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  1. Yes, for sure. I have both a 2254.50 and a 2531.80 (Bond) and they are keepers. However, I would certainly sell a 2017 SM300 to fund either of these older models, if you could find one in minty condition.
  2. Hi H, I have been trying to contact you about your MacBook. Please get in touch. Thanks, Tom

  3. There's probably no connection whatsoever, but there appears to be an 'SV' watch company in Croatia. However, I agree that it's more likely to have been a LeJour product produced for a retailer / designer, or made in small numbers as a promotional item for some obscure company, such as a small airline.
  4. More closely related to the LeJour 7750 chrono, rather than the Pasadena, which had a different shaped case. Very likely from the same source as the LeJour, which had 19mm lugs and the same bracelet as this. The Pasadena is 20mm and the bracelet links are subtly different in shape. It's possible that it originally had black crown and pushers which were changed at some point. Frequentlythis style of chrono had a brass crown which wore very badly.
  5. The TAG Monaco chronograph has a Dubois-Depraz chrono piggyback module that even most experienced watchmakers won't touch. The main movement can be serviced but the module is a different story altogether. You could hardly pick a worse candidate for a first timer to cut his teeth on. If the vintage Seamasters are hand wind they may be potential victims after you gain some experience on something worthless first. Try and pick up a Russian pocket watch to practice on.
  6. I am trying to restore a nice Moonwatch which has lost both of the pusher 'caps' and springs. My parts box has yielded one replacement cap but no spring. I'm just wondering if anyone could help with the remaining cap and/or springs?
  7. I just had my MKii Speedy serviced by Steve Burrage (Rytetime) for £140 - £145. Steve is highly recommended. It's the same movement so should be a similar charge. At 11 years old it's probably due a service, but the crown & stem pulling out is a simple fix. The stem is held in place by a simple screw - just replace the stem and turn the screw to hold it in place.
  8. I had two Pentacon Six(es) with the Zeiss lenses and really liked them, then traded the whole lot for a Bronica SQB. Now 100% digital, although I still have a 150mm Bronica lens that needs a new home.
  9. sam.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!,have a good one!

  10. For me, the attraction of an auto or handwind is the knowledge that there is a piece of precision engineering inside, which looks like a proper piece of machinery that can be taken apart and put back together again. In priciple I know how it works and can see it operating. The basic priciples are simple to understand and the level of engineering is there to be admired. In contrast, I cannot understand how a quartz crystal provides the timekeeping part of a watch, the movement looks like the inside of any electronic equipment and even the best movements look utilitarian. The battery is the on
  11. Heuerboy is Nick Green - 100% kosher. A total Heuer enthusiast who runs the watch business as a passionate hobby / sideline (as far as I know) at least he has another wholly unrelated 'bricks and mortar' business as his 'day job'. He is highly regarded and totally reliable. Deal with total confidence.
  12. Sounds like a job for Bry (Satintime). I presume that the crack would have to be ground out to create a groove which would then be filled by laser welding. Next this would be reduced back to the normal profile before the case would be totally refinished. Doesn't sound impossible but I'm sure there is a lot of work involved and it may be easier to try and source another case.
  13. Some cracking watches here. I have a more recent Speedy Pro and a 2254.50, together with a couple of MKii Speedmasters but the only really 'vintage' piece that I have is a solid gold Speedmaster that my watchmaker casually remarked was from 1957 - my birthyear. How can I confirm the date?
  14. I didn't realise that the Poljot International version was larger than this one, but I did know that it looked subtly different, with a wider bezel I think. When these re-issues first appeared I bought both the white and black dial versions and still have the black one. The original 'Sekonda' Strela was my first watch purchase in 1974 (white dial) and more recently I bought a black dial NOS Sekonda of the same era. My black reissue is a regular wearer for me and a similarly styled, handwound El Primero Zenith (now discontinued) is on my 'want to buy' list. I just love this design of a chrono.
  15. This is on my 'must get' list, although (unlike most people here) I am not a great Seiko fan. There is just something so right about this model that I can't resist. Great catch and wear it in good health.
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