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  1. If i my ask how old he is. Also if he sticks with it imight have some lp stuff he could use. What picks is he useing feel free to pm me.
  2. Floyd endless river. Not sure what to say about it. Not there best not up tp darkside or wish u were hear.
  3. Hi and welcome, i used to live in cromer, norwich, overstrand. Might move back one day. Anyway enjoy the forum.
  4. it depends on the safe. Their is a lot of advice on utube.
  5. One of my other intrests is lockpicking.It is very popular and is growing, the tools are cheep and its good fun loads of help and advice on utube. however i am lookingfor a loockpicking vice findin g it hard to find one. Whynot give it a try or review utube. Bosinanbill is a good place to start lots of step by step vids.
  6. Have to say if your not sure then jonnyoldboys advice is spot on imho. However if you dont have a diver then the certina ds auto is gvfm and although it retails at £600 ish it can be found a lot less. I have one looses about 5 secs in 36 hrs. Imho it underated and well worth its price.
  7. That seems a bit steep to me, As jizzle says there may be a bit ofprice bumping going on. Its 1 gen and a nato strap. I have been out of tuch for a while due to wife passing but i would have thought imho £150 tops. Correct me if i am wrong
  8. Hi guys. its been a long time both my wife and myself developed bad illnesess. I have been a full time carer for her. very sadly margaret died in july. I am going to try and pick up my intrest in watches as i need to think about other things apart from my wifes death. I dont think i have brought a watch for 2 years. Anyway hope u guys are ok and take care sangman
  9. Nice. I'm really liking my new arrival, the silverhand 110. I usually go for the 710 case, so I thought I'd have a bit of a change. please could you tell me where I can buy that watch please.
  10. Join Date Hi guys, well after a late night on the forum, and a few droplets of Glenfarclas 105 I decided to have a lazy morning. At 9.30 the doorbell rings. So down the stairs I go racking my brain its postman pat. Can you sign hear, yes says i so I scribble my name on handheld computer thingy . Well its addressed to my dear old 710. So I take it upstairs. Wife gives it to me, its a gift and its about the size of a watch box. I ask what it is told to open it to find out. Well its a watch, wife said she thought it would look good on me. Well its a deep blue diver, I dont know anything abo
  11. Can you tell me please where I can get that model, thanks.
  12. Can you tell me please where I can get that model, thanks.
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