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  1. New arrival for me.. might be a bit big though.
  2. Its going to be an ETA or a Sellita, both swiss made, both pretty much the same. I'll be very surprised if it is a chinese clone.
  3. The Pelagos is a great watch, i had the slightly better looking (less text) ETA version. Black is much nicer than the blue they used!
  4. Not much more than £200 delivered.. it is a very impressive package. Get one if you can.
  5. It has a matt finish, i had a Sinn 656L, L standing for Lume dial that was similar. I have also had a Citizen that had a glossy lume dial. Its nice, although i don't tend to keep light dialled watches for long. Amazing what comes out of China now. I don't think i'll see another one in the wild. I saw a different model get snapped up on Ebay a few days ago, that was in the UK.
  6. This new Obris Morgan Aegis arrived earlier in the week. It felt like i was waiting Aegis.. having ordered it a few months ago. It is the first of the many micro brands that has tempted me, it also possibly one of the cheapest ones, incredible how they do it though, its a great watch and the set it comes with is lovely. Rubber strap, bracelet/strap tool, cloth, fake Peli case.
  7. Used to be able to stick the link straight into the text. Got it now.
  8. When i preview the post it works.. but not when i post it.. hmm
  9. Hulk today, missing uni, missing a day of work tomorrow.. on a load of drugs
  10. If they will sell it to you cheaply enough then you could make money on it. I'm not sure how much of a premium it would command over a good used MBII though. I could be entirely wrong here but i thought i had read somewhere that there could be issues with Bremont servicing in the future if it is not owned by the ejectee (is that a word!?) I too would like to hear how you have become eligible for an MB1, personally i would jump at the chance to get one if i could and keep it. Bremont make superb watches.
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