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  1. Hi not posted for a long time. Indeed not looked at used watch prices for a while. last night while browsing the web and various auction sites etc I noticed that the prices of typically lower priced (lower end) 60s/70s vintage divers and diver style watches had went up in value, not massively but watches I would of valued at 50 or so quid just a few years back now seem to be selling at three or four times that amount and actually selling. Ive not taken much interest in the watch market for a while and was surprised to see this. Is there a reason for the sudden interest in the lower end vintage divers. I suppose they are getting on now in age. Or just inflation lol. Also if someone in the know about prices of these types of watch would like to give me a pm I have something I would like to know a round about value of (not a for sale ad!)
  2. Lovely. However I've owned a few tags and for some reason I find once they get marked it really ruins them. If that makes sense. But nice watches.
  3. Ok I should say chronometer grade. Or any other high accuracy mechanical timekeeping grade doesn't have to be the chronometer certificate as I know other brands have had there own system.
  4. Used or second hand what's relatively easy to get hold of cheap (sub £600) chronometer options?. When I say used I'm not looking for anything older than 1980s so no suggestion of old omega constellations.
  5. I would of spotted the ring being off i always go over pics very carefully. However there is no excuse for the movement on the sellers part. Hope things get sorted for you.
  6. Went looking for a bulova or a roamer Saturn surprised myself by coming back with a citizen Royal Marines watch. Although I must say I've admired the citizen tough watches that preceded it in past years. After wearing some large and very heavy watches of late I just fell in love with it. It's light, comfortable. Seriously well made and finished, the clasp and divers extension are very nicely engineered. And it's a watch that even when dinged up will look great. I even like the Royal Marines logo on the face, yes it is slightly cheesy ok but I think it adds something to the dial. A very understated tool watch I would say. No pics yet
  7. Ive been looking at the bulova precisionist range ive not had the chance to handle one in person. One of my watch pet hates is movements with alot of backlash when setting the time and backlash of the minute hand in general. I'm abit ocd about it lol. So what is the backlash like on them?.
  8. Some great pics in this thread and some really cool seiko's. I love the old battered [worn] seiko's i think they look great too. I've only had three seiko's in my life. Currently only one the pvd bfk. Quick pic
  9. I wasn't even thinking of cracking a smile today. But this is really nice. And yes it really is good to give.
  10. Thanks for the info good to know, and nice pics too.
  11. Got a ip bfk on its way to me. Heard a few people say Seiko's ion plating is good. Will see how well it holds up.
  12. Looking at getting a seiko bfk but can't decide if i want the IP model or not because i don't know how durable it is. So can anyone chime in?. Also if it does get worn or scratched it could be stripped off, like bead blasted off right?.
  13. Nice little watch, you should also put a pic of the movement and the story of it in the show your movements post.
  14. Quick pic. Summit Auto from early to mid 70s i would think.
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