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  1. I'm sorry, but no, it's not a daft assumption. It would be different if they came back and said "I'd prefer to pay with PayPal because X, Y, Z, what can we do?" Not just stop replying to emails. That's rude in itself. You don't just stop replying to an email thread unless you're either a. dodgy and don't want to waste any more time on someone you can't scam or b. very rude. And there would be no reason to not trust me as a seller because my feedback is 100% across a range of items of various (including high) values. So if they don't trust someone with 100% feedback and a long trading history on ebay, they shouldn't be on ebay at all. They wouldn't trust their own gran! The point is the PayPal system is weighted waaaay to heavily towards the buyer, so of course YOU, the BUYER, think it's great. For sellers it sucks. I won't use it. :P
  2. I'd go for something classy yet simple. You should be able to get a lovely, boxed Omega Seamaster 600 from the '60s for that. My 'cosmetically perfect but could do with a service' Seamaster was a shade under £200, so £300 ought to be realistic for one that is tip-top. :)
  3. Thinking of it, the only example the review gives of a design shortcut is the design of the fourth wheel (which is surprising on its own) though he talks about many more in the way the movement is put together. I'd be sorely tempted to dismantle one in my watchmaking class and have the teacher walk me through it - what's good, what's bad, what's ugly. But I doubt I'll ever own one. The teacher is a working watchmaker in central London, so I might ask him if he's ever serviced one. I'd be amazed if he hasn't. Be curious to know what he thinks. :)
  4. For the interested, the date movement De Ville went for £97 in the end.
  5. I know. Did I say that? *re-reads post* No, I did not. :huh: In fact, I deliberately avoided the whole component thing. IGNORING THE COMPONENT QUALITY ARGUMENT, it doesn't change his point about the watch being designed to be manufactured cheaply. Yet it isn't being sold at a price to reflect that. :blink: M'kay. So watchmakers use higher grade steel for cases than BMW use for door sills. Where are we going with this?? :blink: :blink: I didn't? I compared it with Jaguar. And only to make the point that Jaguar, as a prestige brand, do an appropriately priced entry-level model, probably because of the competition. Rolex do an entry-level model, but, according to the TZ review, it is grossly over-priced. I think his point about the simplicity of/shortcuts in design illustrate his point alone. But you keep talking about his examination of the components. Forget the components. At it's core it is too expensive for what it is, even if it is immaculately machined. That's what he's saying. Ps - I have a Rolex too, so I'm not just a Rolex basher. I just thought it was a good review and I see the guy's point. :)
  6. His killer point is this: "The cost-efficient engineering of the movement is not remotely reflected in its price; and the extreme ease of service is not reflected in routine service costs provided by the manufacturer." The fundamental problem is Rolex have produced a cheaper timepiece but not passed those savings on to Joe Punter. Forget the quibbles about finishing et al - for me the bottom line is that. If I may depart in to cars for an example, it's like Jaguar releasing their X-Type but pricing it the same as the XJ saloons. Except they wouldn't get away with that because everyone would buy a BMW 3-series instead. Rolex seemingly are getting away with it, I guess because no other brand with their prestige is really in that space? Can I also note he actually says the movement is remarkably accurate given the crudeness of the design, which is a back-handed compliment. ;)
  7. I think it's because T******* ;) has a competing forum.
  8. Ah, yes - that's one of the sites I have bookmarked for Longines research! :D Indeed, I think it is a Landeron, exactly as you suspected, but that proves it's definitely NOT a Longines. ;) Possible a Baume et Mercier that, unfortunately, has had the dial messed with. In which case, I'm much more interested in the B&M you found in the stainless steel case. I'm watching that now instead. At least it's an "honest" piece.
  9. Actually, I think you're on to something with the Landeron: http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi...amp;Landeron_51 It does look right. Nice work!! :D
  10. This did occur to me. I spent a lot of time yesterday searching for a match for L51, including a lot of comparing of photos, but I didn't turn anything up. :( I also checked the movement in that watch against all the known Longines chronometer movements of the period I could find photos of and nothing even remotely matches, so I'm pretty sure it's not an unsigned Longines.
  11. Aww.... :D :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :clap: :grin: Good one. ;)
  12. :blink: Seriously? She won't?? :tongue2: No, seriously. You think it'll go for that much? But why?? Because people don't know what they're looking at, or because that's how much people will pay for a passable imitation of an expensive watch? :huh:
  13. It didn't want to play ball at first, but working now. I'm added! :rltb: I see there are a few others in Essex I can stalk. :ph34r:
  14. Ouch, it's a fairly damning report - largely because it's so dispassionate and logical. It would put me off! :(
  15. Cool - that's what I figured. As I say, I wouldn't have parted with more than about £30 for it anyway, I don't think!
  16. Sounds reasonable to me... perhaps a bit less on eBay. There's a similar piece, quartz De Ville, going for £80 at the moment. It's got a day to run, so will probably end around £150, but it's a date movement. I don't know what the difference in value is between a Constellation series and a De Ville series at this sort of age... probably very little... :)
  17. Take a look at this on eBay at the moment - I'm watching with interest: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...A:IT&ih=017 It's up to £77, which is a shame as it's already beyond what I'd risk spending on it. The seller claims it's a "Longines custom" (*coughbullshicough* ;)) - it's clearly got a generic movement in it, perhaps replacing what may once have been the famous Longines 13ZN? But then the case isn't signed either, but it looks "right". So perhaps it's just a period fake of a nice watch and it never had a Longines movement in it ever? Question is, is it an original dial with a replacement movement (in which case, it's still worth a bob or two) or is it just a period fake of the original Longines chronometer, in which case it's probably not worth the £77 already placed on it?! Except it's a reasonably good fake and it *looks* like a £2,000 Longines chronometer - which is enough for some people to spend a few hundred quid on it. :huh: It is a nice looking piece, I'll give it that...
  18. Oh, Oh, Me, Me! I like old cars! :rltb: My current two: The Fiat is being used in a photoshoot there, courtesy of The Classic Car Agency - potentially good little earner if you have a classic and want it to pay for itself, at least in part! :) The Lotus is actually for sale, if anyone's interested? I don't have time to care for it, so it needs to go to a better home. I will purchase something which requires a little less TLC.
  19. Didn't get either watch in the end. Someone beat me to it on the Waltham and I smelled a rat with the Omega. I asked the seller for the serial on the movement - turns out there are no makers marks, serials or anything. Very suspicious, even for an early Omega. AFAIK, they were always diligent about numbering their movements, so seems it was probably a knackered Omega case and dial with a replacement standard (perhaps ETA) movement - and since any value was in the movement, as the dial at least was probably irrepairable, not worth anything. :(
  20. Hi Lee, That's extremely kind of you! I think I'll take it! How much is postage from France? I can PayPal you the cash, if that's easiest. Off Topic: I can't PM at the moment because I don't have enough posts, but how long have you been living in France and how are you finding it? My wife and I are seriously considering heading that way... you can email me: gharveyatwork AT hotmail DOT com :)
  21. Hmmm, for now just taking one to pieces, cleaning it and putting it back together is probably as much as I can be trusted to achieve. ;) It remains to be seen how good I'll be at this... I'll look at that movement now. Thanks!
  22. Hi all, I need something to work on in my watchmaking classes - my teacher says wristwatches are too fiddly for a beginner like me, so I'm looking at pocket watches. I've found these two, both in need of a LOT of TLC, but could be interesting projects. I only want one though. What do you think? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Genuine-old-Omega-si...1QQcmdZViewItem http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...A:IT&ih=014 The Waltham looks like it needs less work, and my teacher said the early Waltham movements are very nice. But the Omega intrigues me...
  23. Congrats! Looks a beauty! That model is 1966-1968, according to Omega... 321 cal "used on the first generation of 'moon watch'". If you can tell us the serial no. on the movement we can give you a precise year. :)
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