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  1. Thanks. Yes, that would certainly work... Maybe the solution is to wait a couple of weeks and see if the crud falls out on its own - if not, off to the mender's. The pusher has a lot of "springiness" - i.e. when it's in the stuck position, I can feel it springing in and out just fine, only it won't pop out all the way. It's as if a gremlin is stopping the thing from popping back to the start position.
  2. Hello Gents Hope everyone's well. Not posted for a bit, so first of all apologies for that - had so much else going on that watches have taken something of a back seat. Anyway, my Speedie has developed a sticky pusher (the start/stop one). Anyone got a fix for this, or an idea what may cause it? If I put my nail in the gap between the pusher and the case I can use it, so this may imply either that a bit of crud (toast crumb / pube / half a stag beetle or whatever) has got in there or the sleeve has just "got sticky". I guess the worst case scenario is that the spring has gone and needs rep
  3. Friend of mine wears - and has done so for years - her late Dad's Explorer (I'm not an expert but I believe it's an early one). Looks great on her. I believe these are 36mm, which I'd say is probably - well, sensibly - about the maximum for a ladies watch. Also, women's watches are great value second-hand because there's much less of a market for them - it seems where watches are concerned they prefer new.
  4. Would look fab on a red sharkskin strap. :whistle:
  5. What about a s/h Stowa Seatime? If I won the lottery, that would be my beater: simply beautiful - and chunky, but also elegant, in a dress up or down sort of way.
  6. If you're under 40 then probably both. Over 40 and you'll need all the help you can get, hence centre. That's... CENTRE I'll have me cocoa now, thanks. No seriously - I remember reading Thomas Hardy one night… the night before my 40th birthday (the 1912? Wessex Edition, so large-ish print). Put the book down, went to sleep. Next morning I couldn't read a line without a magnifying glass. It was that sudden. Terrifying. :eek:
  7. "Should we have a strap thread"? Yes, please. Great idea. :thumbsup:
  8. Pffft! All that money… and mercedes hands. Ugh! :D .
  9. Buzz Aldrin`s speedy :astro: :lol: Definitely the coolest watch on the planet :tongue2: . The second coolest - Neil`s has to be No.1 :astro: B) Not true Neil's didn't land on the moon, Buzz's did Good point, I`d forgotten about that :rolleyes: Well, you know… I was going to comment on that but figured I must have missed something! :lol:
  10. Buzz Aldrin`s speedy :astro: :lol: Hear hear. What I love about this story is that there must be someone out there wearing it without knowing its provenance. Probably changed hands many times by now - even perhaps through forums such as ours or TZ or whatever. If it had found its way into a private collection, I think we'd know about it by now. Would be impossible to keep it secret. Definitely the coolest watch on the planet - and would be my choice too :tongue2: . .
  11. May I respectfully suggest that gold could never be considered cool? Gold can be many things… but cool ain't one of them. Bi-metal doubly so. B) Swatch is cool, I think, because it's so honest: cheap, cheerful, uncomplicated and fun. Says a lot about the wearer, I think - and in a good way. I don't own a Swatch but would like to. Hang on, I'm hi-jacking this thread into a WTB (unintentionally so)! :lol: .
  12. I used to quite like Roy… when he managed Liechtenstein or San Marino or whatever - no, wait… was it Switzerland? - and then dear old Fulham (who I used to support in League One days: me, the brother-in-law and the nephew all got in to the Riverside stand for £25 the lot of us). But I cannot take anyone seriously who wears that kind of watch. It's a pimp's watch... isn't it? It sort of diminishes the wearer - and not wholly due to its size, though that certainly could be part of it. It's so utterly silly. You may as well be in a crowd, naked, and wearing just an apron. It's a buffoo
  13. Cool is a fashion thing. CAUTION: Breaking Bad semi-spoiler alert. Yo, Bitches. So, Jesse gave Walt a (Tag) Heuer Monaco for a present. As BB is the darned coolest programme on the planet just now, I suppose that makes the Monaco the darned coolest watch. Just my $0.02 (actually ½ gram of blue meth). Have an A1 day. :big_boss:
  14. Always very subjective, these threads, and always fun. For what it's worth - and in any of the price brackets quoted - my vote would always go for Seiko, especially anything with the ultra-reliable 7s26 (automatic) movement. But price is really NOT everything when buying a watch. Whatever your budget is, go for something which makes you feel good about yourself when wearing it.
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