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  1. Affordable watches ! Order now at:


  2. Not my cup of tea as too many of the wrong sort of people wear Rolex, but it is a nice feeling when you finally get your hands on something you have wanted/ been after for quite a while. I managed to get a 36 earlier this year and just looking at it makes me smile. Enjoy your new watch.
  3. Nice back, chav front. It is a shame that Poljot/Moscow Classic are going down to the bling market. If you want ostentatious chav fashion buy a Rolex (the king of chav brand).
  4. Terrible quality crap, send me a picture and I will guarantee to pay you half what you paid for it and save you loosing all your money ;-) Think of it as a lucky escape.
  5. I have the white faced version, initially you think it is not the easiest to read at a glance but once you get familiar with it you can read it at a glance. The hands are thin but the red tips are the clue. I love the watch as it is a good size without being to big and it is not too heavy making it ideal for work. I also have a Poljot Aviator 3c that I picked up via an offer to a seller when it did not make its auction reserve, got it for well under half price new. This is also a lovely watch, the sapphire crystal lens is just so clear it is like it is not there. You can read it instantaneously from almost any angle. Bigger and thicker than the Strela but still not gorilla size.
  6. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lego-Youth-Themed-...d=3T26NHQPCD2T9 I have ordered 3 for everyday use. Will flip if not up to the quality I am expecting.
  7. Black stainless steel eco-drive chronograph. Argos, product 2779872, £74 half price.
  8. Had a call from a friend last night who knows I like my watches, picking one up later today. Black stainless steel eco-drive chronograph. I will report back after getting my mitts on it.
  9. Thanks for that, I would like to remove the writing on mine. I will try and build up the courage to give it a go.
  10. Sorry, looks like a toilet seat to me ;-) And I scuba dive and like dive watches.
  11. Hi Chris, sorry iv just got your message. We are selling my dads watch collection due to his ill health and because it has no papers or box and manual we cannot get the serial numbers you requested only if we take the watch apart, we have noone to do this so im sorry but i cannot give you that information. Sorry again, Ben. - 0151willow' The seller appears to be weaving his web. ebay should do something about this.
  12. £100 the lot to include RMSD ? Not over keen on the quartz models, but I will try and love them.
  13. It is now at £305 !! Surely if it is a fake eBay have to take some responsibility here, otherwise they are aiding and abetting fraud ? Nothing in the listing hints at it not being genuine.
  14. Like your Tag Carrera ? ;-) Still not had a reply from you concerning my offer. Get in touch if you want to proceed/need the money. I know my son would like it, it will do him for a few years.
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