co.uk/support/servicing-and-repairs You could give them a try. You will need the model and module numbers of the watch. They should be on the back.
  22. If this is a module 3090 then the flashing bar would indicate low battery level. The link to the manual attached does give an indicator to recovery times on pages 4 & 5 which could take quite a time. It might pay to leave it in the sun for as long as possible and see what happens. Hope it's not knackered and at worst just needs a new cell. https://support.casio.com/en/manual/009/qw3090.pdf
  23. I purchased a Morar recently and for the price paid it is a very nice watch. Fit and finish well above it's price point, lume very bright and long lasting (not timed but still legible in the early hours of the morning). Both straps it came with of a decent quality. I find the silicon strap more comfortable than the leather. I do have quite "twiggy" wrists. Good time keeping, mine gained less than 30 seconds in its first week of nearly constant wearing. Although all the measurements stated are correct it does wear a bit "small" possibly due to the width of the bezel.
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